How do you handle finances with your significant other?

survey about how couples handle finances

Wait, don’t answer that quite yet. Earlier in the summer, I mentioned in a post that I had casually been asking a few girlfriends how they and their significant other — boyfriend, partner, fiance, husband — handled money. I got a comment from a reader (hi, Holly!) mentioning that I should put a post together with what I’d found. I started to do just that…but then realized it’d be way more interesting to survey a whole BUNCH of people, regardless of whether I knew them personally.

So in true nerd form (in college I thought my first job would be as a market researcher, seriously), I built a survey that I’d like to invite you to take. You can find the survey here. Of note: this is anonymous. You’re welcome to input your first name or a pseudonym at the beginning of the survey, or choose to stay anonymous (note: the first name will only be used to attribute quotes that I’ll publish in the results blog post!). I’m not capturing any other identifying info, such as email addresses.

If you’re not currently in a relationship but would like to participate, feel free to take the survey based on a past relationship, if you feel it makes sense and is relevant. Because I’m especially interested in the qualitative (i.e., written) responses you guys provide, all insights and anecdotes are welcome!

Finally, I want to emphasize that whatever your responses, there’s zero judgement! This is simply a casual exercise to share what real life couples are doing, to hopefully give everyone some perspective, ideas, and resources.

I’ll leave the survey open for a couple weeks, then create a follow up with the results. Please feel free to forward on if you have friends who’d want to participate! I’m really curious to see the diversity of responses (or perhaps not!) and what solutions and compromises all of you have come up with in regards to a complicated subject in any relationship: money.

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Retreat: Garden Party in Paris

On y va!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Exterior

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Staircase

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Living Room

“Most of the curious and charming parts of Passy-Auteuil are behind the scenes: green and pleasant enclaves called villas or hameaux where a colorful variety of private houses hide behind discreet vine-covered walls or down narrow alleys.”

– Alice Furlaud, “The Discreet Charm Of Passy-Auteuil

If we work together and pool our resources, can we all chip in and buy this house as a little Paris-based pied-à-terre/vacation share? I spotted it last week and felt like packing my bags immediately! Located in the 16th arrondisement, in Auteuil (an area apparently known for its large, beautiful homes and quiet, peaceful streets), the house has eight bedrooms (plenty of room for all!), a large guest house, beautiful yard, and even an underground swimming pool!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Indoor Pool

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Balcony

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Beauty Review: Moisturizer Mania

review of three face moisturizers - dr hauschka quince day cream, juice beauty green apple moisturizer, arcona magic dry ice

This is the true story of three face creams picked to live in my house. Find out what happens when seasons and climates change, and great skin starts getting real.

Ok, now that that’s out of my system…in all seriousness, these are three creams I’ve been transitioning through since last December. Yes, December! It’s been a bit of an experiment re-working my skincare routine with temperate weather and higher humidity here in California, hence all the product tinkering.

All of them have great things going for them, and since I love hearing about what other people are trying and using, I thought I’d share my experiences with each of these, in case you’re looking for a new brand to try. This way to gorgeous skin:

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