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Oh hi. It's been a minute! 

I thought I’d awake from my blogging slumber today to share a few things that have been on watch, on order, and on my mind over the last month or so. It’s been a busy one! From a quick anniversary trip to Seattle, to hosting a 4-day SF reunion for almost 20 adoptees all from my Korea tour this past summer, to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I don’t know why I’m marveling at the fact that we’re almost to December. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s a random tidbit about one of the items I mentioned up above. I recently made a homemade batch of kimchi; my first time ever attempting to do anything of the sort. The recipe? From Instagram. Just when you wish you could be shot of all social media platforms, they’ll go and surprise you. I follow a Korean-American designer, @iamrinarose, and a couple of months ago, she shared a story of a delicious looking kimchi made by her sister. I DMed her and asked if she had the recipe, and she said no—in fact, her sister guarded her recipe so closely, she had never shared it with anyone, even their mother. But Rina asked her sister anyway on my behalf, explaining how I was looking for small ways to incorporate my birth culture into life here, and to my surprise (and Rina’s), her sister agreed and sent me the recipe!

I made up my batch and had so much extra, I shared it with friends and even brought it to a volunteer meeting with a bunch of other adoptees. Everyone loved it and asked where I’d gotten the recipe. Replying, “From someone I follow on Instagram,” was not what they were expecting! So, alright Instagram, you win this round. I guess we can keep you around for now.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Hope the long weekend was just what you needed!


  1. 11.28.18
    Sofia said:

    Thank you for sharing! These posts are my absolute favorite.

  2. 11.28.18
    Lo said:

    YES! “Shut Up and Dribble” and “Salt Fat Acid Heat” are both favorite new shows for me. I’ve come SO close to trying Prose, but I kept second-guessing myself on the quiz about what I really want/need and what scents would be good together, so it felt too stressful! Any advice about how you assessed things on the quiz?

    • 12.10.18
      Victoria said:

      For Prose: I would go through the whole thing, then once you get to the end, it allows you to review your choices (it also lists all the recommendations for ingredients, which allows you to assess what the products will do for your hair and adjust the quiz if necessary!). For the scents, I just went with their standard scent, and it’s fine! Pretty non-offensive, floral-y, soap type scent.

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