VMS Digest: Vol. II

Things to love from August 2016

VMS Digest, Vol II - August 2016

It’s the last Friday of the month, so you know what that means! Time for another installment of VMS Digest, my new monthly roundup of the best articles, links, memes, and companies you need to know about now. I hope you enjoy!



WHAT MAKES A MCMANSION BAD? // Paloma shared a link to this Tumblr over on Facebook, and I had way too much fun reading the posts! Especially this one, on what makes McMansions such bad architecture. Not knowing a ton about architectural terms and best practices, this was so interesting to read!

ALL ABOUT LEE // A totally dishy, curl-up-with-a-cup-of-coffee weekend read about Lee Radziwill, and her complicated relationship with her sister, Jackie Kennedy.

OFFICE TOUR // Do you like reading Man Repeller? I do! So I loved seeing this little tour of the new MR offices, as featured on Architectural Digest.

BREWMASTER // Fun personal anecdote: Joe has been brewing kombucha at home for the last couple of months. And I have to say — he’s really mastered it. With all the amazing summer fruit that’s been available, he’s come up with some amazing flavors. Better than anything we could ever buy! So it was with great pleasure that I sent him this behind the scenes piece on Health-Ade Kombucha, which you’ve probably seen in your local grocery store. Especially because the way they brew is exactly how we’re doing it at home, too: glass canister, cloth cover. I think we’re officially west coasters.

THE DREADED INTROVERT HANGOVER // Ugh, I knew this was a thing! For anyone else who is also an introvert, you’ll totally recognize the symptoms of introvert hangover.

SLEEPING ON AIRPLANES // No, not for passengers — for the crew. Did you know that many planes have a secret crew cabin, with multiple beds? This behind the scenes look at airplane crew quarters was oddly fascinating.

More digest, below!

GET SMART // 11 dumb things you might be doing to your smartphone. I do number 1 alllll the time. And probably won’t quit, I’ll admit it.

ON RESTORATION HARDWARE // Interior design blogger Laurel Bern wrote this exposé about Restoration Hardware. I was kind of shocked, though not surprised…if that makes sense? But perhaps more interesting than the post itself is the response it got from commenters. Both post and comments are worth a read. I left with mixed feelings about the brand, but at least feel a bit savvier if ever I find myself shopping there.

HOMELAND! // A little inside peek into what we can expect for the plot (well, the setting, at least) of the upcoming season of Homeland. Unfortunately, the premiere date is going to be later than normal…but for a very interesting reason! #MadamPresident

DIAMOND DUD // Why buyers shunned the largest diamond ever mined. Shunned meaning it sold for a “paltry” $61M instead of the anticipated $100M+. A good read if you don’t know a lot about how diamond markets work (which I didn’t).

DONALD MARONEY // OMG, did you see this Donald Trump/30 Rock mashup? I spent wayyy too much time scrolling and giggling. And it’s kinda scary how on point some of these are.

WHY WE GET CARSICK // My entire life, I could never read in the car (or watch videos) without getting totally carsick. This post explains why — and it makes a ton of physiological sense!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION // As anyone who has ever lived in or visited Manhattan can tell you, that city is ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The Times put together this really cool visual piece on why.

DAMAGED GOODS // 8 ways you’re accidentally damaging your hair.

ALL FOR LUCE! // I found this article, entitled “When the Dog Decides Where You Live” both hilarious, and completely reflective of my own life. We have made an embarrassing number of life decisions with Lucy in mind. And you know what? I don’t regret a single one of them.

STRAIGHT UP HAPPY READING // This answer to the question “What is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?” on Quora was straight up happy reading. It’ll put a smile on your face!




POST OLYMPICS // Ever wonder what happens to all the structures built for the Olympics? The answer is often, “not a whole lot.” An interesting short video on Olympics waste. Simultaneously, I noticed several editorials (here and here, with many more) published in early August all with the same idea: why don’t we host the Olympics in the same cities to cut down on the waste and unnecessary expenditure? (In other Olympics news, I loved this in-depth profile on Simone Biles, and this piece by the same author about how gymnastics coverage really hasn’t changed in the last 20 years, but absolutely should).

ITALY’S FRAGILE BEAUTY // More context and background on the frequency of earthquakes in Italy, and unfortunately, why not much can be done to improve the country’s infrastructure.

THE MIGRANT CRISIS, A YEAR LATER // A report from Lesbos, which last year was one of the Greek islands most impacted by the arrival of thousands of Syrian refugees. The flow of refugees has stopped, but the island’s inhabitants are struggling in the aftermath.

THE HISTORY OF THE GOP // If you zoned out during U.S. History, check out this really well done video about the history of the Republican party, from its birth in the 19th century through the current election year. Not (especially) partisan, and super informative.

SUPPLY AND DEMAND // An article about the “low-growth world” we’re living in that was interesting enough to make me wish I’d paid more attention in the multiple economics classes I had to take way back in the day.




+ The August playlist is up! Check it out over here.

+ I shared an inside look at my growing collection of vintage and antique tea cups. Do you collect anything?

+ I talked about two of my favorite beauty products I’ve been using for much of the summer, and also shared a recent weekend casual outfit.

+ I posted a poem that’s really been resonating with me, along with some thoughts about the entrepreneurial journey.

+ Did you know that Facebook followers got “early access” to a lot of the pieces shared here? If you’re not following along on Facebook, come join in on the fun over here! I tend to post must-read links, interesting articles, Instagrams, and new post notifications over there. It’s a daily dose of VMS Digest, really.

+ This girl. I can’t!



+ This month, I bought a new carry on suitcase after being long overdue for a replacement. I picked mine up from Away — have you heard of this brand yet? I’m most excited about the fact that my suitcase can charge my devices, and included awesome handy packing components! They give all new customers a special page for friends to get $20 off their order, so if you’re in the market for luggage, check it out here. (Full disclosure, I get $20 off future purchases if you buy, but I’m not sharing for that reason…I have zero room for additional luggage in my closet! Just wanted to share the love. :) )

+ The kind folks at Fur reached out to me to introduce themselves, and what can I say, I’m a sucker for good packaging and branding. I’m currently testing out a few products from this beauty company that focuses on one thing: your pubes. And no, I’m not being gross or vulgar! The products were primarily created to help you avoid or address in-growns. I just got the In-grown Concentrate and the Stubble Cream sent to me, so I’m trying ’em out.

+ Have you heard of the site Werk? It’s an interesting concept: a new jobs portal specifically for women who need flexibility in their careers.

+ I popped into the SF Diptyque boutique earlier this month to pick up a small bottle of one of my favorite perfumes (Olène!). While I was there, I also bought a roller of the fragrance Eau Rose. I’m completely in love — the scent is so amazing! I’m putting the full size bottle on my Christmas wish list.

+ I purchased my first ever pair of jeans from Rag & Bone (currently on sale at Shopbop). Why haven’t you people TOLD me these jeans have such an amazing fit?! I swear my legs look better in these white jeans than they do in any other pair of jeans I own — white, blue, black or anywhere in between.

+ Currently reading: Outrageous Openness. It’s our book club’s book of the month. I had an interesting experience earlier this summer with “the divine,” so I’m finding that it’s perfect timing to be reading it. Ok, that probably sounds nuts, but if you read it, you’ll know what I mean.

+ M. Gemi just released a whole new set of colors in the suede Felize loafer (my favorite!). Crushing hard on the Forest green color

+ San Franciscans: I have been OBSESSED with the new-ish restaurant Bellota, near 8th and Brannan. You have to go. Trust. Decor, cocktails, bar, menu, tapear (i.e., the dim sum-like tapas cart that rolls by your table) all 1000% on point.


Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. 8.26.16

    My Rag & Bone jeans shorts are my absolute favorite! (and actually the only pair I own). I can’t get the Werk website so load, but I’ll keep trying it! I just relocated from Kansas City to Chicago and have been reminded that finding a job is much like a full-time job itself – such a daunting task. Lastly, have you seen this adorable Instagram account? Too cute. https://www.instagram.com/lauraiz/. Have a great weekend, Victoria!

    • 8.26.16

      SO true about the job hunt — ugh, good luck. Not sure what’s up with the Werk site (it’s definitely the correct URL), so keep checking…they’re probably just down for the morning! Happy weekend!

  2. 8.28.16
    Victoria said:

    Hey Victoria, you post one of the best roundups of all blogs! Loved the longer reads, and Werk! Thanks for an enjoyable time! :)

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