Playlist 03

Checking back in with a new playlist for you guys! Per usual, I haven’t really spent much time ordering the music, so my rec is to put this baby on shuffle and go. A couple tracks to note: you’ll notice a lot of ARIZONA, which dropped their debut album in late May. You’ve probably heard singles from them over the last year and change, and the full album Gallery did not disappoint. I highly recommend you listen to it through as well! I’ve included some fave new songs from the album in the playlist for ya. In other news, I’m usually not a huge fan of covers, but for some reason this version of “Shape of You” felt like how the song was supposed to sound. Know what I mean? Anyway, enjoy the mix! I’ve been listening to it during the day at work, and also at night while making dinner — this playlist is easy to have going in the background.

Listen to Playlist 03 here

I’m off to Portland tomorrow to visit with a dear college friend. We have lots of fun activities on the horizon (a wildflower hike, farmers market visit, and some good eats) and I can’t wait! What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend? The summer solstice is next Tuesday, so I hope you’ll be out enjoying the extra long days this weekend!

PS – Isn’t the bougainvillea covering these homes something else? I shared another photograph of these beauties over on Instagram. I know it almost doesn’t look real — you kind of have to see it to believe it! It’s a pretty spectacular sight. The flowers only bloom through the summer; were you to drive by these homes in the winter, you’d just see green leaves. Every spring, I’m on bougainvillea watch in this neighborhood, just to see these homes come into full bloom!