weekend 10.3

DOUBLE DOWN ON THE DOUBLE CLEANSE: I had actually never heard of “double cleansing” one’s skin until I read this post from Grace. I’ve tried it a few times this week with a super gentle milk cleanser I have, followed by another gel cleanser. Yep, your skin gets really, really clean!

THAT ONE PART OF GONE GIRL EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT: It goes without saying that I’m kind of excited to see Gone Girl, which is unique in that I hardly ever go see movies in theaters, much less get excited about them. Beyond the amazing reviews, this (potentially NSFW) article on that one little nude scene cracked me up this week.

BUY ALL THE LEMON SCENTED THINGS: There’s new research on an aroma cue that probably makes people want to clean unconsciously. The pile of laundry in my bedroom says I should try this one out, post haste.

DON’T WORRY, BEYONCE: Harvard Business School has begun releasing their findings of a months long case study that looks at strategic, digital marketing practices in creative industries — with specific focus on how Beyonce managed to launch that surprise album last year. It would be kind of sweet to take this class!

MADE WELL?: Hitha shared this awesome, in-depth article about the real history of the Madewell brand, and how it was resurrected from…well, something that it wasn’t before. I’m about half way through and this has been a very engaging read!

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: It’s back! I love this 6-week room makeover series on some of my favorite design blogs. There are lots of makeovers I’ll be following closely (Mackenzie, Molly, Tobe, Albertina, Elizabeth), and I’ll be all but stalking Naomi’s two (yes, two) redesigns. Homegirl is crazy, in the best way possible.

THE BEST COFFEE SHOPS TO WORK FROM: Sara put together a great list of her fave coffee shops to work out of in NYC. For all of you locals who have the flexibility to skip out of the office — wherever that may be!

MUCH MORE THAN A LARK: My friend Jacquelyn announced some big news of the entrepreneurial variety this week! If you enjoy her blog, Lark & Linen, be sure to pop over to see what’s next for her…

OVER AT THE B BAR: For all you fellow bloggers and small biz owners, lots of things happening at The B Bar right now. 1) We’re hosting another Twitter chat late this month and want YOUR questions for it. 2) We just launched a new cocktail on SEO, which before reading this book, felt largely like a mystery to me. Not anymore! 3) We lowered all our prices. Boom.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Here in New York, the forecast is slated to be absolutely gorgeous on Sunday — we’re talking low 60s and sunny. #myheaven. In our immediate future? I see a long walk in Central Park, planting some mums on our terrace, and maybe something bubbling away in the slow cooker. Here’s hoping your weekend is lovely!


Photo: by Jay Mantri, with handwritten graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 10.3.14

    I was so excited for the premier of Gone Girl, but then, the Kansas City Royals shocked me with some key wins! I’m excited to watch the games this weekend :) Have a good one!

  2. 10.3.14

    I’m very interested in the article on Madewell…going to read it now. Happy Friday, Victoria :)


  3. 10.3.14

    That Beyonce’ class sounds pretty cool! It’s kind of cool that they were able to keep the album under wraps for so long!

  4. 10.3.14

    I love the link about coffee shops! I’ve been looking for some new places that I can go to work over the weekend or in the evenings. :)

  5. 10.4.14
    Ella said:

    I believe weather of the same nature is happening here in the Pacific NW- hooray! I want to soak up the last of the hint of sun before it goes to grey rain for about 6 months… sigh. I am so excited for everybody’s one room challenge- I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom (you can see the before here, if you’d like: http://youtu.be/wriSUvd1pRE ), but I started before I knew it was a thing. I also very much doubt that I’ll be able to complete it anywhere near as quick as all of these talented ladies!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Victoria.

  6. 10.4.14

    Thank you so much for the love darling! I really, really appreciate it! xoxoxo

  7. 10.4.14
    Sue D. said:

    Hi Victoria!

    I wasn’t sure if I should reach out and then you mentioned Tata Harper, Double Cleansing, and the One Room Challenge (I’m a green beauty blogger doing the linking ORC who loves Naomi) and thought “She is my people!” AYNWAYS. If you’re intersted in cleansing, double cleansing etc. THE GO TO PERSON and blog is Caroline Hirons, she even talks about a bunch of green brands! here’s her cheat sheet on cleansing but her site is worth subscribing to! Have an awesome day: http://www.carolinehirons.com/2011/07/cleansing-cheat-sheet.html


  8. 10.5.14

    Thanks for linkin’ up! Glad you are enjoying double-cleansing as well. You neeed the new Tata products. XOXO

    • 10.5.14

      I just ordered a bunch of new beauty products to try for fall…can’t wait to tell you about ’em! :)

  9. 10.8.14
    tasha said:

    Loving this list. Really into the Double cleanse and Madewell articles you shared. Heading over to the b bar now.

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