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I’m making good on my intention to read more in 2019! Okay, sure, we’re only a few weeks in, but the delight of getting into bed each night, freshly showered and curled up with my latest and greatest read has been incentive enough to keep it going into the foreseeable future. Here’s what’s been on deck:


The Overstory

I haven’t finished this book—it’s over 500 pages!—but 20 pages in I knew I’d recommend it to anyone. The writing is some of the best I have read in years. Sometimes I reread entire pages to marvel at the beauty of the prose. The first section (a series of short character stories which set up the plot for the rest of the book) are all so good, they could stand alone as a collection. I’m over half way done, and look forward to reading this every night.

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If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi

This one actually is a collection of short stories, where the protagonists are all first-generation Indian Americans. I wondered if it would be reminiscent of Jhumpa Lahiri’s short stories featuring similar characters—but this feels updated, dealing with modern cultural issues anyone can relate to. The last two stories of this book—which tell the same story, from different points of view—had me entranced. I might’ve even cried.

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Like A Mother

Firstly, let me insert the obligatory “not pregnant” disclaimer. But as we edge closer to the possibility, this book caught my interest. It’s different from other “mom” books I’ve read, and dropped some fascinating factoids about the female body. Whether you are pregnant, once were, or have no plans to be, the topics covered in here felt relevant to anyone who has grappled with the complexities of motherhood—as a reality, as an identity, as a possibility.

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Writing as a Path to Awakening

This book was recommended to me early last year, and I bought it around the same time. It takes you through guided thought exercises (and actual writing exercises, too!) following a monthly calendar. While you can definitely dive into it any time of the year, I didn’t at time of purchase, and January 2019 felt like a perfect time to revisit. It’s a great book if you enjoy writing, and are looking for some clarity around your practice.

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next up


I mean, duh! Becoming is my Book Club’s next book, and as soon as I’m finished with The Overstory, I’m diving in (and can’t wait!). Many of my girlfriends have said how much they enjoyed this book—what about you, have you read it yet?

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There There

Tommy Orange’s book There There topped many best-of lists at the end of 2018, and given its themes around identity and belonging, plus the fact that it is set here in the Bay Area (in Oakland!) I was intrigued. Read the Times review of it here.

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Bitter orange

I came across this book via NPR’s Best Books of 2018 list (see below!), and totally judged it by its cover. I don’t usually gravitate towards psychological thrillers, but as this one is set in the English countryside in the late mid-century, I made an exception.

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A River of Stars

Vanessa Hua is a member at the organization where I’ve taken some writing workshops, and I’m also familiar with her work as an essayist. So I was thrilled when I saw she was publishing her debut novel—and not only that, but the plot sounds right up my alley!

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Two great resources if you are looking for new books to read. The New York Times 10 Best Books list, as well as their critics’ favorites list, are awesome places to browse. Late last year, I came across this search app from NPR via Facebook. It’s incredibly comprehensive, and perfect for drilling down into your preferred genres to find new-to-you titles! I also love browsing my friend Grace’s Book Club list—she lists every book she reads there, and it features a wonderful, diverse mix!

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I’d love to know—what’s on your reading list at the moment?



  1. 1.22.19
    Kathryn said:

    I love seeing what others are reading, or what’s on their reading lists. Thanks for sharing! “Becoming” is one I would definitely like to read next. Also going to have to check out those resources for when I need new ideas.

    Kathryn •

    • 1.22.19
      Victoria said:

      Thanks, Kathryn! Let me know what you think of Becoming once you read it!

  2. 1.23.19
    Maggie said:

    Loved Becoming, it felt so important to learn about Michelle as a person, not just as (the former) FLOTUS.

  3. 1.24.19
    Jessica said:

    I just put half these books on hold at my library here in NC! Thanks for the awesome recs. I just finished my first book of the year… For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors. Would recommend.

  4. 1.25.19
    Ristina said:

    I’ve just finished Educated by Tara Westover, recommended by Grace! Loved the book and it made me browsed through tons of reddit comments on it :D

  5. 2.4.19
    Nnenna said:

    I love seeing what other people are reading! I really want to read Becoming (everyone is raving about it!) and I’m thinking I might pick it up as part of my Black History Month reads.

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