Flower Power

Some flowers to brighten your Tuesday.

jcrew floral metallic jacquard skirt - on sale!

anthropologie all black bold flower sneaker

photographic floral tee

boden eliza top

liberty london pocket square

jcrew dutch floral pants - on sale

Snowmaggedon has been in full effect over the last day. It’s beautiful in its own way, but with all the gray outside (and cold and wind and brr), I couldn’t help but be inspired by these bright, lush floral items I’ve been spotting. Here, a selection of specimens worth “picking.” Wonderfully enough, a couple of these items are on mega sale right now (these pants and this beautiful skirt, with the code FINDAFAVE), so if you like ‘em, snag ‘em now. Below are all my floral favorites, plus a few extras that caught my eye:



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J.Crew Collection Metallic Floral Jacquard Skirt (on sale with code FINDAFAVE!), $168  |  Anthropologie All Black Bold Flower Sneaker, $139  |  J.Crew Factory Photographic Floral Tee, $42.50  |  Sonix Fuschia Bloom iPhone Case, $35  |  Boden Eliza Top, $97.20  |  Anthropologie Seafolly Boyleg Maillot, $158  |  Anthropologie Woodblock Floral Shams, $58  |  J.Crew English Cotton Pocket Square in Liberty Chatham Bay, $40  |  J.Crew Dutch Floral Pants, $60

Botanical illustrations in this post are all by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, called the ‘Raphael of Flowers.’ He was an 18th century Belgian painter, who painted for Marie Antoinette, and survived the French revolution. I found an entire Pinterest board dedicated to his work (it’s beautiful); if you’re interested, you can learn more about him here.

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop, ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

Real Life: Q & A

Indulge me for a sec, will you?

victoria - photo taken by yvonne rock

By now you may have heard about this article that was published in the New York Times’ “Modern Love” column a few weeks ago. In the piece, the author recounts her date with an acquaintance, and details how completing these 36 questions, from a study by Dr. Arthur Aron, can supposedly cause a couple to fall in love (it worked for the author!). Let me state here and now that if you are single and try this with a date, I want to know about it — regardless of results!

My friend Hallie emailed the article to me soon after it came out, and encouraged a bunch of us to try answering the questions on our blogs. Of course I had to bite (I’m a glutton for punishment, apparently). I think what makes the questionnaire effective amongst would-be couples isn’t any magic formula, it’s that the questions allow for (and perhaps force) vulnerability. This being the Internet, and me having some boundaries, I’m not going to answer all the questions, and some I can’t answer in great detail for privacy’s sake, but I’ll do my best to fill you in. You can play too, in the comments, if you’d like — just pick any question(s) that resonates (you can view the full set here). I’d love to hear your response!   Read the full post +

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Images: First image by Yvonne Rock, last seen here; second and third images by Rebecca Dale.

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did i buy champagne instead of milk again

TIDYING TIDAL WAVE: I’m telling you, the tidying craze is taking the nation by storm. Mackenzie did a great job of breaking down the basics of how to clean out your closet (and it’s probably not a bad idea to apply this method to everything else you own too. I’m getting ready to!).

TAKE ME TO PARIS: Especially if I was staying in this stunning apartment Erika found.

YOU DON’T REMEMBER ME, DO YOU?: A great essay on why it pays to be nice to everyone. More so if you’re a celebrity.

ON PIZZA, YOGA, AND FAILURE: I couldn’t get enough of this essay Clara wrote on why we forgive ourselves for failure in some areas of our lives, but leave no room for it in others. Really great stuff.

SPRING IN A BOWL: I don’t mind winter, but I do look forward to spring for one thing: the peas. I’ve bookmarked this pea and spring onion soup for when spring’s vegetables hit the market.

OOH LA LA: I wonder, do you invest in lingerie? Or buy it for any specific occasion? I was pondering cleaning out my unmentionables drawer this week and came across this lingerie line. While I’m not sure how it would fit into my everyday life, it was so different than anything I’ve ever seen before — cool colors, shapes, a retro vibe. Meanwhile, I did end up making a little run to Journelle yesterday to replace a few things; a long overdue errand. Is it just me, or is underwear the one part of a woman’s wardrobe that always gets the least amount of attention and care?

THE AGING OF A&F: A really interesting piece on Abercrombie & Fitch, from it’s very early days to it’s current struggling status. Hat tip to This is Glamorous for sharing this! Remember when A&F was cool enough to be mentioned in that LFO song? I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch… Those were the days, man.

Hello and happy Friday! I’m a little light on links this week — forgive me. This week was packed with dinners, brunches, get togethers, and lots of client work, and I’m feeling like I’m on a roll. Late tonight and tomorrow, a big snowstorm is supposed to hit New York, so the jury’s kind of out on what we’ll be doing this weekend (we’d planned to take Lucy to the park to run around in the grass for the first time since her surgery, but now…hmm). Not much else to report from this side of the screen — I’m plugging along over here and hanging in there. What about you? Is it just me or is January speeding by, and everyone has their nose to the grindstone with work, slash is still in winter hibernation mode? I kind of don’t mind!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. See you back here on Monday, when I think I’m going to be doing that thing bloggers are doing in which they answer some of the questions from this New York Times article. Bon week-end!

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Image: I found the quote for this image here, and thought it was hilarious! Background Champagne image by Daniel J Photography, via Style Me Pretty; all other edits and graphics added by Victoria McGinley.