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Along with a few good links, something special to end the week as we head into December! Last year, you might remember that instead of doing a whole series of gift guides, I opted to do a single Holiday Shop, filled with unique gift ideas and links to recipes, DIYs, entertaining ideas and more. I enjoyed doing it so much that I decided to bring it back this year! You can hop on in to the 2015 Holiday Shop right over here. I’ve been saving some of these finds for months and months…here’s hoping you find something special for the lucky recipients in your life.

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Now, on to my favorite reads and finds of the week…

AN OLD SCHOOL LOVE MATCH: This article was published earlier in the summer but popped up in my Facebook feed this week. It tells the story of a New York couple who met in a total rom-com way: they were roommates first, and met through a classified ad! You can’t read this without smiling.

…MEETS A NEW SCHOOL ONE: Well, sort of. This is the second cute romance related article I read in the Times this week, in the “Modern Love” column (one of my faves). It deals with the founder of the dating app Hinge, but probably not in the way you’d expect. Another lovely little story for a Friday.

IS THIS REAL LIFE?: Ever wonder what happens to viral YouTube stars? Ok, maybe not, but take a gander at this piece which interviewed some of the most famous Internet video stars to find out what they’re up to now, and how millions and millions of views affected their life. Included: David After Dentist, Charlie Bit My Finger, and Miss Teen South Carolina.

HONESTLY IMPRESSIVE: Vanity Fair published a great piece about The Honest Company, and how Jessica Alba has built it into a behemoth…or as the tech industry likes to call it, a “startup unicorn.”

YOU CAN EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN INSTA ACCOUNTS NOW!: But only if you are an Android user. So boo! But if you are an Android user, it’s great news if you have more than one Instagram account, or manage one on behalf of your pup (ahem, Lucy).

ON MY PERSONAL WISHLIST: I didn’t put this in The Holiday Shop as I sometimes think clothing gift recommendations are kinda meh (they’re so personal and unless specifically requested, kind of a gamble, no?), but I had to share these new Everlane cashmere sweaters that are on my own personal wishlist. I’m obsessed with the Donegal version in gray/black, with its mottled, heathered effect!

A YEAR OF LIVING WITH AIRBNB: Do you think you could do it? One couple has spent a whole year — and counting! — living exclusively in Airbnb’s across New York City. It sounds like they have certainly had some adventures, to say the least.

ARE YOU AN ADULT?: And if you think you are, when did you become one? And why do you think that? There’s a writer at The Atlantic writing a piece about this topic, and put out a call for people to contribute their own stories and experiences. As she wrote, “In a time when the traditional markers of Leave It To Beaver adulthood—employment, marriage, kids, home ownership—are not reliable guides, what are the milestones we make for ourselves?” Her prompt really got me thinking…what makes us feel like adults, and how do you know when you are one? I’m actually thinking about writing to her! It’s an interesting thought exercise.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. 12.4.15

    I loved reading through the viral YouTube stars “where are they now” write up. Caite’s recollection of that time in her life made me feel so sad. But on the other hand, the convo between Charlie, Harry and their dad is hilarious. Have a great weekend, Victoria!

  2. 12.4.15
    Dani said:

    The classified ad story was totally “rom-com” (as you put it). So cute!

  3. 12.4.15
    Lauren said:

    Great links and so many beautiful things in your holiday shop!

  4. 12.5.15
    Tara said:

    Oh, those two New York Times stories about love just got me! Well, “they resonated with me in a very lovely way” might be a more grammatically correct way of putting it! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. 12.6.15
    Erica said:

    You always find the most unique gifts! I love Mapiful, it would make such a meaningful gift!

  6. 12.12.15
    Lou said:

    Really like these links, thank you for sharing. :)

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