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It’s been a while since I checked in with a roundup, and figured it was high time to share some of the goodies I’ve been eyeing (or loving!) lately. First up: currently on its way to me from Paris are two bottles of new-to-me Mokoto Paris. I discovered this brand via Instagram (where everyone is finding their new faves these days!), and couldn’t believe that with mostly organic ingredients, each bottle was around $36USD. I can’t wait to layer these with lotion this winter to (hopefully!) keep my skin hydrated. You know I can’t say no to anything jasmine scented.

Have you been following Everlane lately? Their cold weather collections are so good right now. You might know they offer $100 cashmere sweaters every year, but this year they’ve included so many fun new colors and even color-blocking versions as well (I love this navy crew with red tipping along the collar and sleeves). These boots are amazing; I want this cardigan; I love the back slit neck detail on this turtleneck; and I’m not even into the velvet trend but for some reason I really like these flats. Give me everything, basically. If you live in New York, they just opened their first ever brick and mortar in Nolita after swearing they’d never do such a thing. The store looks beautiful  — go check it out for me!

A couple good features I came across in the Times last week. First, did you catch Jenna Lyons’ Soho loft tour? I thought it was interesting to see the direction she went after the ubiquity of her old brownstone that got pinned and replicated 1,344,898 times (an official stat). I was surprised by how much I liked her bedroom design. It’s not at all what I’d normally be drawn to but something about it was so warm and perfectly collected. It’s just cool!

Secondly, Jay-Z sat down for a wide ranging interview with New York Times editor-in-chief Dean Baquet. I love these types of meandering interviews that cover all types of topics current and personal! It’s also interesting to hear artists speak about their work, what was happening for them at the time they created things, all that good stuff. Check it out here.

A few random things that have ended up in my cart lately. First, you NEED to order What Do You Meme?, which you think of as Cards Against Humanity but with visuals. Essentially, you use the caption cards to write memes with the images, and hilarity ensues. We brought it over to a friend’s house recently and our group of 6 all agreed it was more fun than Cards Against Humanity. It’s from the guys behind the @fuckjerry account, so you know the meme images are gonna be good. Sidenote: if you’re interested in the @fuckjerry business story, this article is a good one. Crazy what a bunch of Internet memes can spawn, huh?

This might be TMI, but I recently had such dry skin on my arms that I broke out in a mild case of hives. Awful! Amazingly, one day after applying ShiKai’s Borage Therapy lotion, my skin was completely back to normal. I used this stuff years ago and recently went back to it, because it’s definitely a healing lotion. However, it soaks in quickly and isn’t greasy, despite relying on borage oil as a main ingredient. I can’t recommend it enough! Random tip: if you pump some lotion out and it’s almost liquid, just shake the bottle vigorously and everything will re-emulsify. You can buy it online, but most Whole Foods stock it as well.

Lastly, I recently got turned on to the blog Brand New, which covers all things corporate identity. If you’re into graphic design, art direction, or just curious about how brands reinvent themselves, I think you’ll enjoy this blog! They recently reviewed Chobani’s new redesign, which had the design world all a-titter last week (in a positive way…it’s a pretty insane overhaul, and a good one at that). Check out Brand New’s’ review of Chobani’s new identity here.

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  1. 12.8.17
    Monica said:

    The Chobani redesign thoughhhh! I especially love the large container of plain yogurt. Also, Everlane can just take all my money. Recently picked up on of their LBDs and while it isn’t lined, it’s a pretty one at just $70!

    • 12.11.17
      Victoria said:

      Wordmark goals!

  2. 12.11.17

    I just got Everlane’s cashmere v-neck dress and it is EVERYTHING!!! It’s incredibly comfortable and gorgeous – especially for the price. I’m definitely treating myself to a cashmere sweater next. :) And thanks for the lotion rec. My skin is on some other level this winter, too…

    • 12.11.17
      Victoria said:

      It looks SO cute. I bet it looks great with boots or booties! Ugh, everything they have right now is just so good.

      Also! I got those Mokoto oils in the mail and they’re pretty hydrating too! Those paired with the ShiKai are total skin saviors. If you wanna mix a little luxury with a little everyday :)

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