12 Sandals for Spring and Summer

Up until, well — yesterday! — I had exactly one pair of wearable sandals sitting in my closet. Casual-yet-cute sandals (i.e., NOT flip flops) are the kind of thing I don’t typically buy en masse, because I always feel I can’t justify multiple pairs since I don’t wear sandals all that much and for any large part of the year. Then, what inevitably happens is temps warm up, I break out the casual dresses, then fret over not having the appropriate comfortable, flat sandals to wear with any of them. I get by with my single pair, promising myself I’ll scoop up some sandals on sale at the end of the summer. And then I don’t. The following April rolls around. Rinse and repeat.

I decided this would be the year I grab a couple pairs of affordable sandals at the beginning of the season, so that I can give my tried and true sandals (they’re these, by the way) a respite. Lucky for me, it’s that time of spring when shiz is on sale anyway, so I ended up getting a pretty good deal even though the calendar just rolled over to month four.

Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale is on, meaning you can take 25% off your purchase with the code INTHEFAM (I took advantage and got these slotted thong sandals from Soludos, as well as these Dolce Vita sandals. Also, in non-footwear related news, I snagged a couple new bras from my fave brand, Natori — with these sales, you gotta strike while the essentials/basics iron is hot). Looking around, I realized Nordstrom is price matching (probably because of Shopbop’s sale), so if you like shopping there, a lot of prices have been reduced. My friend Jessica recently told me she got these sandals from Old Navy, and I (skeptically) asked her if they were actually that comfortable — and she confirmed that I’d be shocked at how comfortable and well made they are, given the price point. Fair enough.

Do you live in sandals during the summer? I used to growing up in Texas, but granted, nowadays I don’t live somewhere that’s extraordinarily hot — temps are probably in the 90s for a couple weeks, max — so in the spring and summer, I still keep other flats and booties in regular rotation. Do you have a go-to sandal that’s your most lived in and most comfortable? Share it below, in case anyone else needs a good traveling sandal rec for the summer season!



Top image from J.Crew’s Pinterest and April 2016 Style Guide  ·  Graphics by Victoria McGinley Studio


  1. 4.5.16
    Kyah said:

    I always go between having too many sandals to handle to having none!
    I LOVE these picks – first and second are my picks!
    Kyah / http://www.weekendtempo.com

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