Playlist 05

Hi, friends! I know it’s been quiet around here — I’ve had an action packed few weeks, first with the launch of <em>press, then a week long trip to Kauai, and then getting back in the saddle and gearing up for the holidays (which, it should go without saying: how are we here already?).

I have some updates I want to share from my trip to Kauai later this week (think of it as an addendum to last year’s short travel guide), but in the meantime, I’ve had this Playlist going for a while now, and figured it was finally time to make sure you knew about it. Unique these last couple months is that I made this playlist available as I added to it, and there were a few people who noticed and were following along. I kind of enjoyed doing the live curation, so I’ll probably do that again for the next one!

Anyhoo, be back with more life updates (and some good style and design things that need to be on your radar) soon. In the meantime…

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Photo by Kristopher Roller via Unsplash