HERE’S A TIP: What would you think about tips being included in your final bill, no matter what? I always really enjoy this part of dining out when abroad; here’s an article that discusses why it might be time to topple tipping.

SHAKE IT OFF: You might’ve already seen this, but I had to share it anyway. I laughed out loud several times during this mashup of a 1980s aerobics video and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” It kind of makes me want to do aerobics at home…leotards optional (though encouraged).

I NOW HAVE A HOUSE MAKEOVER ITCH: Have you been following along on the One Room Challenge on several design and lifestyle blogs? I mentioned it a couple weeks back… the final reveals were all published this week, and my favorites were Naomi’s redonkulously beautiful petite kitchen and Jessie’s insane transformation of this bedroom. Like, holy hell, these gals are good.

THOUGHT PROVOKING: This essay about Brittany Maynard and our culture’s views of dying. I know, sounds like a downer, but it was thought provoking nonetheless, and I’ve enjoyed reading various viewpoints in the comments. For a quiet moment this weekend.

GET COOKIN’: Tiffany shared a great roundup of 6 cookbooks to check out this fall. Whether you cook or not, a few of these would make great gifts too (speaking of which, I’ve started a gift ideas board over on Pinterest, and in the coming weeks, will be sharing one big gift guide with you here on the blog — I promise not to inundate you with 50 separate posts!).

NOODLE ON THIS: An eggplant-kale noodle bowl — how delicious does this sound? #GiveMeAllTheCarbs

ON BURNOUT: I really enjoyed this essay on burnout and what it really means to “come undone.” It’s perfect timing as I was going to write my own essay related to this soon, so stay tuned — I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

LOOKIN’ FLY: I’ve had a couple recent client launches I thought I’d share with you. I worked with Emily from Bows & Depos earlier this fall to redesign her blog, and just this week, Hitha’s new (massive!) site re-design launched as well. She’s celebrating with a $500 giveaway to design your own jewelry, so check ’em both out!

MAGNOLIA, TEA & GOLD: Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget that Sunday is your last chance to enter the Commodity giveaway. So far, most of you seem to be interested in trying Magnolia, Tea, or Gold. All excellent choices! I’m picking a winner early Monday morning, so get your entries in now!

LASTLY, A SALE: And lastly, a sale to share with you. Nordstrom is running a huge autumn clearance (f.k.a. their “Half Yearly Sale”) right now, with 40% off soooo much good stuff. Exhibits A, B and C: these Joe’s Jeans are 40% off, these pretty black quilted Steve Madden booties are over 30% off, and adorable leopard print Dolce Vita flats are 40% off (only $54!). There are a bunch of items on clearance in the Home & Gifts section too (like this beer making kit which I think would make a great holiday gift). Check out the sale and see what you find!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. 11.7.14

    I’ve been following the Brittany Maynard story, but I hadn’t read this until now. The part that sticks out to me most was when the author wrote, “It’s not just about wanting to avoid the experience of suffering: It’s about not wanting to impose one’s suffering on others.” So many thoughts. I also really enjoyed the Peter Pan reference, I’ve been a long time fan of the story, but I never knew what it really meant.

  2. 11.7.14

    Thank you so much for the link love! And for rebranding and designing my website. And for being an amazing friend. You’re the best.

  3. 11.7.14
    Lisa said:

    i love your link roundups! i always end up with a million tabs open and dig in! have a great weekend!
    In Dramatic Fashion

  4. 11.7.14
    Emily said:

    As a previous restaurant server, I feel the need to pipe up on your toppling tipping link. :) Earning minimum wage and working 25 hour weeks doesn’t add up to much of a paycheck. If we got rid of the tipping system, fine dining servers at the nations most reserved restaurants would be earning the same amount as a cashier at McDonald’s (unless of course their hourly pay were increased or the auto-gratuity was placed at 18% or more). I’ve worked at cheap happy hour bars and upscale dining restaurants alike. The service required at an upscale place is miles beyond its cheaper counterpart, and often there are more employees involved in creating the perfect dinner experience for each guest. Although the expected tips are larger, there are more employees involved in the tip pool – the entire tip never just goes to the server alone.

    All of this to say tips are the main source of income for restaurant employees in the States. A server working for a tip will inevitably do a better job, because the amount is never guaranteed. I’ve traveled some, and it’s nice not to have to tip, but I’m not sure what the salaries are like for restaurant employees internationally. To get rid of our tip system, I think restaurant owners would need to increase employee wages/benefits to retain their workforce (especially if the added service charge is only 10%, as it is in other countries). Otherwise the lack of income would cause employees to seek out jobs in another field.

    Great links! Got me thinking!

    • 11.7.14

      I 100% agree with you, having worked in restaurants myself. The ‘toppling tipping’ debate is as much about what (or rather, how low) wages are for restaurant workers as it is about completing changing the American culture around tipping in general. Thanks so much for the comment!! Have a great weekend :)

  5. 11.8.14
    Ella said:

    Oh! Ah! Sale! Wheeee! HOW did I not know about the Nordstrom clearance event?!
    The aerobics/T Swift mashup is so, so good. Sharing everywhere!

  6. 11.8.14
    Rachel said:

    Happy weekend to you as well! Lots of good links here. I don’t have time to go through them all but I did bookmark for later.Cheers!

  7. 11.8.14
    Mandy said:

    The burnout article really stood out to me! Last year, by the time the middle of spring quarter rolled around, I was barely getting by and just waiting for summer to come so I could rest. I’m in the middle of fall quarter at school right now and it’s just assignments after quizzes after papers after tests. I’m completely burned out and have the willpower to do nothing. Sigh!
    Anyway, I did so much shopping from the sales this weekend, especially at Nordstrom! Woohoo!


  8. 11.9.14
    Kathleen said:


  9. 11.10.14

    Thank you for the link love, Victoria! xx

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