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A mix of launches, looks, and loves that have been on my radar as of late…


Have you seen the new Timo Weiland collection for Banana Republic? The dresses are just lovely. Were I working in a more formal office, I would be all over these linen separates for summer; this blue gingham dress is also perfect for an outdoor wedding.  I spent wayyy too much time browsing the new Sézane collection yesterday, and picked up this cute embroidered top (I mean, those buttons at the back!). I also took advantage of their “Last Call” and snagged two of these sweaters in black and nude, as well as this scoopback t-shirt in white (I already own it and I love it so much, I wanted another one). You have to create an account in order to access the Last Call items, but once you do, it’s easy to browse! If you order from Sézane, a heads up that I’ve found you typically need to order a size larger, maybe two sizes larger if the sizes are numerical. European sizes are typically a lot smaller than American. Feel free to ask me about sizing if you want to order, I’ve learned the hard way their sizes run small!

Biggest news on my radar (like, it’s kind of funny how excited I’ve been to check this out) is the launch of M. Gemi shoes for men! The new collection launches this Thursday. I’ve been talking it up to Joe a ton, and he’s probably getting a new pair of shoes whether he likes it or not — I’m really curious to see how the experience is on the guys side. I’ve also been having fun following @Letterfolk on Instagram and lusting after one of their letterboards. Oh, the hilarity that would ensue with one of these in our entryway or kitchen… (ahem, this would probably be us).

Happy Monday — and happy browsing! :)


  1. 3.25.16
    Jamie said:

    Okay I’m obsessed with the embroidered Sézane top! I must have it. What size did you end up ordering? I’m normally a small/US size 4 but that top also looks like it might be slightly oversized? Which is not a great look for me, it tends to overwhelm me. So I would love some guidance.

    • 3.25.16

      I got it in a 38, because I’ve found European sizes don’t actually correspond to the US size charts at all. I’m normally a small/size 2 or size 4 in US sizes dependent on the cut (boobs!), but I’m set to receive the package on Monday and I can try it on and report back!

  2. 4.1.16
    Amy said:

    Hi Victoria! Just curious if you’ve ever bought shoes from Sezane and if so, what did you think about them and how does the sizing for shoes run? Thanks!

    • 4.5.16

      Hi Amy! I haven’t ever ordered shoes from Sezane. I’d recommend doing some Googling about how their sizes compare to other European sizing — you might be able to find some reviews on eBay or other resellers! Also, they did two collabs with Madewell last year — maybe check and see if customers left reviews on the Madewell site for their footwear items. Hope that helps!

  3. 4.2.16
    Jennifer said:

    Such distinct beauties. Love the outfits :)

    xoxo – Jennifer

  4. 5.20.17
    Nicole said:

    Hi! I am considering ordering a jacket and pair of pants from Sezane, and was looking for some size guidance! I am typically a 0/00 US. My only experience with true French/European sizing is wedding related, and has me sort of between a 2 and 4. I was planning on ordering the 4, in both the jacket and pants, but wanted a second opinion, as I have never ordered from them before? Thanks so much!!

    • 5.23.17
      Victoria said:

      Hi Nicole! I only have a couple tops from Sezane, but did find that ordering a size up fit me best. However, I ordered all these a while ago, and since then, I noticed their site now offers “American” sizing from the size selector (i.e. sizes 2, 4, 6, etc). I have no idea if this now corresponds to true French sizing, or better corresponds to our regular American sizing, if that makes any sense. I’d shoot them a note and ask…and I think they have free returns now too, so that’s good!

  5. 6.13.17
    Sonakshi said:

    Hi Victoria,

    Was wondering if you have tried/ordered jeans from Sezanne?

    I want to order this pair: http://www.sezane.com/en/product/summer-collection/1967-jean?cou_Id=1304 but I’m not entirely sure as to which size to order!


    • 6.13.17
      Victoria said:

      Hi Sonakshi! I haven’t ordered jeans from them before. However, I’ve worked with their customer service on separate issues, and have found them to be very helpful. So, I’d recommend shooting them a note and asking them for a little guidance. Hope you find the perfect jeans!!!

  6. 9.18.17
    Ellie said:


    I recently discovered Sezane! I love everything on it and reading your blog was super helpful. I would be ordering to Canada and I am not familiar with the French sizing at all.. to be honest ordering online makes me pretty nervous, so any guidance would be much appreciated. I am usually a XS/S in US sizing and from H&M sizing usually anywhere between 32 to 36 depending on the item. How are you riding the Sezane sizing? It is comparable to H&M?

    • 9.19.17
      Victoria said:

      Hi Ellie! I’ve ordered tops from Sezane a couple times, but this was a while back before they listed US conversion sizes on the site. I would find I was between a 36 and 38 depending on the top, with 38s often being a hair too big. I am normally a size 4 in tops, in US sizing.

      One thing I will say is I have found the arms of some of their blouses to be oddly tight on me, with the rest of the garment fitting well. So depending on the item you are thinking about ordering, it’s something to keep in mind. It’s not like my arms are huge or anything — I’d say they’re pretty normal compared to the rest of me! :) I have found that their knitwear is a bit more oversized, with no issues with regards to fit in the sleeves.

      In the last year, they started offering US conversion sizing (look for it if you are looking at the site in USD). I JUST ordered a top last weekend in a size 6, because the blouse is silk and I think the arms might be a bit narrow. I’m curious to see how it fits! TBH, the only reason I ordered it with no regret is that because if you order from the US, returns are free. It might be worth emailing them to ask if they offer a similar policy for Canadian deliveries!

      • 9.24.17
        Ellie said:

        Thanks so much for your response! I am looking forward to this order, their clothing is simple yet beautiful. So if I am usually a size small and I prefer my clothing to be more loose fitting, what size do you recommend under the US settings?

        • 9.27.17
          Victoria said:

          Probably either a 36 or 38, depending on the top! I’m normally a 2 or 4/size small (except in vanity sizing at places like J.Crew) and am somewhere between the 36 and 38 at Sezane.

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