Birthday Week/End


Isn’t it funny how much your life changes in a year? Last year on my birthday, I was in the Hudson River Valley for a beautiful country summer weekend. A year later, here I am in San Francisco. While last year I was already daydreaming about what it would be like to be back in California, it’s an odd sensation to actually have those thoughts/daydreams play out, even when they’re welcome. It’s not just my life changes that make me think…for the friends I spent my birthday with last year, so much happened in their lives too (two babies, a move out of New York, and so many good things in their careers!). Maybe this is all just my way of reflecting back on the last year and marveling at how much life really happens in between, for all of us, whether we notice it or not.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m melancholy because I am definitely not! I’m so excited to celebrate 31…or as I like to call it, my 30th birthday Round 2, for all the west coast buddies (there’s a hashtag in there somewhere). This weekend, we’re having a birthday party dinner at one of my fave restaurants, and I have a new outfit to celebrate in (and — eep — it may involve a crop top, which yes, I swore I’d never wear). I’m spending much of today doing fun things like getting a mani/pedi, taking myself out to lunch, and meeting up with a friend for a glass of early birthday Champagne. Sounds like a pretty good start to the weekend!

One great link to share with you, which I’ve been meaning to post for a while. This short, lovely essay, on “The Small, Happy Life.” Enjoy your weekend everyone — and take it all in!


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"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

Book Review: My Recent Reads

books to read this summer

I definitely haven’t been on the Kindle as much as I would’ve liked this summer, but I’ve still managed to make my way through a few books. Am I alone in wanting to read a lot of fun, easy books in the summer time? There’s certainly a reason they’re called beach reads, that’s for sure.

Most recently, I’ve finished Eight Hundred GrapesThe One That Got AwayPrimates of Park Avenue, and I’m currently deep into In the Unlikely Event. Here are my thoughts on them: Read the full post +

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Book spine graphics all created by Victoria McGinley, with the exception of the In the Unlikely Event and A Confederacy of Dunces spines.

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Retreat: A Dreamy Bedroom Escape

vogue au - justin hemmes stylish master bedroom retreat

vogue au - justin hemmes master bedroom suite

Someday, if/when we are lucky enough to work with an interior designer on our entire home, I’m definitely going to pull these photos of Justin Hemmes’ master bedroom suite out for reference and inspiration. I came across this tour on Vogue Living the other day (I follow them on Facebook for a welcome, constant reminder to browse interiors eye candy!) and fell in love. To me, this space is such a wonderful blend of old and new, modern and traditional, clean/simplified but not too sparse, and most importantly, completely livable. You know how when you watch HGTV and the hosts are always saying that the master bedroom should be a sanctuary? Well, it’s true, and this suite fits the bill completely. Besides the gorgeous four-poster bed, the space includes a large sitting area, gigantic bathroom with separate soaking tub and shower (and beautiful arched pocket doors to separate everything from the bedroom), and one of the brightest, would-make-her-and-him-happy walk-in closets I’ve ever seen.

bedroom tour - vogue AU - justin hemmes closet

bedroom tour - Vogue AU - Justin Hemmes bathroom

bedroom tour - justin hemmes bedroom sitting area

I’ve told Joe that casement windows and doors are a must have in our future forever home. I’d never seen arched versions like the ones above — aren’t they cool? It’s all perfect. You can see the full bedroom suite tour here, as well as the full home tour here. Justin began renovating the home — one he had lived in before with his family, who own a large hospitality group in Australia — back in 2011, and the results are stunning. I would love to make the trek from this master bedroom down into that kitchen every morning!

What say you? Could you escape to this suite for the weekend and only emerge to get snacks from downstairs? Count me in.


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