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Recently, Joe came home with a new pair of sunglasses. These he added to a collection that admittedly all look the same to me, but that he insists is very diverse. “If boots can be your thing,” he told me, “I guess sunglasses can be mine.”

“Are boots my thing?” I asked him. Then I realized I could answer my own question, no problem. I easily own more boots than any other type of footwear. Chalk it up to my adoration of fall, but I just LOVE a good boot (or bootie — I don’t discriminate). It’s funny because when booties first became popular several years ago, I wasn’t sure if I could work the “trend.” Now of course, they’re a staple! Still, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the way new details and trends are incorporated into boots each fall. It’s really just a conspiracy to get me to buy a new pair (minimum) by the time October hits.

A few years ago I did a big round up of over the knee boots, and thought it’d be fun to share a similar guide with lots of styles and trends at a huge range of price points, from saves to splurges. I had this idea on my calendar for a while, but it worked out that I planned it for this week — Shopbop is having their seasonal big sale, with 25% off your ENTIRE order up to $500, and 30% off your order when it’s $500+. If you look at their boots and booties section, you can see all the items that are part of the sale, with the code MAINEVENT16. In my roundup below, I’ve also noted which options are part of the sale, with the peach flash sale tag. And check this out: Crazily enough, Stuart Weitzman shoes are included in the sale this time (which I’ve never seen happen), so if you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of SW boots or sandals, have a look (but hurry — I found sizes are going fast!).

My favorite boots for fall, right this way:




Happy shopping!

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Shopbop’s sale takes place now through Friday at 11:59pm PT. Use code MAINEVENT16 and shop here!


  1. 10.13.16
    Briana said:

    Ugh, I love those Acne boots!


  2. 10.13.16
    Shirsha said:

    I wish the weather in my city allowed me a chance to wear boots / booties!

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