Crushing On: Margaux Shoes

Before I hop into the pretty from today’s post, thanks so much for all your comments on my letter to 2017. I appreciate the encouragement more than you know, and am so thankful to those of you who still check in here, even when I’ve given you no reason to. Here’s to making good on my promise to write more in 2018. I already have something happening behind the scenes that will hopefully make me a more accountable writer (if not blogger), and will force me to share similar types of essays with you. Ok, I know you can’t stand the suspense: I’m taking a series of writing classes this month and next. I have no idea what to expect, but my secret plan is that if I can produce some content through classes, it can double as meaty stuff for you guys. 2018: already a study in efficiency!

Anyhoo, on to the eye candy. So, given that you’re still here and reading, you know how I love me a minimal, modern style startup. Which is why I must’ve been living under a rock, having never heard of Margaux until I wandered past their pop-up shop in San Francisco in mid-December. Tell me you’ve heard of Margaux already? Actually, don’t; this way, we can revel in the surprise and delight together.

Here are the basics of what you need to know: as a female founded company that’s about 3 years old, Margaux is selling gorgeous, classic, super timeless footwear that’s insanely comfortable. In store, I tried on a pair of the Demi flats (can you believe I gravitated towards the ballet pink shade? Not usually my vibe, but these read as more of a desaturated pink, and trust me when I say, they’d go with everything). The Demis are made with the smoothest, softest leather, and as such, don’t feel like a vise grip on your feet. The soles of the shoes are all lined with memory foam, making them very, very comfortable to walk in. I honestly loved all the shoes in the store (and seeing all the colors in person is so fun — it’s like choosing your fave flavor of candy), but at a no-brainer price of $125, the Demi was a must-try.

Now a couple things to mention: Margaux is unique in that they offer the standard full and half sizes, but also offer narrow, medium, and wide foot widths. If you’re ordering the Classic or Pointe shoes, they can also produce a custom “made-to-measure” pair of their shoes for you, so that they fit your two feet perfectly (because it’s extremely common to have two different sized feet!).

How’d this play out for me? I seemed to be between sizes and widths in Demis available in store, so I had a different size combo shipped to me. The right foot’s ballet flat felt great, but the left was a little big. So in the spirit of full disclosure, while I was OBSESSED with the color, quality, and feel of the Demi, I returned them since they weren’t a perfect fit. However, I can’t recommend them enough, especially if you can find your correct size. The quality was absolutely beautiful! The gals in store told me the Demis are unique because the leather is so soft, so they tend to fit looser on everyone. If you’re thinking about trying them, I’d say order a half size to full size down.

I haven’t given up on my perfect pair of Margauxs (Margeaux?) yet. I think the Classic flats are more structured, so I don’t think slippage would be as big of an issue. Either way, Margaux offers free shipping and free returns, and you can even order a fit kit from them to determine your exact shoe size if you’re going the made-to-measure route (though it’s $15, if you end up ordering a pair of shoes, they’ll credit your order with $15, making the kit complimentary!).

Have you ordered a pair of shoes from Margaux yet? What’d you think? If you live in SF, the pop up shop is on California near Fillmore and open through January 31. There’s also currently a popup in Palm Beach, and New Yorkers, per usual, you get all the good retail therapy.


PSSST! My other favorite startup shoe brand, M. Gemi is having their twice yearly sale, starting today. Check it out here!


  1. 1.3.18
    Adrienne said:

    I have the Classic in cacao. I’ve been wearing them for about 6 months+. They are indeed quite structured and took some time to break in. I am typically a size 8 (38.5) and have narrow-ish feet so I went for the 8 narrow. It ended up being too tight length-wise, so back they went for an 8.5 (39) narrow. I do wish I could’ve tried out the 8 regular, but I was too early for the SF pop-up. In sum, they’re comfortable enough and I like the timeless cut, but they’re not my dream flat – still looking for that!

    • 1.3.18
      Victoria said:

      Thanks, Adrienne, good to know! Sounds like the fit kit might really be worth it. Curious — did you try the Demi, and if so, what size did you end up with?

  2. 1.4.18
    Jennifer said:

    Super cute, simple flats. I like that your simple, classic style. I have been searching for a cognac or camel colored tote/satchel forever. Any favorites that you use again and again?

  3. 5.10.19
    Harriet Larsen said:

    Unfortunately I have a big bunion on my right foot and I end up just wearing sneakers all the time, unless I have on a pair of elastic sandals that are soft on the bunion. I also have a second toe long. I am wondering whether these would be comfortable for me walking around town with Bunion etc, any feedback regarding bunions? And with my long second toe I often like shoes that are toeless.

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