My Essentials List, Part II

...and the work essentials too

poppin office essentials | via @victoriamstudio

Thanks for all your great feedback on my life and style essentials post from Tuesday! I’m so happy you guys enjoyed it. As promised, I wanted to share my work essentials list too. Whether you’re a fellow small biz owner or interested in how things work behind the scenes here at the studio, I think this will give you some insight into everything it takes to run a small business. Over time, as you refine your systems and your client base grows, you end up relying on a lot of different tools!

Oh, before I dive in, a quick note to say that the sale prices on the Natori Feathers bra and the Neulash bundle that I mentioned Tuesday are now open to the public. Added to cart!

For work essentials, I’ve divided things up by what I find essential for design, time management/productivity, apps I rely on a lot, and professional services. Oh, and fonts, because fonts = fun! Here we go:  View more

My Essentials List, Part I

The everyday life and style essentials...

everlane linen tees - an essential!

Oh hey, have you heard? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening. Wait, don’t X out of this post quite yet. I promise, I’m not bombarding you with the best deals and trends I spent hours finding (though mad props to fellow bloggers who are far better at pinpointing said trends and deals, seriously!).

Instead, I wanted to talk about essentials. Honestly, when I first heard about the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago, I got excited for exactly two items: this bra and this beauty product. You see, over the past year and change, both have become indispensable to me, and I found myself thinking that I would use the sale as an opportunity to stock up. At the same time, I found myself re-ordering products from a couple other brands, which led me further down this path of thinking about essentials in my everyday life — those things that make my life easier, free up energy, and generally make me feel happy and confident. That’s what this post is about.

Quick back up: when I was first jotting down ideas about my everyday essentials, a bunch of tech items and products made their way in too. So I’m thinking that today, I’ll share my lifestyle essentials, and later this week, I’ll share another (probably massive) post about work essentials. Cool?

Ok, here they are, the things I’ve bought over and over again, with my own money, and are essential to my everyday: View more

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Bringing Bougainvillea Indoors

bougainvillea love

Are you a bougainvillea lover like me? Maybe the part of me that was always drawn to California is the same part of me that’s responsible for my complete and utter obsession with this gorgeous vine. It’s felt omnipresent throughout my life on the west coast — both in northern and southern California. I’ve been known to document it around the Bay Area, like the above (can you believe this one from Los Gatos?), or this one or this one, or my all time favorite: this one.

However, something you don’t see quite as often is bougainvillea used indoors, as a cut flower in a vase. Seeing a huge arrangement of bougainvillea in Anderson Cooper’s Trancoso, Brazil home got me thinking about this. You know what I realized? Every time I see a floral arrangement styled with bougainvillea, I’m so charmed by it and find it incredibly beautiful.

bougainvillea coffee table centerpieces in the home of Anderson Cooper | Architectural Digest online July 2016, photography by Simon Upton

from Architectural Digest; image by Simon Upton

Isn’t this absolutely stunning? I love how wild and natural it looks, and the drama it brings given the low furnishings in the rest of the living space.

And, here are plenty more examples of trimmed bougainvillea, that are a little more manageable for your everyday indoor display:  View more