ONLY ONE PANTONE: Even if you don’t work in a design-related field, it’s likely you might’ve heard of Pantone colors. Here, a little history on how it became the global color authority.

MODERN FAMILY: Are you hosting or attending a Friendsgiving? Does it feel a lot more familial than Thanksgiving with your actual family? It’s something to think about while reading this interesting piece on a group of friends who chose each other as family — inclusive of raising each others kids, and living together communally. I think family comes in many forms, and enjoyed reading about this “intentional family.”

UP TO YOUR EARS: A great little article on how to professionally tell people that you are drowning in work. This one is relevant no matter your job or industry!

THE NEW MICRO-BLOGGING: Sure, social media platforms come and go. But I thought this article on how “Instagram is the new blogging” was really interesting, because I’ve been noticing the same thing — and really liking it. I enjoy when ‘grams give some back story or feel a little more personal, and I must not be the only one. Do you think Instagram is the “new” blogging, beyond reasons of popularity?

ERMAHGERD!!: Stop the presses! M. Gemi just released the ability to purchase custom Felize loafers this week. So now you can order the most comfortable loafers ever in your favorite leather, pick their thread and treads, and even have them monogrammed. Add this one to your holiday wishlist for sure.

ERMAHGERD, PART II: In related news, you should definitely read this history of where the whole ‘Ermahgerd’ meme came from. It’s kind of nuts!

FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLE: I know, can you believe we’re less than two weeks away from Turkey Day? Erin shared some great, simple ideas to make your Thanksgiving table beautiful — I like her post on various color palettes to try out, as well as this tutorial for a faux wooden box centerpiece. I think the centerpiece would look great even without the box and just with her idea of using multiple juice glasses!

THE 105 TO THE 110 TO THE 10: Living in LA for four years during college, I picked up an interesting speech pattern that only those who live or have lived in Southern California can relate to — I use a definite article when referring to freeways. Actually, Joe and I both picked it up in college and we’ve never lost it (here in SF, we still take the 280 or the 101). I never really knew why this pattern of speech was only prevalent in the LA area, but this article explained why.

A FEW GOOD SALES: Several stores are offering sales right now — the calm before the Black Friday storm, I guess! Of note:

+ Club Monaco placed coats and winter accessories on sale for a limited time. I like this trench and these cashmere fingerless gloves!

+ Williams Sonoma is offering 20% off your entire purchase as part of their Friends & Family Sale, through 11/16. This is a great opportunity to buy holiday gifts early (I’m taking advantage of the sale for one or two people on my list — no hints though as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!), or get ideas for good hostess gifts for any holiday parties you’re attending.

+ Lo & Sons is hosting a pre-Thanksgiving sale, with up to 30% off items! I gave L&S bags to my family a few years ago — they’re really fantastic, functional gifts (often the kind of thing someone won’t buy for themselves). The Cambridge is my gift pick for the guy in your life this year — and the black version is 30% off.

+ Nordstrom has also placed a ton of items on sale. I browsed through the clothing selection and thought it was just ok, but definitely check out all the boots on sale! A lot of really good options, with significant discounts in some cases. There were plenty of handbags included in the sale too!

One place I wish I could share with you to shop online: the West Coast Craft show! I’m planning on dragging Joe along with me this weekend to check out the vendors and see if I can scoop up any good gifts for friends and family (and I’m on a mission to find some new pottery/serveware pieces for our home, too). If you’re in the Bay Area, check it out — it’s running Saturday and Sunday in Fort Mason, with free admission. Other than that, we’ve got an agenda filled with the farmers market, watching some football, and enjoying the cool autumn weather we’ve been having (boots, finally!). Ooh, a little heads up — be sure to check back in on Monday, as I’m hosting my annual giveaway with Minted. You’ll be able to buy your holiday cards (and then some!) if you win this one!

Happy weekend, everyone.


Image via Death to Stock, with graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 11.13.15
    Christine said:

    It’s funny that only people in Southern California use a definite article when referring to highways. I grew up in Ontario and the major highways are called “the 400 series highways” and we always use a definite article when saying “I’ll take the 401 or the 407”. I’ve also read that the Canadian and California accent are the closest even though California is not close to Canada, so this is another interesting coincidence!

  2. 11.13.15
    gabriella said:

    I love this! And basically everything in it, but most especially the piece on micro-blogging. I love blogging, but Insta is my absolute favorite social channel. And I agree, I do end up liking the photos more so that tell some sort of story, one that’s brief, yet digestible.

  3. 11.18.15
    taylor said:

    Oh my goodness Victoria I am DYING about the Ermahgerd story!!! This made my WEEK! I say that constantly! Also…. one of my favorite SNL skits is “The Californians” and Kip and I reference it constantly :)

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