Hello, hello, and happy three day weekend! How has everyone’s week been? It’s been a full one for me, so to make up for the quiet around here, I thought I’d share an extra long list of links for you to peruse over the weekend. I hope you enjoy ’em…


SPRING ROSE & IVY: The latest quarterly issue of Rose & Ivy is out, and you should spend some time flipping through its beautiful pages this weekend. As always, Alison has done an incredible job and created photography that truly inspires.

DRESSED IN SLUB: On the heels of their cotton linen tees (which are unbelievably comfortable, by the way), Everlane released new slub cotton tees this past week. Is anyone else having the problem finding their entire wardrobe is slowly becoming Everlane? Raises hand.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: In the spirit of articles you can invest some time in this weekend, check out this one about the evolution of robots, and how far IBM’s Watson has come. It sounds nerdy and perhaps like it doesn’t affect you, but so many advances have been made with robots and AI that some predict that by 2050, robots will be better at human tasks than we are — which will probably equal a deep impact on our economies. It’s fascinating to read about where technology is going, though it’s a little mind boggling, too.

THE EVERYDAY LUXURY: Do you get your nails done every week? I must admit, it’s not a habit I’ve never gotten into, but I completely understand the appeal. Have you seen some of the investigative reporting recently about inexpensive nail salons? The Times wrote a long report about the dark side of this industry; I also enjoyed this editorial about why women enjoy this ritual so much.

ON INTERNET NEGATIVITY: I’m a little behind on this one, but I thought this essay on Internet negativity was a great read. It’s filled with smart observations and a lot of truths about the bizarre online world in which we all find ourselves living.

DAREBEE!: OMG, have you guys heard of this site? I discovered it this week randomly, when doing a search for HIIT workouts. Darebee is this amazing resource if you’re looking for workout ideas and programs to do on your own — all completely free, with instructional videos, and lots more. If you’re like me and sometimes just want a 20 minute workout but need new ideas for how to mix it up at home, you should totally check it out. Each workout even has a built in timer that you can run on your phone.

HILLTOP: What’d you guys think of the series finale of Mad Men? Matt Weiner gave an interview about the finale, and I loved getting more behind the scenes insights!

LA VIE EN ROSE: I really loved looking through Clara’s photos of the villa she stayed in while traveling through Provence. If you’re not able to get away this 3-day weekend, consider this your visual vacay.

THE EASIEST DIY: Need a little project to work on this weekend? Love anything hex shaped? This mirrored hexagon tray is meant for you!

AND ANOTHER ONE FOR THE SUMMER: I want to try this!! Erin shared a great tutorial on how to make citronella candles that will actually work and keep mosquitoes away. Check this out before the Fourth of July, for sure.

BATKID SAVES THE DAY!: Do you remember the whole BatKid story from the fall of 2013? I remember watching coverage from my desk in NY and wishing I could’ve been in SF that day. Little did I know, a documentary was made about the whole story and how this Make-A-Wish went viral, and it’s coming out later this summer. Prepare the tissues before you watch the newly released trailer…but guaranteed, it’ll put a smile on your face.

IF YOU BLOG OR LIKE TO READ THEM: I wrote a little post over on The Well about the future of blogging. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s thoughts around this too — what do you think?

BAD NEW YORK DAYS: I used to use this same term as Grace did on particularly rough NYC days. If you had a bad day at any point this week — mercury is in retrograde, after all! — take comfort in her honest essay.


Memorial Day Sales to Know About!

Nordstrom: The Half-Yearly Sale is happening now through 5/31! I used it to stock up on a new puffer vest and some coats, of all things (hey, summer in SF…); for the rest of the country, sandals might be a more appropriate place to start.

Bauble Bar: 20% off sitewide, with 25% off 3 or more items and 30% off 4 or more items (use code MEMORIAL20). I’m loving this little fringe pendant necklace!

J.Crew: Take 30% off your entire order, including sale items, with the code WEEKEND. Also, in-stores, sale items are an extra 50% off, so swing by your local store if you get a chance.

Club Monaco: Take an extra 30% off all sale and clearance items with code MEMORIALDAY. Club Monaco makes gorgeous things but can sometimes be a bit pricey, so this sale is a good one. I was eyeing this dress and this one too!


Any fun plans over the long weekend? We’re filling ours with lots of fun get togethers and adventures, including a barbecue with friends tomorrow, and a quick day trip to Sonoma on Sunday. In between, I’ve lined up a couple delicious reservations for us here in town, and we might even take advantage of some of the good sales and do a bit of shopping, too. I’m so looking forward to the mini-break — I realized this week that I think I really need it — so you’ll find me sleeping in and enjoying the unofficial start of summer. I hope your weekend is just as fun!


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  1. 5.22.15

    I loved the Mad Men ending! I studied advertising in school and so I loved that they ended it with one of the most iconic advertisements of all time. I really liked how everyone’s story ended too (yay Peggy and Stan)!


  2. 5.22.15
    Christy said:

    Darebee — never hear of it! Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  3. 5.22.15

    LOVED your post on The Well! I am struggling with blogging for every single reason you listed. It is so hard to keep up when you don’t blog full time. Priorities do change and that is the main thing I am dealing with right now. Do I go hang out with a friend or get to bed on time, or do I stay up and blog about something that has probably already been seen or talked about a time or two in some way?? Gosh I do enjoy it at times but it’s a struggle lately!!! Anyway – done with my rant. Your fabulous content always gets me to thinking. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. 5.22.15

    Thanks for linking to my silly post, friend! (I’m loving Everlane’s slub tees as well.)

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