VMS Digest: Vol. III


Friday, September 30 can only mean one thing. This month’s installment of VMS Digest, also known as your required weekend reading. Read on for my favorite stories, news items, launches and studio happenings.


Fun Things I Loved Reading

CASHMERE SEASON // Why is Uniqlo cashmere so affordable? A fun look at how they make their sweaters, and keep the cost down (note: quality still intact!).

FRAMED // One of the craziest stories I read all month! This was a fun, bizarre, true crime piece from the L.A. Times that I couldn’t help but stay up late one night to finish.

THE HOUSE THAT VICE BUILT // Do you watch Vice on HBO? I was pleasantly surprised to see this profile on Vice founder Shane Smith in the Wall Street Journal this past month, which also showcased his family’s insanely gorgeous Santa Monica home. The details in this historical home are stunning! (PS, if you get the WSJ paywall blocking the article, try accessing it via this Facebook post).

WHEN IN FRENCH // Currently reading this beautiful little book. A while back, a reader (hi, Rose!), sent me a long excerpt of it from The New Yorker. I only just put two and two together this week, realizing it was the same writer (doh). Check it out here if you want a sample from the memoir! The writing is really wonderful.

A FITBIT FOR YOUR PLACENTA // Ok, not quite. But this new technology that can help monitor high-risk pregnancies is pretty incredible!

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What is VMS Digest?

A new-ish monthly feature sharing my favorite links, posts, articles, and things you simply have to know about. Read previous Digests here.

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The Word


Keeping it short and sweet today, since I’ll be back tomorrow for the monthly VMS Digest post! Thought I’d share two quotes from one of my favorite Instagrammers, @ericluis (remember when I talked about him here?). Eric’s an incredibly talented photographer, with so much wisdom for his age. What I love about his posts is all are paired with encouraging insights and reminders. The quote above actually comes from two different posts of his, here and here. I highly recommend you follow along for a daily dose of perspective!

Hope everyone has had a good week — see you tomorrow for Digest links and other fun shenanigans!


October Playlist


“Hey,” you’re saying, “What happened to September’s playlist?” This is it! It had been bugging me that overtime, with playlists going live towards the end of the month, that the name of the playlist reflected a month nearing its end. So we’re hopping ahead this month to October. Not that September wasn’t wonderful. But with a Hawaiian vacation, weekend trips to Tahoe and Napa, and just, you know, fall, I’m ready for October indeed.

I must admit that I’m really not one for Halloween (all that effort for a costume? Dude, I can barely muster up excitement about diversifying my wardrobe), but I always love October’s gentle welcome into the fall season. You can feel totally cool busting out boots and sweaters this month without that awkward, “Are we still in summer? Is it really fall yet?” debate in your head. Although, the sweaters/boots fantasy might be just that for me this month, since October usually sees some SF’s nicest weather! But I’m feeling good about October generally. How about you?

Back to the music. I’m really digging the playlist this month. Sometimes the songs come together in a very piecemeal way, as I discover things slowly. Other times (like this month) I have a few songs I’ve been saving, then discover a whole bunch over the course of a day or two. I’m loving the mix of fun, work-ready dance tracks, as well as some slower (maybe even sexier?) tunes, perfect for fall. I hope you enjoy it!

I always love hearing what you’re up to — any fun plans for the month? Maybe just taking supplements? I’m so thrilled you guys enjoyed last Thursday’s post so much; thank you kindly for all your comments and emails! It’s made me realize I can talk about my random health discoveries more here, if I feel like it. It seems as though we’re a community who really likes discovering and sharing that info, which makes me feel warmer and fuzzier inside than any sweater will this month. Cheers to you, month ten.