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A look at the Sézane et Madewell collaboration

la superbe sweatshirt sezane

sezane et madewell collab

It’s no secret that I’ve long been a fan of Sézane, the Paris-based fashion and accessories brand that releases new collections monthly, which are only sold online (I’ve waxed poetic about it here and here). Just this month, Sézane has partnered with Madewell to release a capsule collection, making Sézane goodies available in U.S. stores for the first time ever!

There are a couple items that were previously only available through the Sézane site, which have been updated slightly for the Madewell collection (for example, this adorable bow blouse was previously done in a long sleeve version). The famed La Superbe sweater also makes an appearance at Madewell, this time rendered in a très Américain athletic grey (FYI though, this goes in and out ‘sold out’ status online, so if you’re lusting after this sweatshirt, you might wanna check your local stores). Other faves from the collection? I really love this pretty silk blouse (the neckline is simple, but subtly sexy) and this black lace dress — Sézane always carries the most beautiful lace pieces, so I’m hoping the material used in this piece is no exception!

sezane and madewell collaboration

madewell and sezane collection

The partnership is a great chance to check out the brand, if you haven’t wanted to order anything from Sézane online before. I’ve actually had a couple people in the past ask me about Sézane’s sizing and shipping. And with good reason too: while I’ve ordered several leather goods from Sézane, I’ve only ordered one blouse, and it’s just the tiniest bit too snug…but I found out the hard way that returning it to France can actually cost more than the actual blouse!

madewell et sezane collaboration

I’ve followed Sézane since the days when it was called ‘Les Composantes’ (if anyone remembers it under that name!), and it’s neat to see this small business growing! You can check out the full Sézane et Madewell collection here, and of course, see what’s new on the Sézane website over here (the next autumn collection launches this Sunday, and many of their classic pieces — like the Nola and Hope bags — are always available in Les Essentials). Sézane founder Morgane Sézalory also did a great little interview with Madewell head designer Somsack Sikhounmuong over here. Enjoy!

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Came across this quote and had to share it with you today. Hope your week is off to a good — dare I say blooming — start!


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I’m Loving…

5 Fun Things to Brighten Your Week


Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? Mine was so relaxing — good food, friends, impromptu naps on the couch, and a bunch of movies (we finally saw Gone Girl. Highly recommend!). The weather has been perfectly autumnal here, and this weekend I splurged a little early and indulged in one of my favorite fall rituals — the purchasing of a holiday candle. There’s nothing better than a pine-inspired candle burning when it’s chilly out! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not even Halloween yet. Don’t judge.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve put together an I’m Loving post, and I’ve had a couple items saved up to share with you. First, you have to know about Bauble Bar’s latest guest bartender collaboration with Megan Rusner (1). You can read about her story here, and as part of this collection, Bauble Bar is donating 100% of their net proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Pretty cool! Next, I’m totally intrigued by this konjac sponge (2). I’ve tried these sponges before, and found they were gentle on skin, while also being great at exfoliating. This one has the added benefit of having French pink clay in it/on it — so you don’t need to use extra cleanser. And let’s be honest –I think this would just look pretty in the bathroom!

I spotted this clutch the other day (3) and thought it was really lovely. I love items like this that can match an occasion perfectly — like a holiday party, or New Year’s Eve — but are also versatile enough to pull out at other times of year. I kind of hate buying holiday specific clothing and accessories only to wear them once per year! The holidays have also been on my mind as far as gift giving, and I’ve had Oyster bookmarked for a while now (4). It’s one of a few new services that allow people to download as many books as they want each month, for one set price (instead of paying per book). I don’t own a Kindle, and instead use the Kindle app on my iPad, and from what I’ve heard, Oyster is beautifully designed for these types of devices. If you use a Kindle, and like this idea as a gift, here’s a great guide to the top services available right now.

Finally, it’s chilly out, and tea is my antidote. I’m starting to amass a small collection of teacups and saucers, and to Joe’s dismay, I’m all for growing the collection, available cabinet space be damned. I think Anthropologie has some of the most beautiful items for home, especially during the holiday season (I got these wine glasses there last year and they continue to be favorites). This tea cup and saucer (5) is stunning and would make drinking your morning cup of tea a little more glamorous!

Anything you’re loving lately?

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