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Hi all! Popping in to share my latest Spotify playlist with you, filled with tunes I’ve been listening to since late July. You can find the newest playlist here. And, something else fun and music related to share: I recently compiled all the music I shared in 2016, as well as everything that’s been shared so far this year into two big playlists. They’re great to put on while you’re working or driving or hanging out at home! You can find the “master” 2016 playlist here, and all the songs shared  in 2017 (so far, at least!) here. I’ll keep adding to the latter as new playlists are published! Hope you enjoy.

(Edited to add: I nearly forgot, but Odesza’s latest album is out today! Listen to it here. Soooo good.)

Quick week and life updates in 500 words or less: was anyone else totally discombobulated this past week? Labor Day coming and going, September’s arrival, plus a rather awful heat wave in the Bay Area meant this week just felt…off. I’ve recently been feeling like I’m drowning a little bit — in work, general life responsibilities, mostly doing way too much and not really keeping my sanity in mind. I’ve been pondering how I’ll recover from tweak this as we head into the autumn (and winter…and the year beyond). But at the same time, it feels like there’s no time to ponder. Hmm. More on this at some point, I’m sure. Being the architect of your own evolving life is both the greatest pleasure and the most immense challenge. Know what I mean?

In the meantime, I finally have put together a post about this amazing homemade facial mist/toner I concocted — I just need to finish writing the last bit of it, then I’ll share it with you next week. I’m wondering, now that I check in here less often (…bum bum bum…is this thing still on?), what do you enjoy seeing most? I’ve been wanting to write more essays, stories — long form type pieces — and wondered if you would enjoy such a thing. You’re probably going to get a little bit more of that over the coming months regardless, but…anything you want to discuss here? Tell me about it below. Current topics I’ve been tossing around in my head: a series about my own journey with adoption, thoughts on freelancing and how I work, and chatting about relationships of all types — marriages, friendships, etc. Thoughts?

(Whew. Got it in right at 270 words).

Happy Friday!

Listen to Playlist 04 here

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  1. 9.8.17
    Lindsay Tiffany said:

    While you don’t post as often as other bloggers I follow, I am always excited when you do–everything is so sponsored these days, whereas you seem to wait to post until you’re really passionate about something! I’d love more essays–adoption, navigating friendships in different life stages, self-employment/small business insights. Also, I always look forward to your fashion and home picks.

    • 9.8.17
      Victoria said:

      Thank you, Lindsay, that really means a lot!! More of all that good stuff, coming right up :) Happy Friday!

  2. 9.8.17
    Anne said:

    I’d love to see more long posts/stories! More art related and travel topics are always good too!

    • 9.8.17
      Victoria said:

      Ooh, ok! I love doing art posts but always feel like it’s 50/50 on whether people are super into it. Will look for some new voices to share!

  3. 9.8.17

    LOVE your longer reads :)

  4. 9.8.17
    Amy said:

    Hi Victoria! Your blog is one of my top favorites because the content and copy is so good. I enjoy your Life Lately posts as well as ones where you introduce us to products and brands. I’m also interested in all of the long form topics you mentioned in this post!

    PS. Wanted to say thank you for sharing about the Red Cross in your last post. I was not aware of that previously and it changed my mind about donating to them. Even though my company double matches our donations to the Red Cross, I still feel that a donation to a smaller organization will be more impactful.

    • 9.8.17
      Victoria said:

      Thank you, Amy! I really appreciate your comment! :)

      Re: the Red Cross. Yeah, dude. If you Google, “Why not to donate to Red Cross,” the volume of articles that comes up is crazy. I’ll admit, I’ve been biased since all the way back in high school, when my health class studied the HIV epidemic in the 80s. They’ve sort of had a long history with not properly testing blood (back then, I think it was due to the expense of testing for HIV — though, they certainly weren’t the only blood collection center who was a part of that mess), which caused a lot of needless transmission. NO BUENO.

  5. 9.8.17
    Lauren said:

    Yes to the long posts! I’m looking forward to all the new content. Have a great weekend!

    • 9.8.17
      Victoria said:

      Thank you, Lauren! Eek, now I just have to write it. Ha!

  6. 9.10.17
    Cass said:

    Would love more long form essays/stories! With blogging becoming so oversaturated in the last few years, I have found myself drawn to just a few blogs that have deeper thinking pieces than just a roundup of cute clothes. I do enjoy your product recommendations also!

  7. 9.12.17
    Erica said:

    I always enjoy your posts no matter the topic! I’d love to hear more about your adoption and relationships. Navigating friendships, marriage and parenthood can be so tough. I also love all of your product roundup posts. You have a great eye and introduce me to new brands all the time.

  8. 9.25.17

    Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to check in on any blogs, and this just made me realize that I miss it so much. I miss your voice! And your friendship! I look forward to popping by more often in the future <3

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