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CUTTING SUGAR: Have you ever tried curbing sugar from your diet? I am lucky in that I don’t have a big sweet tooth, so desserts and sweet things aren’t really an issue for me, but I have dabbled with reducing booze and breads. Clara shared her month long journey on reducing sugar intake, and her results were pretty interesting!

THE GREAT IRIS: You know Iris Apfel, yes? She recently gave a fantastic interview with Style about well, style, her life, and the new documentary about her, directed by the late Albert Maysles. A true style icon if ever there was one.

FROM FACTORY TO MERCANTILE: Did you hear this news about J.Crew rebranding J.Crew Factory into J.Crew Mercantile? Interesting…

POMPEIIAN FAST FOOD: Rose sent me this cool piece about how the people of Pompeii used to eat — and it turns out, it was often on the go. A great read for food lovers and history buffs!

WHAT MAKES A HOUSE A HOME?:really loved this thoughtful essay from Naomi about her renovation of her cottage, and that feeling of dissatisfaction that can creep in with the place you live. I relate to this a lot — both in the thought pattern, and in the vein that I think I take my frustrations and impatience with life out on the places I live. Hmm…that might be worth it’s own post here on the blog!

THE BIG ONE: By now most of you have probably read or at least heard about this article that was published in The New Yorker last week, about the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest, and the havoc it will likely wreak on the region some day. It’s a scary article, but a super interesting read. Smash cut back to us here in SF, where I am hell bent on getting another disaster preparedness kit together for the three of us (we had a great one years ago, then gave it away when we moved!). If you live on the west coast, it’s worth a read, and if you want any of my nut job disaster preparedness tips (I have thought about it extensively…insert Girl Scout motto here), hit me up.

SOMEONE GET ME A 5-GALLON BUCKET: So that I can make both of these beautiful, Shibori-inspired napkin projects, here and here. And actually, I wouldn’t just stop at napkins — this would look super good on a table runner too.

ON THOSE GCHAT VENT SESSIONS: Turns out, they probably only make you madder.

MAKE ENVY YOUR ENEMY: …and other sound pieces of advice from 25 famous ladies.


I have no news to report from this week other than my upper body is basically unusable due to the two Barry’s Bootcamp classes I went to, both of which (oops) were arms/chest/back focused. I’m going again on Sunday, and mobility pending, on Monday too. Send heating pads and a massage therapist, please. Happy Weekend, everyone!


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  1. 7.24.15
    gabriella said:

    Loving your links this week! A few thoughts:

    1. Really enjoyed reading Clara’s story. I’m being much more careful with what I’m eating, but I’m willing to give this sugar detox a try!

    2. I’m also excited to see how the J.Crew Mercantile efforts pan out – should be an interesting change!

    3. Those napkins are divine! I’d love to try that DIY soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. 7.24.15

    I’ve been fascinated/fixated/upset by all the sugar I consume on a daily basis (mostly without even knowing it in foods I wouldn’t assume had any sugar at all) and Clara’s post was definitely an even bigger eye-opener. Fed Up is on my list to watch!

    As for the earthquake prediction. Positively terrifying.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. 7.28.15
    Rose said:

    Aw, glad you liked the link! You do one of the best link roundups around (i.e., actual links, not just links to things to buy, haha) so whenever I see something great I want to share it with you so it can make the rounds!

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