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HOW EASY IS THAT?: I would’ve LOVED to sit in on the talk Ina Garten gave at Forbes’ annual Women’s Summit, but reading about her journey was almost as good.

ON BURNOUT: Ever suffered from burnout? Then you know how bad it can get. I enjoyed reading Breanna’s honest post about realizing she was suffering from major burnout, and the steps she’s taking to overcome it.

DO YOU OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A DOG OWNER?: Then I dare you to watch this beautiful video and not tear up. Slash, after watching one night this past week, I insisted Lucy come up in bed and snuggle with us.

ODD MOM OUT: Is anyone watching this new show on Bravo? I’m queueing up the DVR and will dive in soon, but I’ve heard good things. I was interested to read this interview with showrunner and star Jill Kargman, who has an interesting background, and it sounds like it’ll make the show that much more interesting.

IN PERFECT SYMMETRY: You know how they say the most beautiful people have symmetrical faces? One artist decided to experiment with this notion, and took portraits of people, then made two follow up portraits: one with the left side of their face made symmetrical, the other with the right side. The results are very interesting! Do you think the symmetry necessarily makes people more beautiful?

MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH DECORATING: I liked browsing and reading through this post Gab put together on decorating like you’re French. If we can eat, dress, and parent like ’em…

J.CREW FOLLOW-UP: The J.Crew press and analysis continues. There was a big Times piece this week about the company, published the same day the company announced women’s head designer Tom Mora would be stepping down, to be replaced by none other than Madewell’s lead designer, Somsack Sikhounmuong. For all of you who commented that Madewell was the way to go…apparently, J.Crew agrees.

WHAT ABOUT KRIS?: Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a place that hasn’t had Internet until the moment you’re reading this, the Caitlyn Jenner story has been huge. I was interested to read this post from Garance wondering what it must be like for Kris, and the former marketing/PR nerd in me also liked this analysis of the entire media strategy behind the reveal. Good reads, both.

THE MIND WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS: If you have some time this weekend, settle in with this piece about a teenager who came back to life after being in a severe coma. It’s amazing to read about how the brain can heal itself.

READ THIS IF YOU’RE WORRIED YOU’LL NEVER FIND THE ONE: Another good essay on Thought Catalog.


Hooray for Friday! I had one of those weeks where work was a bit slower, so it felt like I too could slow down and enjoy a bit of summer. Included: flying through this book (which, as an easy summer read was great — and it made me want to drive up to wine country right away), spending a morning at the beach with Lucy, and of course, watching the NBA Finals. Joe grew up in Cleveland, and as he always reminds me, it’s been a minute or two since they won anything, so finals games of any sort are serious business around here.

I also got my M. Gemi loafers in the mail and am OBSESSED, you guys (FYI: sign up for the waiting list. It worked pretty quickly for me!). I’m going to write a longer review soon, as requested, but so far, so good. It was a bit of a shopping splurge week this week (if you can call it that), as I scooped up these two adorable tops on sale at Anthro. Good stuff!

Any fun plans over the weekend? We’re heading out on a double date tonight to Bistro Aix (yep, one of my favorites!), and then tomorrow, will hopefully head up to Marin for a puppy play date and warm weather hang out sesh with friends. Sunday will be spent mentally preparing for Game 5 — Joe does it by watching hours upon hours of ESPN, I do it by coming up with delicious snacks to ply him with so he doesn’t stress out too much.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Image: found via Clementine Daily Instagram; words from author Rainbow Rowell; image taken by Katherine Jury


  1. 6.12.15

    Your links are always my favorite! I saved the Ina Garten and Thought Catalog articles because they definitely both hit home. Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to hear more about the shoes…I’ve been stalking their site!

    • 6.15.15

      Can’t wait to share this week! The new collection released today is SO good.

  2. 6.12.15
    katie said:

    I love reading your week/end posts, you always have such interesting reads. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

    • 6.15.15

      Thank you, Katie! I love putting ’em together. Glad you enjoy!

  3. 6.13.15
    Rebecca Han said:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog- I’ve been visiting for almost a year now but never actually left a comment. I get so much inspiration from your posts & links, and I enjoying reading every entry.

    • 6.15.15

      Wow, thank you for such a kind compliment, Rebecca! I truly appreciate it :)

  4. 6.14.15
    Alison said:

    I love your week/end posts! Just watched the Denali video – can’t stop crying.

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