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HOMELAND IS BACK!: And based on the first episode, it seems like this season might even top the last! I discovered a weekly column in the Wall Street Journal which breaks down each episode with the International Spy Museums’s historian and curator, to give us the scoop on what’s plausible, and what’s Hollywood. Fun.

FONT VS. TYPE: If you’ve ever heard of a font referred to as a type or typeface and wondered, what’s the difference?, this article breaks it down.

WINE NOT: If you’re new to wine, check out this great article on 10 essential tips for learning to drink wine. Actually, even if you’re not new to wine, it’s a good read.

FOR THE WELL-DESIGNED HOME…: Follow these 5 tips! Jacquelyn shares her thoughts on the biggest mistakes and biggest necessities every well-designed room needs.

WHO’S THE BOSS?: No one, if you work at Zappos. An in-depth piece on the company’s new structure, which basically abolished bosses. Would you like your job better without a boss?

A LITTLE OBSESSED: A little shoe and shopping alert for one of my faves. New colors just came in for M. Gemi’s classic Felize loafers! I have two pairs of these now and absolutely love them (I even convinced my mama to order a pair after trying them on, and she’s a very picky shoe person). I myself recently ordered these boots and can’t wait to wear ’em!

CONSCIOUS COUPLING: An authentic, lovely little essay about parents who separate, then find each other again.

OH, THE HOT POCKETS: Meet a college senior who is running a restaurant (of sorts) out of his New York dorm room. He takes four covers per night and is currently booked into January. In other news, I microwaved a lot of hot pockets in my dorm room, and once, attempted to make microwaved chilaquiles.

UP IN THE AIR: A quick little interview with photography phenom Gray Malin, on his latest shoot in Leona Helmsley’s iconic New York apartment, and how he gets those crazy aerial shots.

THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK THIS WEEK: Maybe year? It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York (I follow along on Instagram, and typically get most of the updates via his very active Facebook page). In late September, Brandon began featuring images and stories from Syrian refugees. His posts ran for about 10 days, and the photographs and experiences shared are nothing short of incredible (and heartbreaking). It’s been one of the most moving series he’s ever done, and I really encourage you to check it out. If you go to his Facebook page, you can scroll down until you see this post; it’s the first from the series, dated September 26. If you decide to read the stories, start from the bottom and work up, as many are multi-parters, so you have to read the first post to understand the subsequent ones. If you’re into it, he also shared this Kickstarter to help relief efforts. I followed along throughout the series and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since the first day.

It’s Fleet Week here in San Francisco, and for the first time in a few years, Joe and I will be joining up with friends for an annual party to watch the air show. I think our friends kind of view it as a sure sign of fall, and it’ll be great to enjoy it again after a few autumns on the east coast. My family has been in town since last week too, though they leave tomorrow, so tonight we’re doing a big goodbye dinner at one of my family’s long-time favorite restaurant (in case you’re wondering, it’s Hillstone…we used to go to the Austin Houston’s back in the day!). Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

A Beautiful Book

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distinctive vintages - fine french wines & spirits book

distinctive vintages - fine french wine & spirits book coverdistinctive vintages - fine french wine & spirits book 3

Before we went up to Sonoma a couple weekends ago, my girlfriend Michele stopped by my apartment for a visit, and so that we could drive up together. Michele is the only other female I have ever shared a room with — she was my roommate my freshman year of college, and yes, we’re actually still good friends! When she walked through the door after her flight, the first thing she did was hand off the most beautiful gift to Joe and me; a birthday slash belated wedding gift of sorts. She had seen it online and knew that with our love of wine and France, it might make the perfect gift for us — the kind of thing we’d probably never buy for ourselves, but really appreciate.

Well, she hit it out of the park. I wanted to share her gift with you because it is without doubt the most beautiful coffee table/art book I have ever seen! Entitled Distinctive Vintages: Fine French Wines and Spirits, this tome is so much more than just a pretty item to grace a table. It is a joy to look through. The book covers the history of some of the venerable producers in France, focusing mainly on Champagne, with two features on Cognac and Sauternes.


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Distinctive Vintages: Fine French Wines and Spirits

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MALM MESS: Joe sent me this article entitled “Why Ikea Causes So Much Relationship Tension.” We both laughed about it, because if you’re like us, trips to Ikea have the potential to lead to bad, bad things. He’s actually so good at building Ikea furniture that in recent years, he insists I just let him do it without my “help.” We’ve found this is the key (ke?) to Ikea shopping!

OFFICIALLY FALL: Okay, so I know the first day of fall is technically in September, but there’s something about the calendar turning to October that in my mind, makes it legit. Gab shared several great tips for getting your home’s entryway fall ready. I like the scent idea — a perfect excuse to stock up on candles!

I WAS ALMOST ASLEEP WHEN…: You know how you jerk awake sometimes, right before you fall asleep? There’s a biological reason for that. Still undiscovered: why the jerking awake is so often preceded by that scary dream about falling off a cliff!

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JOE MILLIONAIRE?: I can remember religiously watching that show in college! New York magazine interviewed him as part of their series on reality TV last week; if you love this genre, it’s worth checking out some of the content the site put together for the themed series — some fun, easy Friday reads in there for sure.

KEEPING TIME: Erin made this awesome hexagon marble wall clock that looks like it’s way more expensive (and substantial) than a simple DIY project made with paper and foam board! Pretty amazing — I think it’d look good in my office.

LET’S GET PERSONAL: Or maybe not. I really enjoyed reading this essay from Jenn about (not) getting personal online; per usual, her writing is stellar, funny, and so relatable!

BLOGGING BURNOUT: The Atlantic published a piece this week about a new, forthcoming study in the journal Social Media + Society, entitled “‘Having it All’ on Social Media: Entrepreneurial Femininity and Self-Branding Among Fashion Bloggers.” Yeah, that definitely got my attention! It’s ironic to me that there is now a formal study to basically outline what anyone who has ever seriously blogged knows — it’s a lot of work. (For a more informal essay on the topic, Annie wrote a great post about it this week.) The thing is, whether you blog or not, I think everyone can relate to the pressure that surrounds publishing things to social media. It’s a lot to keep up with all these platforms on their own, not to mention the pressure to make things (as the article puts it) “appear much more vibrant and picture-perfect than they might be in reality.” Check the article and the study out, I think they’re both pretty interesting.

A short list of links this week, as this past week in the studio was one for the books! I can definitely say I really earned my Friday — in between getting a software developer’s website ready (that big site I’ve been working on for a while!), and working on three other web design projects, it was a little cray. My family is in town as well, and it was fun to cap a couple of the nights off with a glass of bubbly and people who are really proud of you. Sometimes you get so caught up in your own life and work world mania, you forget to take a second to give yourself a pat on the back. Mom’s are good for that kind of thing, you know? I’m thankful to have a weekend off from travel, and instead plan on sleeping in, seeing family, and enjoying the cooler fall temps (finally!). Hope your October is off to a beautiful start!


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