Retreat: Garden Party in Paris

On y va!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Exterior

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Staircase

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Living Room

“Most of the curious and charming parts of Passy-Auteuil are behind the scenes: green and pleasant enclaves called villas or hameaux where a colorful variety of private houses hide behind discreet vine-covered walls or down narrow alleys.”

– Alice Furlaud, “The Discreet Charm Of Passy-Auteuil

If we work together and pool our resources, can we all chip in and buy this house as a little Paris-based pied-à-terre/vacation share? I spotted it last week and felt like packing my bags immediately! Located in the 16th arrondisement, in Auteuil (an area apparently known for its large, beautiful homes and quiet, peaceful streets), the house has eight bedrooms (plenty of room for all!), a large guest house, beautiful yard, and even an underground swimming pool!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Indoor Pool

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Balcony

Continue the tour below… 

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Garden

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Peaceful Guest Bedroom

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Kitchen

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Backyard

Isn’t it lovely? Can’t you just hear the wind blowing through those trees? It seems like it would be such a peaceful respite! You pick up les fromages, I’ll bring the rosé.

Now for the only hiccup…it’s currently on the market for €10.9M, or about $12.2M. A minor detail. Ahh, si seulment.

In all seriousness, I enjoyed looking through the listing photos of this home, and also learning more about Auteuil after doing some Googling and reading this charming piece. I wonder if the neighborhood is much changed since it was written?


Images: Christie’s Real Estate


  1. 8.26.15

    AH this is so stunning <3 <3 <3

  2. 8.26.15
    Zoe said:

    Such a beautiful house! I can’t agree more “Ah si seulement…” ;)

  3. 8.30.15
    Laurence said:

    Late to the party! Auteuil is actually a very charming and protected neighborhood. It has a bit of a country side vibe with very fancy houses, hôtels particuliers and apartments. Not easy to visit as tourists because most of those houses are located in gated streets and also because it’s at the far end of metro lines. But expats enjoy it! Plan a visit on your next trip, you will discover a new part of Paris very different from what you already know!

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