Palm Springs or Bust…


Week/End will be taking a little break today for…well, the weekend! I’m headed to LA today, to meet up with friends and make the trek out to the desert. I haven’t been to Palm Springs in a little over two years; the last time I was there was for my bachelorette weekend! Time is flying. I’m really looking forward to reuniting with California girlfriends (some whom I haven’t seen in a few years!), having a glass of wine or two, taking a private yoga class, and soaking up the desert heat. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll make it back over to the Parker for cocktails and a little stroll around the garden (seriously one of my favorite hotels ever). I’ll definitely be sharing weekend snaps on Instagram, so be sure to check in there!

Ok, so you know I can’t help myself. Here are a couple links to share:

+ Two articles that New Yorkers will enjoy (or be appalled by, as the case may be). What will be moving into the old Pastis space down in Meatpacking? You’ll never guess. Also, subways are disgusting, but also kind of hilarious.

+ If you need another kick in the pants to give meditation a try…

And in local news…

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+ Fresh new candy is up! Pop on in to be delighted. Can my links there serve as additional Week/End links for you?? Down the rabbit hole we go…

+ Over on The Well, the last couple weeks we’ve been talking networking (even for the introverted), and I also shared a bunch of great blog/business reading links too.

Any fun plans this weekend? I can hardly believe we’re heading into late October. My mom asked me about items on my Christmas wishlist this past week and I was all, “What are you talking about, it’s like, August.” Happy weekend, everyone!

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This month's quote: "Trust the timing of your life."

Happy Weekend!

mark d sikes home lonny

This. This is what happens when you attend two birthday parties two nights in a row, stay out too late, drink too much wine, and then opt to wake up and enjoy the low 80 degree, sunny weather with your pup in Central Park. You have no fun links to share. But somehow, I’m hoping you’ll give me a pass since it’s summertime, and everyone can pretty much agree that summertime is synonymous with “shirking responsibilities” (if only it could be like when we were kids, and instead of a single Friday, we could all get a 3 month long vacation). Hopefully you’ll forgive me for the lack of entertainment today.

What’s been going on with you this week? Tonight we’re headed to an impromptu dinner down in Nolita at one of my favorite paella places (randomly put together last night at the bday party, with new friends we met through the bday gal herself — isn’t that the best?); tomorrow we’re celebrating Bastille Day early with a dinner party; and naturally, Sunday will be spent in recovery mode. Fun fact: Laurence reminded me that the French do not call Bastille Day “Bastille Day.” If you want to be super authentic, call it 14 juillet (quatorze juillet).

July is really flying by, you guys. Do you have any fun plans over the weekend? How is your summer treating you so far? I’d love to check in with you! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Image: Mark D. Sikes home as featured in Lonny, photographed by Patrick Cline. Still my favorite home tour to date, I think ever.

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Vacay Planning: City Mouse/Country Mouse

paris doors

It snowed again in New York on Monday. Okay, okay, I’ll admit, the novelty might be wearing off just a teensy bit. Not helping matters is that Joe and I have not had a proper vacation — you know, one in which we could truly get away, de-stress, disconnect from our jobs, and not worry about impending cross country moves — since the summer of 2012. That’s been a minute, y’all.

le louvre

We’re wanting to take a big trip at some point this year, and of course, my vote is for France (again). I used to beat myself up a bit for having the whole big wide world to visit, and here I was, always wanting to go back to the same place, but I guess if you love it, you love it. Since it’s my 30th later in the summer, I’m scheming to celebrate the occasion en la belle France, but right now, we’re just trying to figure out how long we can go and where we want to go. Current dream trip? Spending a week in the city (in Paris, bien sûr), and then a week in the country — this time in the Loire Valley, about an hour’s drive southwest of Paris (it’s an area known for beautiful chateaux and fab wines).

haussman architecture

What’s interesting is that while we both adore Paris, recently Joe and I have realized that we’re turning into people who really love the country. 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine spending a vacation out in the middle of nowhere. Now, I crave it all the time! There’s nothing better — to me at least — than completely unplugging with books, home cooked food, peace and quiet, and beautiful vistas.

les fleurs

We’re still trying to figure out the logistics of where, when and how long we could get away for a couple weeks. But to tide myself over in the meantime, I’ve been keeping up with my French classes, and of course, browsing through old pictures of visits to France — city and country alike…

notre dame

The above are all from the city…here are a few from the country:  Read the full post +