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Winter Skin Remedies

By and large, my skin is pretty balanced and predictable. But the most predictable thing about it? That if Bay Area winter conditions seesaw between warm and cold and humid and…

The best red-orange lipstick

I found it, I found it! The absolute perfect, when-you-need-some-pop, super fresh, super modern, red-orange lipstick. Do you know how long I searched? I was looking something that was matte,…

Itchy Scalp Diaries

Hi, I’m Victoria, and I suffer from scalp eczema. Sometimes it manifests as just itchiness, sometimes, actual scaly, waxy dandruff that drives me crazy. I write this because as I’ve…


San Franciscan, by way of New York, L.A., Austin, and Geoje. Mom to Violet. Korean adoptee. A creative at heart, with a background in marketing, and the culinary arts. Lover of photographs, the ocean, ceramics, and textile design. Bravoholic. Believer in lifelong learning. Fascinated by the details — that's where the stories are.

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