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Alright, so I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, but recently I saw an ad in my Facebook news feed (ugh, they do work!) about this new-to-me brand called AYR. A bunch of my friends had already liked the page, the photo styling was rocking, and I’m pretty sure I wanted the shirt that was being featured. Remember how in last week’s Answers post I was talking about how inspiration typically comes just by surfing around the internet? AYR is a perfect example of that. I clicked through and was insta-inspired…and I wanted everything!

If up until last week you’ve been my roommate under said rock, AYR stands for All Year Round. The label describes themselves as “a label for women who can’t be labeled,” making “slow fashion, fast.” One quick look at their Essentials round-up, and I was in love. As I said to Joe, scrolling through this page is basically like looking at how I dress on a daily basis (or at least, wish I could dress 100% of the time): lots of neutrals, elevated basics, classics with a modern twist. I’ve been all about building an easy mix-and-match “capsule collection” style wardrobe over the last 18 months, and there was so much at AYR I wanted to add to the mix. Of note:

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Ask Me Anything: The Answers

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Here it is! The answers to all of your questions. There was such a good mix submitted, so I’ve divided the questions up by category: those that pertain to work and design, living in New York and SF, my history with food and wine, and then all the good personal questions too. Have at it, thanks for all your questions, and feel free to ask any questions about the questions in the comments :)

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Beach Getaway Essentials

dreaming of sun and sand...

Thanks for all your comments and emails following last week’s post. As a brief update, a couple of you got me thinking about acupuncture and a few other treatments, and I actually went in to my doctor’s office to see an integrative specialist. After a week of taking it easy, starting Whole30, and taking mucho supplements, I’m feeling a lot better and my skin started clearing up! I’m practicing as much self-care as I can, and my energy has slowly started to return, too. Fingers crossed!

Maybe this will sound funny, but part of my self-care routine has been daydreaming slash loosely planning a beach getaway with Joe for later in the summer. We’re not totally sure when we’ll be able to go, but that hasn’t stopped us from planning. I mentioned it briefly here, but we’re thinking about going to Hawaii. I’ve actually never been, and the last time Joe was there, he was a teenager. (On that note: any recommendations? We’re debating between doing something really easy like hitting up a resort on the big island, versus going more off the beaten path to a place like Lanai. Thoughts, stories, experiences welcomed!) Is it just me, or is planning a vacation half the fun of it? Something about planning out where to go, what you want to do, and how you want to look and feel while doing it is so refreshing and puts a pep in my step. Anyway, once we started talking about doing a beach getaway, I found myself randomly bookmarking pretty accessories and dresses I’d definitely want to pack. Feels like I’m already there!

Of note in my imaginary suitcase: Everlane just launched new striped dresses that would work great as an easy cover up, or to throw on while sightseeing. Bonus: they’re all under $40. I also keep coming back to these slides they debuted earlier in the summer — something about this tan color, I haven’t been able to find any quite like them, especially under $100. I bookmarked this striped tote a while back, and though it’s definitely a summer-specific purchase, it’s the kind of tote I’d be happy to carry season after season. Finally, I stopped into local shop Anomie on Union this past weekend, and was excited to see their huge selection of Herbivore goodies (I stocked up on my fave jasmine body oil, and picked up a bar of this pink clay soap which has been super soothing for my skin). I also tried out their Coco Rose Lip Color — it’s a gorgeous, warm, rosy shade that would look great on lips or cheeks. I’m trying to work my way through a few other lip/cheek pots I already have at home, but once gone, this one’s on the list.

Let me know if you have any Hawaii advice, or if you have another hidden beach spot you think we should check out. At this point, put me on a plane with a carryon filled with dresses and bathing suits, and I don’t really care where I end up!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! AMA answers coming up, so get your questions in if you haven’t already commented or emailed!

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