Weekend Brunch

An ode to one of my favorite meals

an ode to brunching

“Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.”

— Guy Beringer, “Brunch: A Plea”, Hunter’s Weekly 1895

A few weekends ago, Joe and I were watching back episodes of Good Eats on Netflix, when we happened upon an episode devoted to brunch. The episode opened with the origins of brunch — both the meal and the word. A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, you know, I’m sure. But as to where the meal came from? Many believe it came from the tradition of late morning breakfasts following a big hunt in England — and, when civilly served on Sunday, around noon, allowed for Saturday night shenanigans.

The word brunch first appeared in print in an 1895 edition of Hunter’s Weekly, in which author Guy Beringer wrote an article entitled “Brunch: A Plea,” and proposed the idea of a Sunday noonday meal that would start with coffee and light spreads for toast before advancing on to heavier, savory dishes. He was on to something; though it took several years, brunch became popular in the U.S. in the 1930s.

I love brunch, and I always have. I’m not talking about the restaurants that serve tired old buffets of food that sit out for hours, with crappy bottomless mimosas that taste like Sunny-D and Cook’s. I’m talking about real brunch, a proper, sit-down, leisurely meal, and if I’m being extravagant, with at least three beverages (a hot tea to start, then a Champagne or Bloody Mary, and ending with an espresso). For me, it’s one of the real pleasures of the weekend. Recently, some writers have argued otherwise (especially in New York, where brunch is either revered or reviled), but whether served at home or enjoyed out with friends, you can count me firmly in the brunch-loving camp. It doesn’t have to be scene-y or expensive to be good — in fact, some of my favorite brunches I’ve made at home with Joe. So yes, consider this my ode to brunch.  I hope it inspires you to slow down, sip, and enjoy this weekend!

A little week/end reading on brunch:

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Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. 10.24.14
    Ujjaini said:

    I love weekend brunches. We always make sure to catch up one whenever we get a chance.


  2. 10.24.14

    I absolutely love brunches too! It’s definitely the concept behind them that I love: relaxing, catching up, being lazy, and indulging a bit on the weekend. Your three beverage picks are perfection. Now I can’t wait for brunching this weekend! :)

  3. 10.24.14

    Brunch is the best! I love the image you created for this post. SO FUN!

  4. 10.24.14

    I love this… and can we brunch soon? xo

  5. 10.24.14
    Grace said:

    First: I love this graphic! So cute and original! Second: I couldn’t agree more with your love of brunch, but as a fellow New Yorker I have to lament how overblown it has become in the city. I tried to go to Clinton Street Baking Company the other weekend and there was a 4 hour wait!

    • 10.24.14

      Yeah, that’s when I would go home and make my own! In agreement that 4 hours is…excessive.

  6. 10.24.14
    Amye Mae said:

    Love this ode to brunch image, and your commentary. I’m also firmly in the brunch camp, as someone who loves lingering in bed of a weekend morn followed by a hearty meal at a civilized hour. Cheers!

  7. 10.24.14
    Lisa said:

    I am always in the loathe brunch camp mainly because of the need to dress up pre-breakfast, wait in line, and overpay (living in NYC!) I think I may take up making this at home to enjoy the luxury aspect of it, and because I adore a good bloody mary!
    In Dramatic Fashion

    • 10.24.14

      We keep a good mix around, and then if we’re shopping for brunch items, it’s just a matter of getting a little celery. We always have all the other additions (worcestershire, tabasco, old bay, celery salt) on hand, so it’s perfect!

  8. 10.24.14

    I’m definitely in the love brunch bunch! We cook at home most often so we always keep a good bloody mary mix around too. There’s nothing better than a good bloddy mary and gameday on TV in the fall!

  9. 10.25.14
    Mandy said:

    I loooooove brunch. My favorite thing to do on the weekend…and just in general. :)


  10. 10.25.14
    Ella said:

    Whenever there is a family gathering of some sort (i.e. wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, funeral etc.) in my clan, there is a brunch held usually the day after the event. It’s so lovely because of the relaxedness of it (is that a word?). You don’t feel like you have to finish your conversation and fit something else in your day before stopping again for lunch. I’m a fan!

  11. 10.25.14
    kim said:

    love this post victoria! brunch has always been a favorite meal of mine since i was a kid and my parents and grandmother would take me to some great cafes in philadelphia for a proper brunch (usually after sunday services). and you’re so right, it doesn’t need to be the hottest new place with the in-crowd or endless wait times to be good…it’s all about good food, conversation, and company. hope you enjoy your brunch this weekend! xo

  12. 10.26.14

    There’s nothing better than a quality brunch! Enjoy a restful Sunday, Victoria :)

  13. 10.26.14
    Kathleen said:

    Brunch is definitely the best meal of the weekend. How lovely!

  14. 10.27.14
    Janel Abrahami said:

    I really appreciate the tidbits of history that you include in some of your posts. I would have never guessed that the term “brunch” was coined in the 19th century! I’m also a brunch lover, but prefer it as low-key as possible

  15. 10.27.14
    Julia said:

    I love brunch and I love that you wrote an ode to brunch with its origins! It’s definitely become somewhat of a status thing for some people but honestly I just love food and like any other meal brunch has such variety of food and drink to try! Plus I’m not an early riser so weekend brunch is at the perfect time.

  16. 10.27.14

    I love the brunch image!

  17. 10.30.14
    Rose said:

    I’m with you—a good brunch can MAKE your entire weekend. My friend & I did an impromptu brunch at Ici in Brooklyn last weekend, totally unplanned and it was absolutely beautiful and relaxing. I do think brunch in the city can get a big ridiculous though, with long waits and if you sit at the table too long you start to feel like you’re being rushed out.

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