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Three things I'm obsessing over right now.

like love lust - victoria mcginley

I’m having one of those months where I’m coming across so many things that inspire and energize me — don’t you love when that happens? I honestly believe that the thrill of discovering awesome new things can actually make a person happier. Of course I had to share a few of ’em! Let’s do it:

LIKE // Right before the holidays, Zoe got in touch with me to tell me about her new company, Bon Appétit Box. A French gal now living in SF, of COURSE we had much to discuss (both en français et anglais, bien sûr). I love the concept of Bon Appétit Box, both as a food lover, a supporter of artisanal products, and (duh) a French obsessive. Zoe’s worked with small producers from all over France to put together the most incredible boxes of gourmet French food products, themed to different regions and tastes. You can have a single box shipped to you (maybe for a picnic, wine night, or book club!), or sign up to have series of boxes sent. Zoe sent me the Provence box to try and I loved everything in it (especially the artichoke pesto…good lord was it delicious). If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one I would pick. Each box is really adorably packaged, and includes a set of cards that tells you all about the products, who makes them, as well as a few serving suggestions. Keep this in your back pocket for your next cocktail party, or as a gift idea. I would totally order again!

LOVE // I think musical discoveries might be the best kind. A week or so ago, I came across the song “Luxury” on Spotify and loved it. It led me down the rabbit hole that is Jon Bellion, one of the best artists I’ve discovered in a while. His latest album, The Definition, was released in September, and like all of his albums to date, is free for download (you can stream it on Spotify here, or download it on his site over here). And if you like that album, be sure to check out his earlier ones, The Separation and Translation Through Speakers. Jon has previously written major hooks for songs you’ve definitely heard (think Eminem/Rihanna, Jason Derulo, et al), but his own sound is unique, addictive, and head-bobbingly good. There are so many standout tracks on The Definition it’s hard to pick a fave, but I particularly like “Pre-Occupied,” “Human,” “Jungle,” “Simple and Sweet,” (a slow burn), and of course, “Luxury.” Go forth. Download. And remember his name, because I feel like he’s about to blow up. (What’s even crazier is he’s writing, singing, and producing a lot of this music out of his room!)

LUST // Window shopping also yields the best discoveries. I wandered past the Stubbs and Wootton store on Madison Avenue and spotted these loafers. Horns sounded, a spotlight shone on them…you get the idea. Too bad I got home and realized they’re a rather pricey investment, for loafers especially. Hence, the lust. But I love how simple (and monochromatic!) they are, with a simple geometric shift to keep things interesting. Gimme!


  1. 1.15.15
    Jessica said:

    Stubbs and Wootton loafers are high on my wish list. They’re definitely an investment, but I suspect I’d get my money’s worth eventually!

  2. 1.15.15

    Amazing finds!! I’m obsessed with Stubbs and this is a new favorite pair! They are great. I’m already listening to Jon Bellion — yeeeeeesss.

    • 1.15.15

      You’ll have to share which track(s) you liked!! :)

  3. 1.15.15

    I’ve never liked a pair of Stubbs and Wooton loafers before, but those are gorgeous. Serious lust! Also the Bon Appetit box is such a fantastic idea! I totally want the Gouter box (of course). Perfect for a book club meeting or a gift. I love it!

  4. 1.15.15

    Gah. The loafers are too good! But, like you said….major lust. I can’t wait for spring so I can bust out my collection :)

  5. 1.15.15
    Kaitlyn said:

    I discovered Luxury last week too in the Spotify new hits mix! He almost reminds me of Jason Mraz at times. This made me check out his other stuff!

  6. 1.16.15

    Those loafers are amazing!! Beautiful post.

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    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

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