Beauty Review: Aromatherapy Associates Refining Face Oil

It's like a supercharged skin vitamin

review of aromatherapy associates refining face oil

review - aromatherapy associates refining face oil

Aromatherapy Associates is one of those skincare brands that I sometimes forget about, but whenever I try their products, I always love them. Based out of London, Aromatherapy Associates has a huge line of skin and body care products for every skin type, and for such a luxe line with a deep product offering, it’s amazing that their products take a natural/non-toxic approach too. Last year, I tried their Overnight Repair Mask and loved it (remember?), so recently, when they reached out and offered to send me a couple oils to try gratis, I was excited to see if they’d also be winners.

And they were. It’s rare that I’ll dedicate a full post to something that was sent to me on a whim, but I’ve been enjoying Aromatherapy Associates Refining Face Oil so much, I felt like I had to share it with you! Initially drawn to its particular blend of rose and lavender oil, I was skeptical when the package showed up, because yeah, okay, the bottle is really teeny tiny. It seemed like I would blow through half an ounce in no time at all! Still, I smeared a couple pumps on my face one night, and decided to see how I felt in the morning. Surprisingly enough, I woke up with radiant, glowing skin — it was like the oil was a supercharged vitamin that gave my skin an extra jolt of nutrients.

aromatherapy associates refining face oil

I’ve been playing around with the oil as far as layering it under other moisturizers and even makeup (after all, it is called mattifying). While you’re certainly not going to look as matte as if you were brushing powder all over your face, the oil doesn’t have the same sheen as you’d expect from a facial oil. It soaks in fairly quickly, and feels great on your skin. I really like layering it underneath Weleda’s Skin Food at night — between the moisture of the Skin Food and the botanical oil jolt from the Refining Face Oil, I wake up pretty happy with my skin’s texture and tone. I’ve worn the Face Oil alone at home when I don’t have plans to go out; once, I did wear it under makeup and it performed just okay for me (I preferred my regular daytime moisturizer better, though to be fair, the Aromatherapy Associates site recommends wearing this oil under another moisturizer, so I think that might help with makeup application).

I have found that on its own, the Refining Face Oil doesn’t keep my skin moisturized enough if I use it for multiple days in a row, so instead I’ve been using it just a few times a week at night. This not only keeps my skin looking radiant (especially on days where I have meetings or social outings), but it has also meant that I’m going through the bottle at a snail’s pace. Using it a few times per week since early August, I’ve gone through maybe a fifth of the bottle. Not bad! All of their face oils are on sale right now, so if you’ve been thinking about trying one, it could be a good time to experiment!

Have you ever tried any products from Aromatherapy Associates? What did you think? I’ve really enjoyed getting to know their product line!

Disclosure: While Aromatherapy Associates kindly sent me the oil mentioned in this post free of charge, this is not a paid sponsored post. All opinions are really my own!


  1. 9.9.14
    Lily said:

    Interesting! I have such a fear of piling oil onto my face, but you’re making it sound pretty luxurious!

    x Lily

  2. 9.9.14

    I recently revamped my skincare routine and one thing I’m really looking into is oils and masks! Thanks for sharing this brand with all of us! I’ll definitely have to check them out!

    Morgan Paige

  3. 9.9.14

    This post is perfectly timed as my skin currently resembles sandpaper. So dry! I definitely need to look in to some other products. Thanks for sharing, Victoria!

    Megan //

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