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Man oh man, it’s MARCH already y’all. I feel like I can say “y’all” more liberally today, as I’m headed back to Texas later this afternoon to visit my grandmother and cousin in Houston. We’re going to have a weekend filled with good food (I’m looking forward to trying State of Grace!), a bit of shopping (antiques, always), and helping my grandmother clean and sort through lots of stuff in her house. I’m actually most excited about the last part — it’s so fun to hear her stories about objects and where stuff came from.

Somehow, February totally flew by, and though I had a whole host of songs ready, I never managed to get the playlist up. So consider this both the February/March playlist! Can I blame the short month for my tardiness? (erm…even though we had a leap year??) If I can get enough songs together before the end of this month, I’ll post another list so you can double up on musical goodness. Note: if you love pop music, you will dig this playlist. If you don’t…well, nothing to see here, move right along. I also had to include a remix of the penultimate song on the list, because it’s a total blast-it-when-you-need-a-dance-tune situation. Props to my buddy Brian for sending it to me this week. Check out the Feb/March playlist here.

Other quick (and very random) updates from around these parts: I came down with a cold Sunday night, though luckily, pretty much kicked it by Wednesday. Wanna know my secret? The minute I feel like I’m getting sick, I take a HUGE amount of vitamins, Wellness Formula tablets, and this stuff called Dr. Shen’s ColdStop. Though day 2 of the cold I’m pretty achey, tired and have a sore throat, it’s rare my symptoms go beyond that. I’ve found if I treat colds early through diet, rest and supplements (and absolutely zero booze!), they go away pretty fast. Have you found the same? I didn’t even take any over the counter medicine for this one. I know it’s totally random I’m sharing that, but the next time something’s going around your office or friend circle, see if it helps you (and share any of your secret remedies with everyone below, too!). You can get the Wellness Formula and Dr. Shen’s at Whole Foods, in addition to online.

Update on items ordered from this post (in the “Indulgences” section). I have definitively determined I am not an off-the-shoulder top kinda gal. They look cute on, but I don’t know how people do it — you literally cannot lift your arms above your shoulders, otherwise you are constantly adjusting your top! An hour later, I’d be going crazy. So after trying on multiple sizes in that blush pink top, just to be sure, I determined that it’d only work if I were going to a cocktail party or bar in which I’d be standing and never reaching for anything nor waving my arms in the air (like I just don’t care), i.e., never happening. The other random thing I’ve been meaning to share because I’ve been mentioning it to friends and family: this site called It’s pretty interesting to take this quiz and see how your views align with all the presidential candidates. If you have some time, I recommend clicking the ‘other stances’ button on as many of the questions as you can to get a more exact, specific answer when possible, and clicking on the “show more questions” tab at the bottom of each section to go over additional issues. When the results are returned to you, you get a pretty detailed breakdown of where you align with a candidate and where you don’t, as well as how your answers compare at a city, state and even national level. It’s a really cool resource!

How’s that for random life updates? Off to Texas I go! Hope you have a fab weekend in the meantime.


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  1. 3.3.16

    First off, I just got an off the shoulder dress in the mail and determined the same thing! I loved it, but I had to send it back because I know I would never wear it. Second, that website is an awesome resource. Thank you for sharing it! Enjoy your time with family down south :)

  2. 3.3.16
    Catherine said:

    I just did that quiz! I pretty much already knew where I stood, but it was interesting to see my answers compared with all of the candidates! It made me think about some things that were never on my radar before too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3.3.16
    Tara said:

    I use the Wellness Formula for colds as well–an old boss in L.A. turned me onto them years and years ago. The pills are enormous and they smell like DEATH (by garlic) but I do think they help nip colds in the bud. Glad you bounced back quickly and have fun in Texas!

  4. 3.6.16

    Loved the presidential quiz. Looks like I’m voting for the right person after all! :)

  5. 3.13.16
    Kelly said:

    So many great choices and a few I will have to check out, thanks!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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