VMS Digest: Vol. IV


Happy Halloween! I’m a couple days late, but I couldn’t let October slip by without sharing my favorite links and articles of the month! Maybe it’s better on a Monday anyway…eases you into the week with something good, no? This month’s list is a bit shorter than usual, since I prepped this before jetting off to Kauai. But, I hope you enjoy!

PUMPKIN OBSESSED // A great article on the history of America’s pumpkin obsession. I won’t lie though — Pumpkin Spice Lattes are REALLY not my thing. Blech.

A REALLY GOOD GIVEAWAY // I’m plugging a giveaway that’s not my own, it’s just that flippin’ good. My friend Rebecca partnered with a ton of amazing brands, and this prize package is definitely worth the two seconds it’ll take you to enter. You can bet I submitted multiple entries!

DESIGN NO-NOS // Jacquelyn shares the 5 design mistakes almost everyone makes. Are you guilty?

ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE IN YOUR FIRST PLACE // In tandem with the above, the Times shared a great beginner’s guide to decorating your home. These are amazing tips if you’ve just moved, or simply want to give your place a makeover!

YOUR BRAND IS NOT JUST A LOGO // I always tell clients this. Regardless, I loved this video Vox made on the different types of logos, and how logos are just really symbols.

HOW YOGA WORKS // You can bet I’m going to be taking at least one yoga class in Hawaii! If you’ve ever thought about starting a yoga practice (or need to get back into one, like me), here’s why it’s so good for you. In similar news, an interesting story about a school replacing detention with meditation, and fantastic results.

PLANNING MY WEDDING WITH MY…PERSON? // A great piece on why the word fiancé is falling out of fashion.

NOTHING’S SCARIER THAN A CLOWN // Except maybe a doll. Two posts on why people are scared of dolls and clowns. I mean, they are pretty creepy, right? Hey, it’s Halloween!

FAVE VS. FAV // How do you spell the shorthand for the word “favorite?” This came up in discussion with a client last week, and I have to tell you, it drives me insane when I see it spelled “fave.” No people, just no. Here’s why I’m right.

UPSET STOMACH? // I’ve always wondered why ginger ale was recommended as a quick cure!

ABOUT THAT LIP WHIP // I heard from a few of you that you tried out the Kari Gran Lip Whip I wrote about here and loved it — I’m so glad! A quick review follow up to say I purchased the Marsala color to take on my trip, and if you’re looking for a little bit more color (especially a deeper tone for the fall season), it’s beautiful!


HALLOWEEN WAS VALENTINE’S // This blew my mind! Up until the early part of the 20th century, Halloween traditions mostly included a lot of games to help people find a husband. Crazy. And in related news on this former dating holiday — are dating apps over?


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  1. 10.31.16
    Jessie said:

    I’m a big fan of ginger – regular grocery store ginger ale isn’t spicy enough for me. Trader Joe’s ginger brew is pretty good, and most types of ginger beer. I’ve also made my own ginger syrup to combine with sparkling water – definitely the best! Also taking those notes on decorating – bought our first house and move in next month!

  2. 11.1.16

    I had to laugh at the too small rug in Jacquelyn’s design mistakes- I’ve read that a lot & keep yelling at my husband b/c he wants to buy rugs that are way too small for our rooms! Especially under the couch!

    Love these digests, by the way.

  3. 11.4.16

    Oh crap – I’ve been saying “fav” wrong!! Ooops!

    Also, bought the lip whip on your recommendation and love it – but wish it had more color. Looks like I’m going to need Marsala too… :-X

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