weekend in sf

DECEMBER AT THE BEACH: That’s the genius way you can search this new travel site I read about, called Fareness. I love the idea of being able to search for trips more generally, because who hasn’t been at work on a Wednesday afternoon and found themselves daydreaming about where they can go next?

CLASSE DE SPIN: What it’s like to take the SoulCycle equivalent (or, maybe not) in Paris. An interesting piece comparing and contrasting two very difficult exercise cultures!

THE OFFICE CAN BE WEIRD: And now there’s a book about it, with some pretty good advice too. I was reading this article and thinking about how I would apply some of these tricks to the characters at my old office job…they would’ve been nice to know back then!

BEAN BOOT BONANZA: Like ’em or not, you can’t deny that LL Bean’s boots are extremely popular. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about the trends, but also, availability too.

TACO EMOJI PSA: Did you see the major news this week? With the latest iOS update, there are more than 150 new emojis, including a taco and Champagne emoji. Emojis can now communicate everything for me!

ROSE & IVY: Alison’s beautiful quarterly magazine is out, and as always, the imagery is simply breathtaking. Be sure to browse this over the weekend in a quiet moment, with a cup of tea.

SERIAL UPDATES: Did you catch this blog post from Sarah Koenig on a major update to the season one Serial case? Kinda made me want to go back and listen to a few episodes…and it made me even more pumped for the upcoming season!

SHOULD I ASK FOR WHAT I WANT?: Yes! I found myself nodding along the entire way through this piece which is essentially about being vulnerable and brave enough to ask for what’s going to work for you in a relationship. So if you find yourself in the same situation as the letter-writer in this advice column, take Polly’s words to heart.

GET READING: Hitha shares great tips for how to become a voracious reader — even if it feels like you’ll never have time to do it.

Keeping it short and sweet today, as I run off to appointments and get some deliverables out the door: happy weekend, everyone! It’ll be November before we know it…


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  1. 10.23.15

    The cheese emoji really spoke to me ;) Can’t wait to dig into that Serial update. Enjoy the weekend ahead :)

  2. 10.23.15
    jillian said:

    im soo happy about that taco emoji ;)

  3. 10.24.15

    Thank you so much Victoria for your support, I really really appreciate it:) xx PS i hope that you enjoy the issue!

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