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FROM THE DESK OF: I’d caught many of these “My Desk” features from Vanity Fair in print, but several were new to me. It’s so fun to sneak a peek at some very notable work spaces!

GROWN UP TREE HOUSE: Last week I mentioned the finale of another One Room Challenge series, but I neglected to mention Naomi’s INCREDIBLE space, which I wish I could have in my house, right now, no boys allowed, please and thank you. Homegirl is so talented!

TOTAL HIPPIE WINO: I thought this post debunking some myths and misunderstandings about organic and biodynamic wine was cool. Can you tell the difference?

BLOGGER BLOOPERS: Hallie’s series of outfit photo “outtakes” always cracks me up. I do love a girl with a sense of humor (and perspective)!

BARBECUE TIME: I can’t believe that Memorial Day weekend is NEXT weekend. Here’s a delish recipe for smoked chicken wings...

I WANT THIS: …and the most gorgeous Boozy Fruit Punch (with fruit striped ice cubes!) if you need a few entertaining ideas.

NINETIES, NO THANKS: Okay, when it comes to music, you’re welcome any time. But fashion? Hm. Those Birkenstocks I mentioned last week were delivered, and after a try-on, they immediately went back in the box. They looked horrible on me, you guys. So, the search continues for supremely comfortable walking sandals for travels abroad (and at-home errand running) this summer. Suggestions? I’m eyeing these and these, but you can never tell if these shoes are things you’ll be able to walk for literally miles in.

BUY SOME DAMN ART: I enjoyed discovering this little online gallery via this post on Miss Moss. Some really incredible pieces for not a lot of dough, considering they’re original works!

C’EST TRÈS BIZARRE, NON?: The Cut’s Paris in 30 Days series continues, and I loved reading this post on “Things Parisians Do That Stun New Yorkers. And Vice Versa.”

AM I ADDICTED?: In case you couldn’t tell, I spend a lot of time on NY Mag and all its sister sites. This week, they launched a new one that is SO up my alley: it’s called Science of Us, and it’s all about well, the science of us.

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday — things have been extra zany around here with projects finishing, beginning, and deep in development. I have a feeling random days off might happen more here and there, but I promise to try and let you know when they will! This week flew by: between gym, book club, meetings, and work, it’s hard to believe it’s Friday again…let alone that next weekend is MEMORIAL DAY. Y’all, before we know it, Labor Day will be here! This weekend will be a slow one before the holiday next week (and friends coming into town for an extended stay!). Gym tomorrow, a few errands, and I think I’m going to take Joe over to the west side to show him Gotham West Market (Hitha introduced me…this food and restaurant market is the coolest!). What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?

Images: All snapshots from my week! Peonies are in season; the cherry and magnolia trees in Central Park are making the most incredible confetti; and last weekend at the Bronx Zoo, I spotted a peacock in full plumery. Be sure to follow along on Instagram!



  1. 5.16.14
    nicole said:

    hey! congrats on one year in our crazy city from a lifer. i just bought the Matt Bernson ‘KM’ gladiator sandal (in cognac), super comfy! and thank you for the link to Hallie’s out takes…too funny!

    • 5.16.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Hi Nicole! I’ll check those out for sure. I have a pair of Matt Bernson flats and they’re amazing comfortable. Thank you!

  2. 5.16.14

    I have to admit … I’m pretty relieved you realized the Birkenstocks were a no-go. Try as I might, they still look hideous to me. (By the way, Coach makes some pretty comfortable sandals … but it’s always tough to tell if a sandal will pass the 10-hour-day-tourist test!

    • 5.16.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Lexi…they were hideous on me. I looked like I had giant platform feet. Just, no. I think they still look good on some gals (I think you might need suuuuper long legs to pull it off, since they’re such a visually heavy shoe), but moi? I’ll stick to more delicate sandals. The search continues!

      • 5.16.14
        Kate said:

        Have you tried the gizeh birkenstock? I swear by them in the summer and they’re a little less clunky/intense than the traditional ones.

  3. 5.16.14

    Thanks for the link love, girl! Great minds think alike — and/or stalk one another’s blogs.

    Also, I realized Birkenstocks just aren’t for me, either. Good to know about those Coach kicks Lexi mentions!

    Happy FRIDAY! :-)

  4. 5.16.14
    Jen said:

    I have the Gentle Souls ‘Break My Heart’ shoes in charcoal. They are incredible. I wear them all the time to work where I’m standing for hours and I’ve worn them to an art festival where we were walking around for hours. Highly recommend. I get compliments on them pretty much every time I wear them and they seriously go with everything. I am about to buy a new pair because I’m wearing mine out!

    • 5.16.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Reeeeeally. Good to know! I was thisclose to buying last night, but hesitated because of the price. Thank you so much for the review! :)

  5. 5.16.14
    my said:

    i just got these for my upcoming trip to turkey and they are sooo comfy (and they’re spanish!).


  6. 5.16.14

    Thank goodness you are saying no to the return of 90’s fashion. It was so awful the first time around!

    I know they aren’t “fashionable” and you may be laughed out of NYC but I wear my rainbow sandles religiously. And I have for years.

    The first pair I had I wore until they were breaking off, which was about 3 years. I had backpacked through Europe with them, twice.

    They are the most comfortable in my opinion. And I can walk in them all day.

  7. 5.16.14
    Lily said:

    I love that blogger blooper link! never seen those before! :)

    x Lily

  8. 5.16.14
    Donna said:

    Hi Victoria! Gorgeous snaps! I agree with you on the Birkenstocks. I’m more of a pretty sandals kinda girl. I’ve been eyeing this Aldo pair: http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/sandals/flats/30394581-vasut/32

    I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be for all-day walking though.
    Thanks for sharing the Science of Us link! I’m also obsessed with NY Mag.

    Happy weekend. xo

  9. 5.16.14
    Sarah said:

    Ok definitely trying the boozy fruit punch this weekend- looks delicious!

    As for the shoes- I’m with you on the Birkenstocks- I tried on a pair earlier this year and they made my feet (and legs) look huge. I actually found a new brand via The Classy Cubicle called Julie Lopez shoes, and while these flats aren’t sandals, I’ve been wearing them all over town running errands and I love them. Super comfy and they actually make my feet look good, which is not easy! https://julielopezshoes.com/shop/Catalog/Product/Josie-JLS4JO-Raspberry-0055#.U3Z7UijoftA

    Maybe these will work for your upcoming Euro adventures? Happy Friday- love reading your blog!

  10. 5.16.14
    Court said:

    Okay, I know they are not “stylish”, but as far as all day walking/comfort goes, I rely on my chacos. They have a couple that aren’t that bad in the looks department. I have my eye on these black leather ones for this summer!

  11. 5.16.14
    kim said:

    you know i see street style photos and women that look great in birkenstocks, but they just aren’t for me. same thing with the mule revival. just can’t do it.

    i’m also addicted to the cut’s paris in 30 days series…seriously making me wanting to go back!

  12. 5.16.14
    Colleen K said:

    Long time reader and first time commenter here…I too lusted from afar at the Gentle Souls and keep hearing how great they are for traveling but have never been able to bite the bullet…Imagine all the things you eat/drink with that money!

    I came across the Naya brand (the ‘eco-friendly,’ younger, artsier line Clarks) of sandals at Anthropologie earlier this spring. I eventually ended up with these from Zappos:
    http://www.zappos.com/naya-crane-black-leather-wood-beads. Order a half size up from your usual size.

    I did a trial run with them last weekend and they will be my everyday shoe for a trip to Japan this summer.

    Happy shoe hunting!

  13. 5.17.14

    I’m always on the lookout for original, affordable art, which is somewhat of an oxymoron, so thanks for sharing the Buy Some Damn Art link. I bookmarked it for when we start building our new house next year.

    And I, too, love Hallie’s outtakes posts. So funny and real. My favorite combo :)

  14. 5.18.14
    Chelsea said:

    Ooh can’t wait to check out that boozy punch! Maybe a go for next weekend?!

  15. 5.26.14

    I always look forward to these posts. I love the peacock picture as well. Those colors are inspiring.

    – Sarah :)

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