November Playlist

november playlist

Thanks to everyone who followed along with last month’s playlist! I hope you’re enjoying ’em. It seemed appropriate to share November’s just in time for Thanksgiving, since I know many of us are traveling (and is it just me, or is there nothing quite like putting on a pair of headphones on a plane and rocking out to new music?). You can find the November playlist here. Don’t forget to check out the October playlist — it’ll disappear next month!

I actually won’t be getting on a plane for the holiday, but I plan on having this on in the background while I prep for Thanksgiving and our “Thanksmas” party on Friday…for which I have a jazzy holiday playlist at the ready.

Last month, I had a reader request to include the names of the songs on each playlist within the post, for those of you who don’t use Spotify. So, your wish is my command!

What’s everyone have planned for the holiday this week? Are you traveling near, or far? Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions? I’d love to hear about them! We will be having our usual hot spinach and artichoke dip in the morning, as well as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert (always!). We hit up Napa this past weekend to pick up our holiday allotment of wine — so we’re ready! It’s just me and Joe on Thursday, so to be honest, we’ll probably do nothing except lounge in PJs, eat lots of dip, and watch 5 holiday movies, minimum.

I’ll pop back in this week to share Week/End links (though probably early, instead of on Friday — you need some holiday reading, right?), and the requisite Black Friday sales post, inclusive of my favorite smaller retailers. One to put on your radar early: after working with the company for many months, I’m proud to show you the launch of the new Hudson+Bleecker site, which went live over the weekend! Be sure to check out H+B’s travel accessories, which make really lovely gifts — I was gifted some a couple years ago, and can vouch for how handy and well made they are!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. Happy Monday!


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Recipe: Breakfast Bread Pudding

recipe - breakfast bread pudding

day after thanksgiving breakfast recipe

savory breakfast bread pudding recipe

I’m pretty sure that stuffing is almost universally everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving side. Isn’t it obvious as to why? You take some bread, add in flavorful aromatics and completely customizable, decadent fixings (sausage! oysters! pancetta!), moisten the whole thing, and bake it until it’s soft inside and crisp on top. I mean really, what’s not to love?

I’m also pretty sure that this is the reason bread pudding is such a beloved dish. Sweet or savory, it has all the textural elements that make stuffing so great. Last weekend, Joe and I decided to make a big brunch at home and I was in the mood for something savory, comforting, and — I’ll be honest here — carb-y. I had never made him a savory breakfast bread pudding, so after a quick trip to the store, I whipped one up with chicken sausage, mushrooms, leeks, spinach, and gruyere.

The end result? Something endlessly satisfying. But also — I realized it was a perfect recipe to share this week, as you can use this same technique with leftover Thanksgiving ingredients, especially stuffing! The process is simple: mix all cooked ingredients together in a baking dish, then pour an egg custard over the top and bake. As to what you put in your savory pudding, the sky is really the limit! You can dice leftover bread, then add cooked diced sweet potato, bacon or sausage, as well as sautéed aromatics used from a stuffing or other side dish. Flavor it with herbs — rosemary, sage, thyme, whatever you have — and top it with a cheese (surely you have some leftover from a Thanksgiving cheese board?). It’s great because you can bake a single dish for a large crowd, then serve it with a simple green or fruit salad. Ta-da, post-Thanksgiving breakfast is served!

Below is my recipe for the savory bread pudding I made for us last weekend, as well as some ideas for various combinations you can try on your own. Read on for more!

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6 Cool Finds from My Visit to West Coast Craft

finds from the west coast craft show

This past weekend, Joe and I swung by West Coast Craft at Fort Mason. I had never been to West Coast Craft, though a few years ago I went to a similar event with Renegade Craft. With that as my only frame of reference, I gotta tell you, WCC was crazy! The pavilion was absolutely PACKED with people (and vendors!). It was a little overwhelming trying to spend time at particular booths given the crowds, but I did come across a few new-to-me makers and artists who are producing some pretty incredible products. I love sharing smaller, up and coming shops with you, especially this time of year when unique gift giving is understandably on everyone’s mind. Here were a few of my favorites shops and items:

Elizabeth W //

This company’s Vetiver line smelled wonderful. If you’re into the earthy, woodsy scent of vetiver, you will totally dig the collection of candles, perfumes, and bath products. Elizabeth W has a shop locally in SF, and you can also order online. I also tried a few of her hand creams and really liked them, but realized once I got home that I had forgotten to check the ingredient list, so I’m not totally sure where they fall on the natural scale. I will say though — they did soften my hands immensely (the cucumber and tuberose scents were lovely).

Tempest + Bentley //

Unfortunately, the price range on these hand-crafted sweaters are a bit astronomical, but man, were these babies insanely beautiful in person. Imagine, the thickest, most plush wool ever, that somehow manages to still be really soft and inviting. Mix in super cool, of-the-moment knitting patterns, and you have a line of sweaters that even Gywneth has taken to wearing. My favorites were this fringed sweater, and this chevron knit. Here’s wishing I could splurge on one of these beauties…and in the meantime, I shall continue to ogle.  Read the full post +