5 iPhone Photography Apps to Try

5 cool iphone photography apps

I fell down the rabbit hole of investigating cool new iPhone photography apps this past weekend, and wanted to share some of the favorites I bookmarked. Are there any other apps you love that I’m missing? I already use VSCO Cam and have played around with Snapseed (both great apps to start with since they are free!). Oh, and one other cool app I came across that’s not photography related: Timeline. It’s a new app that delivers news headlines, but with context so that you can better understand what’s going on. So if there’s a headline about a political scandal or something happening overseas, Timeline provides additional stories that give you the backstory or previous major news items to fill in the blanks for what’s happening now and why. I downloaded it and it’s pretty cool (and really beautifully designed)!

5 iPhone Photography Apps I Want to Try:

Camera Noir |  Slow Shutter  |  Facetune  |  Manual  |  Adobe Lightroom




  1. 1.20.15
    Lauren said:

    you must must must download Afterlight. I was a big vsco girl and then I found this and it was a total game changer. You can layer photos on top of eachother, edit til the cows come home and even add realistic dust, scratches and light. Long story short, it’s amazing!! I love Facetune too!


    • 1.20.15

      Ooh, good to know, Lauren — thanks! I’ve heard of Afterlight but I’ll definitely give it a try now.

  2. 1.20.15

    I am very excited to try out “Manual”. I didn’t know there was an app out there that could do that! I love controlling those settings and now love that it can happen on my phone pictures. thanks for the list!

    • 1.20.15

      I happened to download this last night and have been playing with it! The only thing it lacks is an aperture setting. The app will take some practice, but it does have a lot of interesting “regular” camera functions!

  3. 1.20.15
    Holly C said:

    I’m a huge fan of Afterlight! I’ll have to buy the Slow Shutter and Manual apps though… It’ll be fun to use the manual settings I love so much about my dslr on the iphone!

  4. 1.20.15
    Rose said:

    I’m a huge fan of VSCO—I’ve even purchased a lot of the additional filters available and use it almost exclusively! Intrigued by Manual, as I’m with you on being able to adjust…sometimes I need an 800 ISO!! I’ve also used Camera360, Wood Camera, and Camera+, but not regularly. Big Lens is a good one for doing your own blurred backgrounds, and a really fun one is just called “360” which allows you to capture a full 360 degrees in one photo—I’ve used it a few times when traveling, I also think it’d be an interesting way to show a room to someone!

  5. 1.20.15

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for fun new photo apps.

  6. 1.20.15
    Ellie said:

    I agree with Holly and Lauren…Afterlight is awesome! I’m not quite as photo savvy as you are, so I don’t miss some of the really sophisticated bells and whistles, but Afterlight is the perfect amount of control for an amateur like me!

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