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On turtlenecks in July, and getting my blog sh*t together

@victoriamstudio | details- Everlane double knit cotton turtleneck, j brand white jeans, steve madden suzy booties, loeffler randall mini rider bag

@victoriamstudio | loeffler randall mini rider bag, everlane double knit sweater, steve madden suzy booties

Yes, you are looking at actual photographs of me. A rare thing around here, I know! Posting pictures of this little outfit is two-fold. One, I’ve been wearing this turtleneck non-stop ever since I got it and simply had to tell you about it (more on that in a second, because I know you’re like, um, a turtleneck? In July?)! And two, it gives me a way to talk about content and some thoughts I’ve been having about the blog (don’t worry, I’m not abandoning you!).

The content piece first. So, I recently got really bad at managing the blog’s schedule. Maybe you noticed. To say that springtime in the studio was nutty is an understatement, but now that things have finally calmed down (I think?), it’s given me a chance to reassess how I want to approach the blog with my client/project schedule running parallel. I think I’ve found a formula that works; at least, it has the last couple of weeks. I’m going to aim for a Tuesday/Thursday post schedule — two posts seems manageable enough from week to week, and I figure if you guys anticipate the days I’m posting, you won’t go as crazy checking in here and wondering where the hell I am.

But what about Friday link round ups? (a devoted few two of you are asking). I have a solution for that I’m gonna try out too: a new monthly feature called VMS Digest. I’ll put these posts together once per month, featuring a round up of my favorite links about culture, Internet craziness/hilarity, good reads, recipes/DIYs to try, and (new!) my favorite takes on current events. This world we’re living in has gone completely nuts, but damn if I’m not reading some fantastic think-pieces about the madness — I suspect a lot of you would enjoy these articles, too. The Digest will also feature any interesting events, companies, or blog content that I think you have to know about. There’s always lots of fun stuff on my radar, so I like the idea of putting together a happy little monthly package for you to, well, digest. Stay tuned!

@victoriamstudio | accessories details - jewelry from sweet and spark, booties by steve madden

Cool. So are outfit posts going to be a regular thing too? I don’t think so? At least, not every week, surely. Here’s the behind-the-blog story on that: Recently, I decided to try working with a photographer more regularly, so that I’d have someone to (I’ll cop to it) help me generate content for Instagram (welcome to small biz life). Whether via images of me, or specialized shoots of stuff happening in the studio, I was feeling like I needed the extra help to produce great photographs. Not only because I’m no expert photographer, but also because I’m the worst at remembering to regularly take photos of the day to day. Though my plan started as a way to get Instagram content, I figured any shots/outfits I really liked would just spill over into blog content, helping me stick to my Tuesday/Thursday thing. So I met up with Andrea and took some pictures. And whaddya know! I liked how these shots turned out! And here we are. I don’t think outfit posts will be a weekly thing, but you might see a few more of them once in a blue moon.

@victoriamstudio | outfit details - loeffler randall mini rider bag, j brand jeans, steve madden suzy booties, everlane double knit turtleneck

Second (or maybe third?) thing: this turtleneck. I wore this on Monday and when I took Lucy out for her morning walk, it was 57 degrees, overcast, and windy. So not only was I rocking a turtleneck on July 25, but I had a lightweight jacket on over it. Ah, summer in San Francisco!

But this turtleneck! I’m obsessed with it! I placed an order last week at Everlane to stock up on more of those linen tees I won’t shut up about (from over here, remember?). While I was shopping, I happened to see these “double knit” sweaters, made of cotton. I’d seen Everlane debut a merino wool version of this sweater in the fall, but had totally missed the cotton version — perfect for an SF summer. The double knit refers to the fact that these pieces have two panels sewn together, in two different colors. So the navy one I have is “lined” with black. I love this simple little detail! The sweater is so flipping comfortable, I basically haven’t taken it off. And I love that as a San Franciscan, this puppy is a year round piece. For those of you currently suffering through heat domes, keep it on your list as we head into fall — I find it really versatile, able to pair well with jeans and flats, or with heels and a fancier jacket. I like it so much, I’m going to order the grey and white version too. Hey, when you find a good thing…

@victoriamstudio | details - j brand white jeans, everlane sweater, loeffler randall bag, steve madden booties

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m usually 50/50 on turtlenecks, and I am happy to report that this one does NOT feel like it’s choking you. Win!

Anywho, that’s the news from around here. Let’s meet up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes Fridays (maybe tomorrow, for the inaugural Digest?!). And thanks for sticking around. As it happens, last week marked eight (EIGHT!) years of blogging on this here site, which is mind-boggling. Whether you’ve been here since this blog had a black background (true story) or are brand new, I’m glad you’re a part of the community. Onwards and upwards, friends!

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  1. 7.28.16
    Gabriella said:

    Summer in SF sounds PERFECT. I despise the heat, so a summer day when I can wear a light jacket sounds like my kind of weather. Also – love this look on you! The neutrals are spot on.

    • 7.29.16
      Sonya said:

      I agree Gabriella – cool weather lover here as well. I grew up in Florida and now live in Chicago and we’ve had a pretty hot summer this year. I’d love 57 degrees to 70 degrees all the time.

  2. 7.28.16

    Looking forward to the first digest! I’m definitely one of those people who would be asking ;) I should also mention that your Instagram is one of my favorites. Everything flows together so nicely (teach me your ways) and it makes me want to put more thought and effort into what I’m posting there. Happy Thursday!

  3. 7.28.16

    I love this entire outfit! As much as I adore summer I secretly cant wait for turtleneck season!
    xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  4. 7.28.16
    Kayla said:

    I love the Friday posts too. Really enjoy them! Also, love you outfit!

  5. 7.29.16
    Sonya said:

    Yes! I love that you have a schedule and I’m looking forward to a great chunk of links and articles in your monthly digest. I say it every time but you consistently post GOOD links and articles that I want to read and that make me laugh, think, etc. Not ones I’ve seen a thousand times, you’re always ahead of the game.

    • 7.29.16

      Thank you, Sonya! :D The first one just got published, so hop on over!!!! Yay!

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