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A mix of things I'm loving and lusting over...


Popping in to share a mix of lovely things that are on my radar —
both on my wishlist and current love list.

1. / First, I have to know, has anyone ever tried one of those ceramics straightening brushes? I saw something about the Luma brush on InStyle, and I will cop to being totally intrigued. Do you own one? Do they WORK? Inquiring minds want to know, so please do share!  2. / I’ve been eyeing Cuyana’s cropped wool trench coat for two seasons now, and you’d think I’d finally pull the trigger and buy this thing. I fall into this trap with coats in which I always think the next best thing is just around the corner. But a classic this pretty really can’t be beat.  3. / No but really, you’re watching The Crown, right? I feel like I hopped on this bandwagon late, but man am I glad to be a part of the ride. This show is beautiful. If you were a fan of Downton Abbey and are craving a bit of an escape in the evenings (or, let’s be real, a binge session on a cold winter weekend), you NEED to be watching this show.  4. / Also filed under “products I keep coming back to but haven’t bought” is Sézane’s Abelle bag. It comes in two sizes, and my biggest problem is figuring out which one I prefer. In thinking about my holiday wish list this year, I decided today, definitively, this bag is going on it.  5. / When it comes to finding a chic mousepad, the struggle is real you guys. I have been looking for a large mousepad for YEARS; I never wanted one with a print, or that was too thick, or would feel out of date in a year when whatever pattern that’s popular now is no longer in style. I finally found my perfect match with this Etsy shop; Jonathan, the shop owner, very kindly made me a custom mousepad and even monogrammed it for me. If you’ve experienced mousepad struggles (or need a gift idea), this shop is a good place to look.  6. / Finally, you know I love coming across new artists, and Rajiv Surendra was no exception — especially because his story is wonderful. You probably know Rajiv as Kevin Gnapoor, a.k.a. Kevin G, from the movie Mean Girls. Check out this interview he recently did with Architectural Digest, and don’t miss his absolutely STUNNING chalk and calligraphy work on his blog and Instagram. I’m also adding his new memoir, The Elephants in My Backyard, to my Amazon cart ASAP. It sounds so inspiring!


Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!


  1. 11.15.16
    Alexia said:

    My mum and I have been watching the Crown together… well, to be honest, I got a little ahead of her since I couldn’t stop watching! She’s English and I was born in a former British colony so its nice to connect over our Englishness (?) like we did with Downton. What’s cool about this show is that it’s going to be covering decades that my mother, who was born in the 50s, experienced. I’m excited to hear her take on the parts she was alive to see!;)
    Also, that coat is too good. I love all your recommendations; I recently ordered a pair of suede Felize loafers in a wine color after hearing your recommendation (had such a hard time choosing the color, as the forest green was also gorgeous). I’m honestly so excited for them to come in the mail!

  2. 11.18.16


    (Also love everything else that you mentioned – especially the mouse pad – my desk is metallic silver and I haven’t been able to find one that I love!)

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