After taking some time for myself in July, work has ramped back up in a big way in August. I’ll be the first to admit the early part of the month was a real doozy—nothing like answering emails, tons of meetings and calls on your calendar, and looming deadlines to give you a shock to your system after so much time away. But in the last week or so, a lot of my work has been focused around inspiration gathering, and it’s left me feeling inspired alongside my clients. I wanted to put together a simple moodboard with some images I’ve come across recently and truly loved.

A few little details: I’m working on a rebrand for an existing client, and am loving the earthy, natural, sophisticated vibe she’s after. These two pins really spoke to me as I pulled visual inspiration for her. My buddy Tristan recently shot this beautiful image of a magnolia on her iPhone. She’s working on getting this printed so if you love this image as much as I do, follow her on Instagram so you’ll know as soon as prints become available! When I saw this particular image on Instagram, it transported me back to summers in Texas: swimming in the Frio River, jumping in to Lake Travis, diving head first into my grandmother’s perfectly still, blue pool. Summer in a nutshell, isn’t it? Finally, earlier this week Meg shared an incredible project in which she took unused/unloved makeup samples and created truly stunning art with them. I loved the creativity behind this project as much as the resulting pieces!

Anyhoo, just a little something pretty I felt like putting together today. I hope it brightens your Wednesday!

Image Credits/Discovery Links:

Woman in Hat (via Pinterest)   ·   Aperol Spritz (via Epicurious)   ·   Salt Flats (via Pinterest)   ·   Swimming (via @freshexchange)   ·   Magnolia (via @tristanb)   ·   The Pink & Red Bar   ·   Lipstick Art (via Meg Biram)   ·   Crossing Lines (@ryoji__iwata via Unsplash)


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