WHAT IS UP WITH WEDDING GOWNS?: When an article is subtitled “The Rise of the Totally Transparent Wedding Gown,” I feel like I have to ask. Right? My initial reaction to the idea of wedding gowns (by Vera Wang, no less) that are completely see through (so as to reveal the wearer’s lingerie underneath) was utter confusion and just, no. But, this piece — which also talks briefly about the history of the white dress — had some interesting analysis on why the “bare” wedding dress trend is happening. And, it would seem we’ve been working our way to this point for years. After all, the strapless gown didn’t always used to be a thing.

TALKING TO ANNA: Anna Wintour is extremely good at keeping up the veil of mystery, so I found this interview with her to be enlightening and refreshing. She really is a badass.

AMBIENT STYLE: I shared this article on Facebook earlier in the week (and there was a great mini-discussion there!), but I absolutely loved this post from Garance Doré about the rise of ambient style. I couldn’t agree more, as hard as it is to sometimes be a part of it — even when you don’t want to be. Interestingly, I wrote about noticing this in Paris several years ago…methinks it’s just gotten more pervasive. What do you think?

LETTER TO YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF: And while we’re discussing Garance’s fabulous essays, I also really enjoyed this letter to her 20-year-old self. It makes me want to write one too. What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

PHOTO ESSAY MAGIC: This photo essay of “The Chinese Art of the Crowd” was one of the coolest things I’ve flipped through in a while. Trust me, you’ll be in awe of some of these shots!

HUMANS OF THE MET GALA: Do you follow Humans of New York? I think it’s one of the best blogs/Instagram accounts. Anyway, the photographer, Brandon Stanton, attended the Met Gala this past week and worked his magic on celebrities and “regular” attendees alike. I always love reading the stories he’s able to gather from people, just by talking to them.

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LIMONCELLO: …you unfortunately, sometimes, have to leave it behind. When I lived in NY I had a bottle of limoncello in the fridge pretty much at all times. It was a perfect dessert drink in the summer, the perfect pick me up after a heavy meal, and sometimes, the perfect thing to drizzle (just a little bit!) over fruit and ice cream. Because of our move, I had to leave an opened bottle behind, but perhaps it was for the best — Erin shared a limoncello recipe given to her by an Italian woman (how lucky is that!), and I’m totes making this for the summer time.

Hello, Friday! Anyone have fun plans this weekend, or doing anything special for mom come Sunday? This weekend, I’m planning on taking it easy (as looking ahead to next weekend, the calendar is quite full!). Tonight, I’m headed out for a fun girls dinner with a bunch of fellow bloggers here in SF — the same crew that threw me a little goodbye party a few years ago when we moved to NY is doing the same to welcome me home (the cutest, right?). On Sunday, Joe’s planning on golfing with a buddy, which always means one thing for me: watching alllll my guilty pleasure shows off the DVR. I’m kinda stoked. But that’s pretty much it for the agenda…we’re really laying low!

Hope you have a fab weekend!


Image via Death to the Stock Photo, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 5.8.15
    Sonya said:

    I always love your weekend post and links because they’re things I have never seen, and I read quite a few blogs where content and links are the same or stuff I’ve read or seen plenty of times. Your links are varied, interesting, and relevant to your blog and interests. You are still my favorite blogger.

    • 5.11.15

      Sonya, thank you so much for this comment! It made my weekend! :) I really appreciate the kind words.

  2. 5.8.15

    It’s Mother’s Day this weekend {here in Australia} – so I am hoping that I have some time to myself to read through some of your wonderful links. With a 2 year old and an 8 month old, all I want for Mother’s Day is a little time to myself.

  3. 5.9.15

    You always find the best articles! I especially loved the one on ambient style. Without knowing it, I think the majority of us fall into it. So interesting. Have a great weekend. xo Julie

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