TO PEDAL IN COUSCOUS: My French teacher sent us this hilarious list of 12 French expressions. I wonder what the reverse list would look like, with crazy English expressions? (She also sent this video on la bise, or how French people greet one another. It’s probably NSFW unless you have headphones, due to profanity, but it’s fantastic…and I’ve been told, quite accurate!)

THE END OF SMALL TALK: An essay on an interesting, no BS way of getting to know people. Do you think you could eliminate small talk? (I personally hate it…though I can admit, sometimes it’s necessary.)

LIFE AFTER BLOG FAME: A really great piece on what the couple behind Young House Love are up to now, and how building a blog business impacted their lives (good and bad).

THIS WEEK, IN RANDOM NERD READING: I came across this article on Venus flytraps via the iOS News app, and was kind of fascinated! Yes, an article on Venus flytraps — I promise, this one is pretty interesting. I remember being given one of these plants when I was maybe 7 or 8, though it didn’t make it more than a week…who knew how ruthless they were?!

HOW TO STAY FOCUSED: Hitha put together a great post detailing how she keeps focused, including a fantastic list of resources and apps. Bookmark this if you feel like you’re… ooh hey, what’s that over there?

SNOW DAYS: For anyone in the path of the storm this weekend, hope you’re hunkered down and prepared — stay safe out there. I was charmed by this little short story David Sedaris contributed to The New Yorker many years ago, which they re-ran online in honor of the blizzard.

METHOD X REBECCA ATWOOD: My friend Rebecca recently launched a collab with Method — for a limited time, you can find her beautiful designs on Method products, sold exclusively at Target. She talks about the collab here, and right now on her blog, is taking everyone behind the scenes into many of the designs and the inspiration behind each. So gorgeous!

A LOVE STORY GONE WRONG: I’ll just let the title of this article summarize it for you: “The Celebrity Surgeon Who Used Love, Money and the Pope to Scam an NBC News Producer.” It’s a pretty nutty story, and I wonder — would you have done anything differently in her shoes?


Wishing everyone a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend ahead!


Image: Death to Stock, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 1.22.16
    Julie said:

    Loved the Young House Love article – thanks for linking! Miss that blogging duo!

  2. 1.24.16

    I really loved Hitha’s post – I can be so very scatterbrained sometimes, and it definitely gets in the way of my productivity. I’ll be sure to give her tips a whirl.
    And I was laughing so hard at those French expressions – despite the fact that I lived in France for 5 years, there were a few unknown to me. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend, Victoria!

    • 1.25.16

      Thanks for your comment, Ivana! Let me know which of the tips helped you #GSD

  3. 1.24.16
    Kathleen said:

    Beautiful post!

  4. 1.25.16

    Thank you so much for including my post! And it’s evident that I need to revisit it now and get back to work (whoops)

  5. 1.25.16
    Rebecca said:

    Thanks so much for including my collab with method! xx

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