Playlist 09

Tracks I loved in spring and summer 2018.

Popping back in to share the latest mix of songs I’ve been loving with all of you! What with a busy start to the summer, I know it’s been a while since I shared a playlist. These are all songs I’ve been adding since late April, and a lot of these were playing in my headphones while we drove all over Korea. I mentioned Ashe’s new-ish track “Choirs” on Instastories a while ago; if you like her sound, I highly recommend listening to her new album The Rabbit Hole in its entirety — it’s a great mix of songs from an up and coming artist I love!

You can listen to the playlist here; I suggest putting it on shuffle and letting it do its thing! All songs from my 2018 playlists can be found here, if you need more, more, more. ;)


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Image by MILKOVÍ via Unsplash, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley Studio