OH, OSCAR: There aren’t too many runway shows I’ll follow up on after the fact, but Oscar de la Renta is always one of ‘em. The designs are the epitome of ladylike glamour — and with lots of florals to wow.

SPEAKING OF FASHION WEEK: God, I’m glad it’s over, and I avoided it to begin with. But, my girl Hallie wrote the most amazing post about everything you could ever want to know about this semi-annual madhouse. It’s enlightening whether you’re into fashion or not!

OH EM DASH: Because yes, punctuation matters. Here, an easy to follow guide on all those pesky punctuation rules. Your ≠ you’re, people.

DO I OR DON’T I: Really enjoyed reading this essay about “What if you just don’t know if you want kids?” While it’s an entirely personal matter, this has been a conundrum for me since…forever. Good reading for anyone who feels similarly.

IT MUST BE IN THE WATER: Or Mercury is in retrograde or something. Mackenzie wrote a great essay about uncertainty as well, and how she’s getting out of her funk.

BURGUNDY AND GRAY: This little outfit has me excited to bust out my burgundy cords and don a light gray sweater. Simple, and chic.

PASSWORD123: An interesting (if unsexy) editorial on killing the online security question. Makes me glad I have 2-step verification set up on my most important accounts!

PLEASE BE FOR SALE SOON: Joe and I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at houses. Often in Marin County. Yes, we live nearly 3000 miles from there. We’re dreamers, what can I say. Anyway, this house stopped me in my tracks this week. When can I move in?

THE CANDY SHOP: It’s that time again… The Candy page has been updated for you to indulge in. I have so much fun putting this page together!

TGIF, happy weekend, etc, etc etc. Enjoy it, friends!

This month's quote: "Take your pleasure seriously."

Real Life: The Wisdom of Insecurity

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Alright, some real talk today. In the last couple years, while some wonderful, beautiful things have happened, life has been really good at serving up one shit sandwich after another. And over the last couple of months, things certainly haven’t gotten easier (tastier?). I’ve opted not to share too much about the turmoil happening in my personal life, just because family members have asked me to keep it on the DL, but to get the gist across, imagine all the stress of moving across the country, triple it, remove the last ounces of certainty you had in your life, then add a surprise double heaping of grief on top of it. The therapy practically pays for itself these days, and the stories for the Lifetime movie are only getting crazier.

In the midst of trying not to lose my mind, one thing that has helped immensely — even on the days when “immense” amounts to only a tiny bit — is meditating. The first time I ever practiced meditation was after I read the book Clean several years ago. Inspired by the book, I remember sitting in my bedroom, trying to clear my mind, and thinking I really, really sucked at it. I quit trying, but the idea behind it — that you could learn to acknowledge and then watch your thoughts flit in and out of your mind, but not really engage with them — was intriguing to me.

photo via superfamous 1

Fast forward to a couple years ago, when I took up a yoga practice. Without even realizing it, I would find myself meditating in class, and it surprised me by how spiritual it was. I began connecting with and noticing my breathing more, and specifically, how if I just slowed the eff down for a second, concentrated on my breath, and followed each inhale and exhale, the tight fist knotted in the center of my body (you know the one — it feels like it’s holding all your anxiety and worry) would slowly start to release its death grip on me.

More recently, I finished the book 10% Happier, and loved it. As I was reading the book, I made lots of highlight notations throughout. The first sentence I highlighted in the book is this: “Most of us are so entranced by the nonstop conversation we’re having with ourselves that we aren’t even aware we have a voice in our head.” How true this is. Another section I noted related to the idea of security (and its inverse, insecurity). Here’s the quote:  Read the full post +

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Like / Love / Lust

Three things to know about now.


Happy Monday! I had a very relaxing weekend filled with lots of time to myself (I think I really needed it), and as a result, have a couple cool things I discovered and wanted to share with you today. I’ve been meaning to read the book The American Heiress for several years now, since I judged the book cover (positively!) the first time I ever saw it and love me a good historical fiction novel. After plowing through it this weekend, I thought the book was just okay. But because of it, I started looking around online and found this awesome online exhibit of Gilded Age fashions created by the house of Charles Frederick Worth (who’s mentioned many times in the book as THE couturier for the wealthy during this era). This exhibition goes into wonderful detail about the designs, who wore the dresses, and offers an awesome zoom feature that allows you to really see each pieces’ details (I mean, the velvet on the first dress. Wow.). The Gilded Age has always been an interesting time in American history to me; now, living in New York, it’s even more fascinating! If you love a good costume exhibition, you must check this out.  Read the full post +

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