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8 little things I'm obsessing over.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Popping in today with a little roundup of 8 things I’m loving, from new spring accessories, to tech that’s making my life better, to bowls I’d been coveting for years without realizing it.

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1 // Are you familiar with the women’s clothing company St. Agni? You’ve probably seen their now-iconic rattan shoes all across the Internet (these ones made a splash last year!). Anyway, as February marks the start of spring here in SF—the cherry trees have already bloomed in Japantown—my mind is turning to slightly longer days, spring time visits to wine country, and accessories to go with the change in season. All of St. Agni’s shoes are good, but I especially like their slides and mules. Here’s hoping for another rattan collection this spring!

2 // We started watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix over the holidays and OMG how am I so behind the times on this? I hadn’t seen a single episode until this past December, and I love it! If like me, you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t watched any of the series reboot in the last couple years, go, right now, and pick an episode. I love the entire cast, and I find the episodes so feel good and fun. Even Joe loves it! (Also: if you’re not watching @jvn’s figure skating ice capades on Instagram, you’re missing out. He’s saved most of them in his “JVN Skates” story highlight.)

3 // Sézane is always releasing beautiful leather goods—in fact, I think it’s where their product line really shines. The new Victor handbag is perfect for gals on the go. I like that it’s large enough to hold all your essentials, but versatile enough for travel, Saturday brunching, and errand running. It’s already available in a few different leather colors and textures, and a new pink suede version just launched too!

4 // Standing in my bathroom brushing my teeth on a recent evening, I looked behind me at a set of framed prints I purchased 10 years ago. They’ve made it through countless moves, across the country and back. You ever really LOOK at something you own and then think to yourself, “Why do I still have this?” I saw the prints for the first time in a long time—you know, really saw them—and realized they were no longer my thing. They were artwork that a 24 year old would pick out—because that’s when I bought them. I decided to replace them with new pieces that were originals, not prints. Thing is, there are so many wonderful artists selling “minis” of their work these days, it’s easy to get original pieces at an affordable price. And I love how they’re mine and mine alone. I bought two small prints from abstract landscape artist Lauren Adams, who I’ve followed for years (small originals here). Two other artists I always have my eye on are Cait Courneya (originals here) and Kristin Giorgi from Ng Collective (minis here). If you’re looking for artists to follow, Instagram is a great place to start!

5 // I saw the Courant wireless charging mat featured in this post, and ordered two on the spot. If the ease of our days is made up of lots of small, seamless moments, then picking my stupid iPhone charging cable up off the ground every night and wrestling it into the tiny port at the bottom of my phone was sucking the joy out of my pre-bedtime ritual. Ok, maybe that’s dramatic. But the ease of simply setting my phone down on a mat versus dealing with that annoying cord is something I’m not mad at. Joe liked his mat so much he took it to work, where it’s now living happily at his station, keeping his phone charged at all times during the day. I bought mine in white, but this dusty pink color featured above is fun too! They also sell them in a larger size, plus a whole organizing mat thing, which would make a great gift. I bought ours directly through the company, and shipping was super fast. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! (Psst—check here for compatibility before you buy.)

6 // Ugh, Everlane does it again! These work pants are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Not for work, but for a basic, gotta-have-it-in-your-closet black cigarette pant. I have a pair already that I’ve loved for years, but after many washes and wears, they are a bit stretched out (not to mention their barely mid-rise fit is reflective of the times in which they were purchased). Everlane’s new back-slit work pants have this snazzy little back seam detail on the calf which adds visual interest, but isn’t over the top. Oh, and did I mention these are only $50?

7 // For Christmas, my grandmother asked me for a set of Boll & Branch sheets. “All the women in my bridge and mahjong groups keep saying these are the best sheets they’ve ever bought,” she told me (adorably). I told her once she washed and “wore” ’em after the holidays to let me know what she thought—after all, inquiring minds wanted to know if these were in fact, the best sheets she would ever buy. On January 17, 2019, this message hit my Inbox: “Hello Little Mouse — Just a fast note to tell you I have been sleeping on the Boll & Branch sheets for a week now, and there is nothing like them. I have several, very expensive sets for the king bed that I thought were the greatest but nothing can compare with Boll & Branch. This will be the only brand I will ever buy again. Soooooooooooooo Thanks for the Wonderful Christmas Present.” I mean…I’m sold. I bought her this striped Percale set, and thinking I will get us the same.

8 // If you live in San Francisco, chances are at some point, you have eaten at a Blue Barn or a Souvla. Or, you know someone who has. Blue Barn is this local chain which makes amazing salads and sandwiches and always has a line. They also have these fantastic enamelware salad bowls, which are cute, durable, easy to clean, and hold a lot of stuff. I was at Blue Barn with my mom last December, and it finally occurred to me to look at the bottom of the bowl to see who makes it. Turns out, they’re from a brand called Crow Canyon, and you can find them easily online. I ordered a set of 4 off Amazon, and they’re our new favorite thing in the kitchen. Great for salads, chips (they made it easy to corral chips at our Super Bowl get together!), big servings of pasta, or a giant bowl for your guacamole. They’re lightweight, easy to wash, and look clean and classic. Maybe your local salad joint has bowls like this. If so, now you know where to get ’em. They seem to go in and out of stock on Amazon (I think they’re really popular), but as of writing this post, I found them here, here and here. The Crow Canyon website also lists Rove + Swig as an authorized retailer!


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    I did the same with the Courant mats! Now have them all over my apartment. Such a luxe upgrade.

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