(and a 3-day weekend at that)

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glade arch, central park

DON’T TALK TO ME!: One writer spent a week trying to chat up people on New York City subways. Results, unsurprisingly, were mixed.

I WANNA TRY: This gorgeous eggplant and feta sandwich. Two of my favorite things, placed in between bread. What could possibly go wrong?

EMAIL ASSISTANCE: I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s autoresponder email technique since she started it earlier this summer. Any biz owners (or actually, anyone) who suffers from a crazy Inbox will enjoy her post on why an autoresponder will change your life!

I’M CRAVING FOR YOU: I’ve updated the Candy page! Don’t forget to swing by there on the regular for my favorite finds from small businesses, artisans, and new-to-me shops, as well as additional links to articles the likes of which you might find in a Week/End post (I’m always finding them!). And, apologies if I just got the song ‘Candy’ in anyone’s head for the day (oy).

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE: I really enjoyed reading this personal essay about making what you want in life happen. Anything really is possible!

LET ME EAT CAKE: I was totally wowed by Alison’s beautiful White Layer Cake with Strawberry Buttercream. Well done indeed! Aren’t her photos beautiful?

LAST CHANCE GIVEAWAY: Don’t forget to enter the Parima Studio giveaway! It closes this coming Sunday evening. Sunday will also be the last day to get 15% off prints in Patricia’s shop with the code PSROSE15!

ACTING FRENCH: A really wonderful piece on how one man immersed himself in the French language this summer…and learned a lot about himself and culture along the way.

PROTECT YO’SELF: This month on The Well, Meg and I wrote a whole series of posts around the theme of “protection” in blog and biz life. Be sure to stop by and check out all the posts! We covered legal stuff, financial stuff, protecting your stuff, and even protecting people in your life.

AND FINALLY, THE LABOR DAY SALES: So. many. good ones! Be sure to check out the “In This Post” section below for a longer list, but a few worth noting: Barney’s Warehouse is offering extra discounts on sale items (this sale is often where I scoop up designer shoes at ridiculously good prices); Nordstrom is, of course, offering a great sale on summer items and many fall pieces too (like these boots!); and J.Crew is offering an extra 40% off sale styles with the code WEEKEND (these embroidered shorts are now on MEGA sale!). That’s just the tip of the iceberg…see below for more!

What in the….??? How is it already Labor Day weekend? I feel like I blinked and this summer was gone. Just me? This weekend, we’re staying local but still have a full weekend planned: game night with friends, girlfriend brunches for me, enjoying an empty Upper East Side before the madness of a New York fall begins next week (it always amazes me how the Tuesday after Labor Day, the city feels like it swells with people again. You forget that that’s what it feels like 9 months out of the year here!). It’s been an interesting summer to say the least, and I’m so looking forward to fall’s cooler temps, the change it might bring, and of course, the wardrobe that comes with it.

What are you up to this lovely long weekend?


Nordstrom | Shopbop | Bauble Bar | Old Navy (I just got these leggings and love ’em) | Meg Biram | Barneys Warehouse | Furbish (15% off everything with code ENDOFSUMMER) | J. Crew

IMAGES: via my Instagram

Have a great long weekend, everyone!


  1. 8.29.14

    “Bear hug the living daylights out of it. Then go out and get it.”….love this! I’m heading to the Lake of the Ozarks for one last hoorah before I eagerly await fall and cooler temps. Enjoy it! :)

  2. 8.29.14
    tasha said:

    Read two amazing articles in Fast Company about auto responder. Really helpful and changed business.

  3. 8.29.14
    Erin said:

    have a lovely long weekend, v! love, love, loving the new site. xo

  4. 8.29.14

    I said the same thing today… I blinked, and summer is gone! I have no tan, no amazing summer memories (well, save for a few fun days of day-drinking in the city)… it’s just over! I don’t know how that happened!

    Happy weekend, lady — excited for some Sunday brunchin’!

  5. 8.29.14
    Christina said:

    I think your website is so beautifully designed. It intrigues me to explore more.

    Loved this blog post! Lots of interesting articles to read & think about!

    • 8.29.14

      Thank you so much for the feedback, Christine! I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. 8.30.14
    Poppy said:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Love the new design, too. Your content is so much more interesting and inspiring than what I see on most lifestyle blogs. Above all, it’s better written, which is actually a breath of fresh air these days!

  7. 8.30.14
    Ella said:

    Ha! I love that article about talking to others in NYC. I definitely think the level of friendliness has improved since 9/11, but people are still brisk, that’s for sure. Have a great weekend!

  8. 8.31.14

    Thank you so much for the mention! :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. 8.31.14
    Didi said:
  10. 9.1.14
    Lindsey said:

    I’m new to your blog and absolutely love it! How adorable is that dog!

  11. 9.1.14
    Natasha said:

    Lucky for me it is Spring Day where I live :) It was a beautiful hot day and I’m also looking forward to getting out my summer wardrobe.

  12. 9.9.14

    Love these articles, esp the NY subway one! Is it weird that I didn’t look at the author’s name and while reading it, I automatically thought it was a guy for some reason? I wonder if anyone else thought like that.

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