October Playlist

October spotify playlist - Victoria McGinley Studio

Just wanted to pop in and share my October playlist with you! I’m having fun adding to these each month, so we’ll keep it going until the new music inspiration dries up (which, it hopefully never will). Don’t forget, you can still check out September’s playlist here. It’ll stay up until the November one gets shared next month! (Update: I’ve made older playlists available again! Yay!) I’ll keep adding to the October playlist until the end of this month, so follow along for new jams.

Any songs you’ve been playing on repeat lately? The October playlist features a mix of new and new-to-me tracks, but four faves so far include this one, this one, this one, and this one.

(Also, quick question: for people who subscribe to music services, are you using Spotify or Apple Music (or something else)? Still need to sign up for my free trial of Apple Music to see for myself, but I feel like it’ll be tough to leave Spotify…)


Image and graphics by Victoria McGinley


  1. 10.19.15

    Woohoo going to listen to this playlist at work today, thanks for compiling! Also wanted to let you know that I had bookmarked your Napa guide last week as like a “ooh maybe in a couple of months” kind of thing, and then literally the next morning my roommate was like, hey wanna drive to Napa and chill for a couple of hours? We brought a dog & chilled on the patio of Pacific Blues and it was a lovely afternoon, thanks so much for suggesting!

    • 10.19.15

      Love it! I actually ended up going to Napa the day I published it…I couldn’t not after writing that thing, so I know what you mean! :) It’s a beautiful time of year up there. So glad you guys enjoyed it!

  2. 10.19.15
    natalie said:

    Love when bloggers create these playlists! It’s always fun to discover new artists and songs. I highly enjoy listening to them through out my work days in the office! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. 10.20.15
    Shirsha said:

    Such a bummer that Spotify does not work in India yet. Would it be too much to ask for a list of the songs as well – that way I could look them up anyway.

  4. 11.4.15
    Sara said:

    I love your playlists especially the Christmas and 90s ones :) Thanks for sharing!! I’m following as Kevin :P

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