My Journey with Fatigue

(and how it inadvertently led to the best skin of my life)


I don’t know why I was surprised that so many of you wanted to hear about my health stuff that I mentioned back in this post. I mean, I love hearing about health topics too! But while I’m very open about health related matters in real life, it sometimes feels like talking about health (or diet, your fitness regimen, etc.) can be awkward in polite company. Everyone has an opinion about what works, and what doesn’t! So let’s keep that in mind as I share a little about my own journey today. First things first: I am NOT A DOCTOR, so don’t take any of this as proper medical advice. If you’re worried about your health, or your skin, go see a professional. This is simply what worked for me, and my personal body — the supplements I talk about might be a good fit for you, but they might not be. Second, I’m going to talk a lot about my own approach to health and even skincare, and it might differ from yours. That’s cool! I definitely don’t want anyone to feel that I’m judging their own routines, this is just what I jive with, based on my own experiences.

Ok, now that the disclaimers are out of the way…

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Little Luxuries

Pretties for the fall season, all $50 or under


I thought it was high time for another Little Luxuries post — today, all with beautiful goodies that are $50 and under. Of note:

one. OMG THIS BRACELET. It’s not just any cuff. It also doubles as a bottle opener! Okay, so perhaps you won’t be rocking it in your daily life (or who am I to judge, maybe you will). But on game day, I’m pretty sure you’d win the tailgate/viewing party/life. This accessory is an ice breaker if ever I saw one.   •   two. I spotted this book last week when putting together a list of nominations for my book club. Memoir about woman marrying a French guy and learning the language, with linguistics and French history mixed in? Where do I sign up?? The club didn’t pick this one, but I already ordered a hard copy that’ll arrive next week. I also read a couple fun fiction books this past weekend; I’m waiting until I make my way through a few more (mentioned here) and then I’m going to do a book review roundup post.  •   three. Lastly, this cream. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and plan on doing so throughout the fall. One of my most favorite natural face creams EVER. Coupled with the supplements, it’s been a god send. And yes, thanks to all your enthusiastic feedback (no really, thank you!), I’m totally doing a post on my health journey this past summer, how I got turned on to all these supplements, and my exact regimen. Check back in on Thursday, y’all.

The full roundup of Little Luxuries, right this way…

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Brass hand sculpture can be purchased from High Street Market.


Image via Death to Stock, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley Studio

Simple Day to Night Style

It's all about the blazer, yo.

j crew schoolboy blazer for easy day to night style | via @victoriamstudio

simple day to night style | via @victoriamstudio

If this was my go-to weekend look, then this is my go-to office look. I realize the variables are pretty similar, but funnily enough, I find that if you throw a blazer on anything, people automatically assume you are a professional, upstanding citizen who has their life figured out.

Pop in on me during the work day, and you can usually find me in jeans and a tee — maybe a sweater in the winter months. Then, on an as needed basis, I’ll top the whole she-bang with a blazer. The genius of the great-fitting blazer is that it’s a piece requiring zero thought or consideration, while giving the appearance of the exact opposite. I’ve thrown a blazer over jeans and a tee to go out for happy hour, to girls dinners, or to a lunch meeting. Swap out the shoes based on the occasion, and you look insta-polished. I wore this exact outfit — except with loafers, a tote, and a long pendant necklace — out to a lunch meeting last week, and received compliments on my duds. Don’t you love that? Like 30 seconds of dressing = clients telling you how pulled together you look. This, my friends, is the genius of the capsule collection wardrobe (more on this here and here, if you need a place to start).

A question about YOUR favorite blazer, below…

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J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer (old, the Rhodes blazer is the current version, supposedly)  ·  Everlane Linen Muscle Tank  ·  Banana Republic jeans (similar here) ·  Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels in Adobe (similar here and here) ·  Oliveve Cleo Clutch (c/o, old, similar here)

Images by Andrea Posadas