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I’M TOTALLY BUGGING: I loved, loved, loved this brief excerpt from the new book As If!: An Oral History of Clueless, which breaks down the wedding scene at the end of the movie. As someone who has watched Clueless a time or two, I’m interested in what else the book has to say! Vanity Fair ran a similar piece about the book last month that you should check out if you enjoy this type of behind the scenes stuff.

C’MON GET HAPPY: A great roundup of apps specifically focused on wellness, from games that make you feel happy, to yoga lessons, to anonymous therapy access.

THESE PICTURES!: You probably already saw these adorable photos of Princess Charlotte’s christening, but just in case. I love the candid nature of the one with Kate and Charlotte. Can I hire Mario Testino to photograph my family some day?

BROTHER ORANGE: So you know my story yesterday about the rogue photos showing up on my phone? Rachel was kind enough to comment and clue me in on the same thing happening to one New Yorker…but with even crazier (and unexpected!) results. If you haven’t heard the story of Matt and Brother Orange yet, you have to read this.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: Have you ever thought about what famous voice actors look like? This article shared background on some very well-known voices, from those on TV shows to places you wouldn’t think of (like that women’s voice at the airport and in the subway station…I never thought about it, but it totally IS the same person!).

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS: If you’ve ever dreamed about temporarily moving to Paris, you should live vicariously through my girl Mary’s posts! She is spending the summer in Paris, taking an intensive language course and living in a rented apartment — the dream! Her Day 1 post is here and Day 9 is here. Follow along for sure.

ON CELEBRITY DIVORCE:dishy interview with a Hollywood publicist who’s managed a few celebrity breakups, including Ben Affleck’s breakup from the first Jennifer (Lopez). How strange to think about coordinating something like this for the public.

ABOUT THAT SALE: Everyone has been posting about the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which is actually on now if you have a Nordstrom card). No collage with my picks for today, but I will put it on your radar, on the off chance you haven’t heard about it yet. Because let’s be honest, it is a pretty unique event — new items for fall are put on sale for a limited time (until August 2nd), then they jump back up to regular price. So if you want to get a good deal on boots, a coat, a new bag, or even workout clothes, take advantage. Many people don’t realize that home decor items are part of the sale too, so do a little browsing and see if you can find a deal to love!


Cheers to the weekend! This week flew by, which was a relief since post 3-day weekend weeks typically seem to drag for me. We have zero plans this weekend, except running a few errands and of course, hitting up one of our favorite restaurants tonight for some much needed Mexican food and margaritas (so predictable). I can’t believe next week will already bring us into mid-July…the summer is flying! I hope you’re enjoying yours. Happy Friday!

Psst – Be sure to swing by on Monday, as I’ll be hosting a fantastic giveaway with one of my favorite companies! If your wardrobe is in need of a little spark, you won’t want to miss it.



  1. 7.11.15
    Janel said:

    this was such a great roundup of links; i clicked and booked marked every single one! have a great weekend :)

  2. 7.11.15

    The buzz that has been building around the 20th anniversary of Clueless is, like. totally fetch. I remember seeing it in the theater when I was in 5th grade and loving everything about it. I have since watched it dozens of times, and every time I appreciate it more. I live near McCarren Park in Brooklyn and they played it in the park for their summer series a few nights ago and I loved every minute of it!


  3. 7.14.15
    Amanda said:

    Many thanks for the inclusion! Thrilled to be in such great company.

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