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So many links! I’ve been saving up for a bingeworthy Links Loved post — here’s hoping you’re able to dive into these and enjoy when you have a free moment. In other news: how are we already more than a week into April?


AMERICAN CRIME STORY: Have you been watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson? Vulture has done some incredible coverage of the series while it was airing, and especially this week following the finale. I enjoyed this interview with Sarah Paulson (who plays Marcia Clark); this interview with Sheila Woods (a.k.a. Juror #1233), and this interview with Marcia Clark herself. I was in 6th grade when the verdict was read and can remember kids running to get to their next class to see it on TV. It was strange re-watching a live event I saw in my Language Arts class over 20 years ago on a TV show this past week!

BANANA REPUBLIC SAFARI: Speaking of things people may remember from their childhood, does anyone else remember when Banana Republic sold safari inspired clothing and their stores were outfitted to reflect it? A kind reader pointed me to this great article about the history of BR that not a lot of younger shoppers know about… I can remember going into Banana Republic stores with my mom in the late 80s and thinking it was some weird zoo store, what with the fake animals and rocks and things. Had you ever wondered why the store was named Banana Republic? Now you know.

AFTER AUTISM: I was fascinated by this essay about a man who underwent an experimental autism treatment. It worked — and his entire life changed. It’s interesting to think about how we build our lives based on our realities, and when those change, the rest of your life has to change with them.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE ENDURES: I’ll admit, I love a good P&P remake — whether that’s through film, fiction, whatever. Author Curtis Sittenfeld is releasing her own modern retelling of P&P this month with Eligible, and this article looked at why this story continues to compel us. You know what I’m going to be reading later this month!

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT: I’ve been asked this question so many times in life — as part of random questionnaires, sure, but also because of my culinary background. Without a doubt, my favorite restaurant in the whole world is Hillstone/Houston’s. Yes, a chain. I waxed on about it more over on Facebook (are you following my page?), but if you want to know why, just read this brilliant article from Bon Appétit’s Restaurant Editor, Andrew Knowlton. The Hillstone he references in NYC at 53rd and 3rd Ave was about a 20 minute walk from our apartment, and we were there nearly every Friday. Last Friday we went to the Hillstone here in SF to celebrate the article (ha!) — but to be honest, we didn’t really need a reason at all.

DOWN WITH DORVEILLE: I noticed something curious recently.There are times of the year when I get busy with work, then find myself falling asleep on the couch after dinner, maybe around 8 or 9pm. I’ll wake up at midnight, get into bed, then read for another hour or two. I’ll fall back asleep, then wake up in the morning feeling perfectly refreshed. It occurred to me that I never felt tired when I’d have this weird sleep pattern — that only happens if I sleep for a single stretch of time, and that stretch of time is too short. Turns out, segmented sleeping like this is common and even has historical precedence. The French have a name for it: dorveille, or “wakesleep.” I’m fully in favor of it — do you ever sleep like this?

PARIS PERFECT: Some quick and easy interiors eye candy for you. This cute rental from Paris vacation rentals Paris Perfect was featured on House Beautiful. I’ve been daydreaming about it for my someday solo trip to Paris — isn’t it adorable?

THE DECLINE OF BLOGS: Anna Jane wrote a post reflecting on the recent history of blogging and where it’s all headed. This isn’t a new topic of discussion, yet I’m always interested in seeing the current conversation around how people feel about blogs and how the industry is changing. I mean, look at how the internet freaked out over the Instagram algorithm thing (which I thought was kind of silly, not least of which because Instagram quickly disputed they were even rolling it out on that fateful Monday). You’ve probably noticed I blog here less, but I can assure you I’ll never stop completely. I’m rolling out a new studio site and blog design soon, and along with the typical posts (these link ones are still among my fave!), I’m also hoping to write a little bit more about what happens behind the scenes in the studio, business lessons I’ve learned, all that good stuff. Do you like those kinds of posts? I think you do, so I’m going to make an effort to create more of ’em.

MAYBE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS: A best and dearest friend sent me this piece talking about conditional vs. unconditional relationships. The lessons in it are things I had been talking to this person about for a while, but the post put it into different terms that were thought provoking and helpful for my friend. Sharing as it might resonate with you too.


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  1. 4.8.16
    Sonya said:

    I totally remember that about Banana Republic!! I was asking some younger friends if they remembered it as well (I’ll be 35 in June) and they looked at me like I was nuts and like they did not believe me at all.

    • 4.9.16
      Betsy said:

      I’m 45 and I worked there in high school! I had to wear khaki shorts to work with a BR safari tee. I wish I’d saved everything.

  2. 4.8.16
    Jessie said:

    If you’re a fan of pride & prejudice, you HAVE to watch The Lizzie Bennet diaries! It is a modern adaptation told through a fictional vlogger on youtube. So well done!

  3. 4.8.16

    Yes to more behind the scenes/business posts here!

  4. 4.8.16
    Lauren said:

    Can’t wait to dive into these links this weekend. I agree with Jess, I’d be interested in behind the scenes posts. Have a great weekend!

  5. 4.8.16
    Lindsay said:

    Wait, Houston’s is called Hillstone now??? That’s crazy. I love that place. When I was at Stanford, we would drive up to SF to have dinner at Houston’s and I continued to eat there when I lived in the Marina. So good to read the article you shared – now I know why it was our favorite :)

    • 4.8.16

      No, they’re still one in the same. Some locations are called Houston’s, and some are called Hillstone. Some locations, like SF, used to be Houston’s and then changed in the last few years. But it’s literally the exact same restaurant. :)

  6. 4.9.16
    Alexia said:

    Interesting post, especially the information about BR. Not sure if the article mentions this, but interestingly enough, Banana Republic is also a derogatory name given to Latin American countries who largely relied on exporting one product, like bananas. I believe the reason it’s derogatory is because it’s a way of saying that a country is backwards. I’ve never been a fan of the company for this reason, but I doubt they’ll change the name any time soon.

    • 4.9.16
      Betsy said:

      It’s considered pejorative also because the countries tend to have a very stratified and uneven economy – a handful of wealthy and masses of poverty in the lower classes. The countries are underdeveloped because they are oppressive.

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