Holiday Week/End

thanksgiving weekend

THIS ART IS GROSS: But really cool, too. Photographer Craig Ward took swabs from NYC subways and used each one to write the name of the subway line it came from in an agur dish. He let the bacteria grow, then photographed the colonies. It’s totally gross in some cases, but kinda cool to see the shapes of letters and numbers in the dishes too (And all those colors! Wait. Ew.).

THE NEW ANN TAYLOR: Former Oscar de la Renta designer Austyn Zung is giving Ann Taylor a fresh, more modern look that will hit stores next spring; this article gives a few sneak peeks into her work. I can see that linen dress making its way into my closet!

5 WINES TO SERVE AT THANKSGIVING: An oldie but goodie I wrote a few years ago, with classic Thanksgiving wine picks.

MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL: Do you watch holiday movies over Thanksgiving weekend? We totally do, so of course I had to dive into this piece on how the famous Home Alone booby-trapped house finale scene was shot. If you grew up watching and loving this classic, you have to read this one!

MORE BREAD FOR ME, PLEASE: Maybe this would be a common phrase if more breads had greater nutritional value. That’s what one scientist is trying to accomplish with the Bread Lab, an organization trying to make regional grain farming more viable, and bring back, hearty, nutritious grains into the American diet. An interesting article from the Times.

FUN THANKSGIVING FACTS: No, there were no sweet potatoes with marshmallows at the first Thanksgiving. Ok, that might not be a shocker, but you should definitely read these other facts you probably don’t know about Thanksgiving. You have my permission to be that person busting them out while appetizers are served!

I CALL WARDROBE DIBS: If I had to inherit one person’s wardrobe, Olivia Palermo’s wouldn’t be a bad one to end up with. After watching this video, do you agree??

WHEN A $120,000 VACATION ISN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE: One (ok, lucky) writer was sent on assignment to experience The Four Seasons’ new 24 day global adventure that jettisons travelers around the world on their private jet (yes, really) to stay in Four Seasons resorts all over the world. Sound dreamy? While super luxe, it actually sounds like one would need a vacation after this vacation!

Wishing everyone a safe, fun, delicious, happy Thanksgiving holiday! I’ll pop back in on Friday to share some of my fave places to shop over the holiday weekend. Until then, cheers!



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