What I Want to Wear: An Outfit for Errands

No seriously, is it blazer weather yet?

cute outfit for fall

A little outfit inspiration to kick off the week. I saw this outfit on J.Crew’s website a while ago and have been saving it in my mental “must re-create” file for fall dressing (don’t lie, you have one too). I know, I know, it’s nothing fancy or ground breaking, but let’s be honest, when you work from home, it doesn’t take much to get your blood racing, style wise. Earlier this year, I bought a pair of men’s Adidas sneakers — the really retro kind — and have so far only worn them on walks to the park. I can’t wait to pair them with jeans and a blazer once the temps start falling later this month — it’s the perfect outfit for errands on the weekends, or for strolling around the ‘hood with a hot tea in hand.
This weekend, I had brunch with Grace and she introduced me to the natural beauty brand Bite Beauty. She showed me this gorgeous Champagne colored Agave Lip Mask that’s one of their signature products, and I loved the sheer wash of color; plus, she raved about how moisturizing this stuff is. I’m looking forward to trying it…my lips are parched now, let’s not even talk about what they’ll be like when the air gets drier!

How was everyone’s weekend? We had such a lovely, lazy long weekend. Ate too much, watched lots of movies, hung out with friends, avoided the oppressive humidity —  it was a quiet, peaceful end to summer. Hope yours was just as good!


ITEMS TO GET THE LOOK: Schoolboy Blazer in Black (on sale!) and Navy  |  Distressed Jeans  |  Striped Sweater  |  Nude Lip Sheer  |  Classic Sneakers

Image: Via J.Crew’s Week of Denim; graphics added by me


  1. 9.2.14
    jillian said:

    i cant wait til it cools down a bit– it’ll be in the high 90s this week in charleston!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  2. 9.2.14
    Janel Abrahami said:

    loving the editorial look of the post today! not to mention, this is my uniform for all of fall :)

  3. 9.2.14

    I love the boyfriend jeans! I’m definitely keeping my eye out for a good pair for casual days (which is pretty much every day for me). It’s actually funny, since I don’t have to buy clothing for work, every time I shop with my Mom or sister and pick up something like a sweater or casual shirt, they’re like “where are you going to wear that?” I always say “the grocery store, the post office…” So this post title rang true for me :)

  4. 9.2.14

    I’m always using the J.Crew catalog as inspiration – so many great looks!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  5. 9.2.14
    Valerie said:

    I love that <3 I need to get hold of a JCrew catalogue! xx

  6. 9.2.14

    You and me both! I love the put together look up top and the sneakers add the perfect laid back feel

  7. 9.2.14

    It’s always blazer weather! For me at least…. :)

  8. 9.2.14
    tasha said:

    This is a really great look. Love the editorial style of this article. Been thinking of buying some new balances or nike rosha shoes

  9. 9.2.14
    P&F said:

    This outfit is me! Love it + pinning it!

  10. 9.3.14

    Really love this outfit and now I want to recreate it, too! I wear blazers a lot, but for some reason never thought about pairing them with sneakers! Will definitely have to try that now. thanks!

  11. 9.3.14
    Ella said:

    I’m ready for slightly cooler weather (today is my first day of school and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees), but I DON’T want the sunshine to go! Dreary grey day are the bane of my existence.

  12. 9.5.14
    Rose said:

    Oh, I LOVE Bite! I met someone from their PR company several years ago who intro’d me to the brand and I picked up some of the pencils, but I recently got the lipstick and am even more in love (if that’s even possible!).

  13. 9.8.14
    Agoprime said:

    beautiful outfit!!


  14. 9.20.14
    Kierra said:

    I love how you said broken in boyfriend jeans! They are my favorite! and ive been itching for a navy blazer too.

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