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A mix of wearables, beautifiers, and objects I’ve been loving and eyeing.

Have you ever heard of the store Terrain? There are only two locations in the U.S., but it’s actually a home and garden store owned by Anthropologie. Yeah, that Anthropologie — that one that always has totally covetable home decor items. Terrain is no different. Though there’s a definite focus on items for the garden, I love the shop’s tabletop and decor pieces. The feeling is modern, organic, a very outdoors-brought-in type of vibe. I discovered the shop because Anthro has a link for ’em up in their main nav these days, but before that…who knew?

Featured: Planter   |   Platter   |   Mirror

I recently connected with Wander Beauty founders Lindsay Ellingson and Divya Gugnani. Wander’s first product is a double-ended blush and illuminator stick, and I have to say, they’ve totally nailed the colors. The highlighter is great — a creamy, easy to apply luminizer that is perfect for summer. You don’t need much, just a dab on your cheekbones, brows, and the bridge of your nose. The blush is amazing for quick everyday use — it blends beautifully and manages to complement a ton of different skin tones. For my medium toned skin, I went with the coral rose shade. It’s rare I can buy a blush without trying the color in store, but amazingly, On-The-Glow really is quite universal and very flattering! Recently, I’ve done a super minimal daily makeup routine, with just mascara, On-The-Glow, and some Bite Beauty lip mask

I got my hair cut on my birthday, but prior to that, I’d been battling with some pretty dry ends. The thing that kept me from chopping it off three weeks ago? Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil. A few drops is all you need, and it makes your hair incredibly soft. Fair warning though: I think this product is much better suited to wavy/curly hair types, even more so if you have thick or coarse hair (and in all likelihood, a lot of it). I bought it at a salon near me, and the girl at the register warned me that if she used more than 2 drops, her hair was too oily. For me, my mane can take 5 drops, so I think it’s one of those products that’s very dependent on hair type. I like the earthy, Aveda-y smell of it, too. Not too pungent; just enough “Ahhh, I’m at the spa” feeling.

At my birthday dinner this past Saturday, I wore this top with this skirt (last seen here!). This is an outfit I probably would’ve never selected for myself if I saw it on a mannequin, but after trying on a ton of options in the Club Monaco store, the sales associate I was working with sold me on this combo. I ended up loving it! I’d never worn a crop top before (I dunno, just didn’t seem like it would be my thing), but this was a pretty good intro to ’em — slightly longer length, fitted, worn with a lovely midi skirt. If you’re on the fence about crop tops, this is a good one to try. Plus it’s on sale!

I’ve had this book on my Amazon wish list FOR. EVER. I was stocking up on some other things this week (office supplies and a new fan, if you must know), and finally was like, the hell with it. Add to cart. Done. I can’t wait to display this in our kitchen! Wondering what we’ll cook up first…

New favorite thing is stalking the people in my life who are fitness instructors on Spotify. Okay, I don’t know too many of them, but fitness instructors have the best music finds, because they have to keep things fresh in class. Anyway, I’ve been following Hallie on Spotify for a couple weeks, and found The Chainsmokers through her. You may know them as the creators of that bleh song #SELFIE, and it’s beyond me why they led with that (actually, I get why — obvious market appeal). Their other singles on Spotify are pretty different, though. I’ve been jamming out to Roses, and recommend you add it to your latest and greatest playlist too. Because if nothing else: that cover art!



  1. 8.4.15

    The Mexico cookbook – ahhh. It’s been on my wishlist forever, too!! It’s beautiful!

  2. 8.4.15

    If you ever make your way back east you need to go to one of the two Terrain two locations! There is one outside Philadelphia and it is seriously one of the most magical stores. You can’t leave without feeling peaceful and inspired! Bad thing for me is that every time I go I forget how bad I am with plants and always come home with a few.

    • 8.4.15
      Renée said:

      Agreed! I live near the one in Westport and it’s a relaxing haven to browse through (and their cafe has a fabulous latte!)

      Also the Mexico cookbook is incredible. They had it at Costco and I literally ran over to it when I glimpsed its hot pink awesomeness from a few aisles away.

    • 8.4.15
      Kelsey M. said:

      Agreed about the Terrain shops! My parents live 5 minutes from the one near Philly. I always insist on stopping by whenever I go to visit them. I also feel incredibly inspired and peaceful walking around the shop and the outdoor space. Plus they have a cafe there to grab a delicious lunch or just a quick tea or coffee (the mint tea au lait is my favorite thing to order!). Last time I was there, I picked up a monogrammed mason jar, a peony scented candle, and a large succulent. Too perfect.

      – Kelsey

    • 8.4.15

      Wow you guys! @Ashley @Renee @Kelsey, I had no idea this shop was so well known (and it’s great to hear how truly beautiful it is inside). If I’m ever back in CT (or maybe PA?) I’ll for sure stop in. It sounds magical!

  3. 8.4.15
    Erica said:

    I love Terrain! A friend used to work at the corporate office and introduced me a few years ago. I haven’t visited a store, but definitely need to based on these comments. It sounds beautiful! It’s always fun to read your picks Victoria!

  4. 8.4.15
    Joo said:

    Terrain is beautiful and I’ll miss it now that I’m no longer in Philly. Their restaurant is also great – a really charming place to hold an engagement party or even a small wedding party. And of course, their food is delish (local ingredients, home made lavender honey butter, the softest popovers served in a small plant pot – you get the picture).

  5. 8.5.15
    Rose said:

    Um, Terrain’s emails are some of my all-time favorites! I love their design so much that I have them saved into their own folder for reference and occassionally forward them to my art director for inspiration :)

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