VMS Digest: Vol. XI

Hi everyone! Popping in for a rare Saturday post to say hello and share some recent links I loved with you.

How was your week? I had one of those that simultaneously felt too short and like it dragged on forever. I came down with a bad cold on Wednesday afternoon and was basically bedridden on Thursday; yesterday, I took it easy but alas, I had to dive back in to work. Isn’t it funny that when you were a kid, sick days were the best thing ever? As an adult, even while you’re in your pajamas, lying on the couch and drinking your third cup of tea, a sick day isn’t all that enjoyable because you know what’s awaiting you back at the office. My solution to forget it all? Curl up with your pup and take a nap. Or several. We call her Lucy Nightingale when one of us is sick, because she’ll refuse to leave your side if she knows you’re under the weather! Cutest ever.

Ok, on to the links! Hope you’re having a great weekend.


THE OSCAR GOES TO… // Not LaLa Land. This play by play of last year’s disastrous (and completely hilarious) Best Picture award was a delight to read, and made me really excited for Sunday’s Oscars. You can’t write this stuff!

DREAM RENO // This week, in “Let’s Spy on People’s Insanely Beautiful (and Totally Unrelatable) Renovations,” I bring you this gorgeous Upper West Side townhouse. That kitchen and living room! In New York City! Can you imagine?

DARLING, // Did you catch Darling magazine’s identity redesign? A corporate identity blog I follow, Brand New, covered it this week. I have to say, that little comma at the end is everything!

BACHELOR NATION // The Times did a silly-yet-fun piece on 24 Hours in Bachelor Nation, and I’m mostly sharing this because OMG, do you guys know the ending yet? I’ve read Reality Steve for year’s now and this year’s ending really is pretty dramatic. If you follow the franchise, you might know what I mean when I say I haven’t really been a fan of Arie since well before this season, and well…yeah. Comment below if you know what’s up!

IF IT’S NOT A HELL YES // It’s a hell no. Trust me on this.

EVERLANE IRL // SF friends, listen up! Everlane’s first official store is opening TODAY. You can find me, Joe and Lucy there later, shopping for denim and generally blowing our shopping budgets for a month that’s barely even started.

THE DITCH // As many of you know, I grew up in Austin. When I found out about El Arroyo’s first ever coffee table book last week, I ordered my copy IMMEDIATELY. All Austinites know and love this sign; if you’re new to the whole El Arroyo sign thing, you must follow their Instagram. Also, if you happen to be in ATX, stop in for enchiladas.

CREATIVE SKILLZ // If you’ve ever thought about taking an online course for creative hobbies, check out Besotted’s comprehensive list of Skillshare classes for things like drawing, watercolor, calligraphy, and more. The Besotted team also makes a huge assortment of Photoshop editing tools I love (if you are an e-comm site owner or a photographer, check out their stuff here).

SEO SKILLZ // Bloggers, take note: This week on the <em>press blog, we wrote a post focused on easy ways you can improve your blog’s SEO!

ARE YOU AN UNDEREARNER? // This article, which describes a few of the common traits underearners tend to possess, was pretty accurate and very relevant. No matter whether you work in corporate America or are a freelancer, it’s worth a read. #becauseyoureworthit

MAGIC POCKETS // I finally picked up a pair of Madewell’s jeans with the magic pockets, and I can attest—they’re pretty damn magical. The fit is great, and I like that they’re not overly stretchy and truly do hold you in. Oh, and while I was at it, I scooped up this tee and this top. What is it about Madewell in the last 18 months or so? Killing it.

TIME WELL SPENT // I’ve talked about Tristan Harris in a blog post before, and it’s interesting to me how the “Time Well Spent” movement is really solidifying and gaining traction online. Tristan’s non-profit recently rebranded as the Center for Humane Technology, and I’ll be very interested to see what initiatives they take on in the next few years!

THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER // When I was taking my writing workshop earlier this year, our instructor recommended we read this old essay from The New Yorker in the context of a discussion about writing tension and situation. I read it a couple days later and was completely riveted. I’ve been meaning to share it here, as I think it’s one of the best essays I’ve ever read, and it’s sadly all too relevant given the constant barrage of shootings across the country still. I hope you enjoy the writing, as intense and upsetting of an essay as it is.


That’s all from here! Wishing you a happy, restful weekend!

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Photo by Michael Olsen, with graphics added by VMS


  1. 3.3.18

    Ooooh! I hadn’t heard about the El Arroyo coffee table book! My roommate worked there in college and would come home and tell us what the sign said everyday. (this was before Instagram. And cell phones).

    • 3.5.18
      Victoria said:

      IT’S SO GOOD. So many hilarious gems in it. I highly recommend it, especially for Texas friends as a gift!

  2. 3.5.18
    Lo said:

    Every year I pretend I’m not going to watch the Bachelor, and somehow I get pulled in! I oscillate between thinking Arie is a sociopath and thinking he’s a simpleton….it just feels like he’s always trying approximate normal human behavior? Hoping we’ll at least get some good drama out of this finale!

    • 3.5.18
      Victoria said:

      Oh just you wait.

      Also, for the armchair diagnosis of sociopath or simpleton…I think both.

      • 3.6.18
        Lo said:

        Haha yes, I think both! I loved this bit of commentary from Sharleen Joynt on her Flare recap this morning: “I have a shopping rule I swear by in my day-to-day life: Even if I love something and think I have to have it, if I’m feeling the slightest bit indecisive about it, I hold off. To me, that bit of hesitation is a sign I should listen to. (Nine times out of ten, when I ignore it, I end up with buyer’s remorse.) If I’m 100 percent confident in my pick, I won’t leave the store without it. Living another moment without this piece in my life is not even an option.”

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