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Ok, ok, so maybe I won’t throw my iPhone outta bed quite yet. I took this shot on my phone a couple weekends ago, when I was down in Pescadero on a “glamping” trip with a bunch of girls from my local book club. We walked through the dunes for about 10 minutes to get to the beach in time for sunset, and though we were an hour away from the show, the light was just so beautiful in this spot. But, I’ll tell ya: despite the warm light, it was FREAKING FREEZING. I had on five layers (a tee, a long sleeve, a wool sweater, a thermal vest, and a Patagonia) and I was still cold—this, from the girl who always runs very warm!  For the better part of 45 minutes, we were all bumming because it seemed like the sunset would be a bust, obscured by a thick marine layer that had settled low on the horizon. We sat and drank wine anyway, and our dedication was rewarded. As we packed up and headed back to our “camp,” that big orange star dropped beneath the haze and we could see the entire fiery orb as it left us for the day. Some things are really worth waiting (and being cold) for!

I also wanted to share my latest playlist with you. It’s got songs I’ve been grooving to since mid-March! I also have added all the songs from playlists published in 2018 to a single list, which you can browse below. If you go to my Spotify profile, you can also check out more recent playlists, and ones from the last few years too! Standouts for me this month would be Evan Giia’s “Westworld,” the synth chorus of Louis the Child’s “Shake Something,” Maths Time Joy’s “Only You,” and JMR’s “Bound.” I hope you enjoy!

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