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the cure for anything is salt water

We went down to Half Moon Bay this past weekend, like we did on the Fourth of July. It was such a relaxing, peaceful afternoon, and it reminded me of this quote (one of my favorites for years). Between frequent beach trips and lots of good sweat sessions recently, it’s been proving itself true over and over (no tears as of late, but let’s face it, that part is accurate as well!). These are words I come back to time and time again, and hope they give you perspective too.

I especially wanted to share this picture I snapped while we were walking along the beach, because the patterns the waves made in the wet sand were so beautiful! I hadn’t seen anything quite like it, or at least, with this much contrast and detail. Mother nature really makes the most stunning art.

Joe and I had this conversation on the beach, so I thought I’d ask you, too: What’s something that always brings you tranquility, perspective, and/or never fails to make you feel better? For me it’s yoga, the beach, cooking a great meal at home, and…a nap. Serenity now, for reals.


Image + graphics by Victoria McGinley   •  Check out one more shot of this beach pattern on Instagram.

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  1. 8.13.15

    For me it’s a killer workout, meditation, getting lost in a great book, a nap, or a glass of wine.

    Who are we kidding? Several glasses of wine. Sparkling, please.

  2. 8.13.15

    Always some sort of physical activity. My mind tries to talk my body out of it saying the couch and a box of Cheez-its would be better, but I always feel so pure after a run.

    • 8.13.15

      p/s I’m asking my boyfriend this question tonight. I love that you two do this together!

      • 8.13.15

        I’ll admit, it was easy to talk about when we were sitting in the sand staring out at the waves! ;)

  3. 8.14.15
    Kelsey M. said:

    I always feel incredibly peaceful and calm when I’m in nature so taking a hike or even a stroll through the park is perfect. On the flip side, if I don’t feel like much physical activity I love to create a serene setting at home by lighting my favorite candle, dimming the lights, snuggling up in my favorite pjs and blanket and reading a good book.

    – Kelsey

  4. 8.18.15
    Als Emin said:

    For me it’s being near the water…. River, lake, Sea.
    Also there is something about seeing the Horizon that fills me with wonder and peace. I grew up in the Caribbean and every where I look, the horizon was there and in my own little way, I use to meditate on the endless possibilities that are beyond the horizon. Another is looking up at the sky.

    Yoga definitely puts me in that zen space.