DIY Beauty: Citrus Coconut Foot Scrub

simple DIY foot scrub

coconut oil foot scrub

Ok, so this might be kind of gross to talk about, but I get bad calluses on my feet. I blame several things: footwear choices, always forgetting to buy a pumice stone, somehow never noticing they’re there (and therefore never caring). Maybe it’s because I grew up dancing, and gross feet were sort of par for the course. If your feet weren’t calloused and dirty from dancing barefoot at the studio (which we totally did on weekends — wild!), you were doing something wrong. But when your husband — who has been known to barely notice a difference after a 4-inch haircut — lovingly teases you about your “goblin” feet, it might be time to get serious about foot care. So here I am.

I made this simple scrub the other night for my feet, and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and moisturized they were after. Like most of my kitchen beauty fixes, the scrub is super simple: coconut oil and coarse sea salt for the scrub base; I added some essential citrus oils for fragrance, but that part’s totally optional. Here’s the kicker though: to really seal in the effects of the coconut oil, after rinsing my feet and gently patting them dry, I layered on some body lotion and then put on socks. Leave the socks on while you putz around the house (or overnight, while you’re sleeping) and your feet will be incredibly moisturized and soft. There’s no need to buy an expensive foot scrub, when really, the ingredients that make the difference are easily found in your grocery store or pantry!

The next time I make this, I might use raw sugar instead, and maybe even add a little honey (just to boost the moisturizing effects further). You can add herbs or other aromatics to your scrub too, just for the aromatherapy experience (finally minced rosemary could be awesome or lemon zest). I know a lot of people don’t like washing coconut oil down the shower drain, but I find if I do it very sparingly, I don’t have a problem (but that’s my plumbing!). Here’s how to make this scrub:

DIY foot scrub with coconut oil

In a small bowl, add 2-3 tablespoons of semi-solid, pure coconut oil (if yours isn’t already semi-solid — like the texture of yogurt — and is completely liquified, leave it in the fridge for a little while). Depending on the type of sugar or salt you’re using, add enough to create a thick, coarse paste. For my sea salt, which had pretty large crystals, I found this was about 1.5 tablespoons. Drop in essential oils, or whatever other aromatics you want to use. You’re not eating this, so it doesn’t have to be exact at all!

Sit on the side of the tub and rub the scrub vigorously over your feet, paying special attention to the soles. Throw in a little self foot massage too! Once you’re thoroughly buffed, rinse your feet under the faucet. Grab your favorite body lotion, and apply. Put on a pair of socks and leave ’em on for at least an hour. Presto! Super soft, moisturized feet.

Images by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese


  1. 6.25.14

    I always love your DIY scrubs! They really do work. I look forward to trying this one!

  2. 6.25.14
    Kayla said:

    Ugh I am SO hard on my feet.. I definitely need to try this scrub! Thanks Victoria! : )


  3. 6.25.14

    My feet aren’t too terrible, but this sounds like something that could be used for maintaining soft feet as well!

  4. 6.25.14

    My children are scared of my feet so I definitely need this! :)

  5. 6.25.14
    Katherine said:

    Love this!! I’m totally into DIY scrubs these days, so will definitely be trying. Fab post!!

    • 6.25.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Great way to use your coconut oil!! :)

  6. 6.25.14
    Chelsea said:

    This looks amazing! So excited to try it!

  7. 6.25.14
    Ella said:

    My feet definitely take a beating year round… cracks and calluses and dryness, oh my! I definitely want to give this scrub a go, thanks for sharing!

  8. 6.25.14

    I’ve never tried any scrub DIY but will definitely give it a go if I can find the semi-solid coconut oil (never seen that here).

    • 6.25.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      C’est très American — trop, trop populaire ici maintenant, pour la nourriture, la beauté, etc (surtout l’huile “biologique” et “virgin”!). Tu pourrais à remplacer l’huile de coco avec l’huile d’olive ou l’huile d’amande — la texture serais differènt, mais efficace encore!

  9. 6.26.14
    Erica said:

    Another trick I use is to moisturize my feet before I put on socks for a workout. By the time I’m done, my feet are soft! Just don’t put on too much lotion or you might find yourself slipping around in your sneakers.

  10. 6.26.14
    laura said:

    This is a beautiful post. Well done.

    • 6.26.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      What a nice comment! Thanks, Laura!

  11. 6.26.14

    I am ALL about sloughing everything off with salt crystals and/or sugar. Sadly, cannot stand the smell of coconut. Alternatives?

  12. 6.26.14
    Lily said:

    This looks like it would smell delicious and feel amazing!

    x Lily

  13. 6.30.14
    Rose said:

    I love this idea! I’ve somehow never thought to make a scrub; I actually use coconut oil as a replacement for body lotion (it’s helped immensely with my eczema), I’d probably slather my feet in coconut oil before putting on socks before bed instead!

  14. 7.1.14
    Maddy said:

    I’ve never tried a foot scrub (only for face/bod) – will definitely have to make this! Thanks for sharing! Did you find any scent combo that you liked the absolute best?

  15. 9.30.14
    thefolia said:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing foot scrub! I’m going to forage in my garden for the thyme and my kitchen cupboard which always have my oil of choice–coconut! I still dance twice a week on a dirty floor, as well as walk around barefoot in mine so this is going to be a bi-weekly scrub for me! Happy Soaking!

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