Design Trend: Round Mirrors with Straps

round mirror with leather strap

danielle moss apartment - living room


Design trend alert: have you been spotting lots of round mirrors with straps? I actually think this “trend” is one of those decor elements that’s been reinvented over the last couple of years from a previous beachy concept (interior designers, help me out with the history here!). Regardless, I’m totally in love with this look! I was hoping to get one of these puppies for a powder room in our current apartment, but in my desperation slash mania to get a mirror hung in time for a party we hosted last month, I didn’t spend any time on the interwebs to find one on budget, and with a short enough strap. Lesson learned: the options out there are quite good, and as always when decorating, patience really is a virtue (one that I’m sometimes good at, sometimes not. As evidenced by the meh rectangular mirror now hung in said powder room. #oops).

Are you a fan of this look? I must say, there are quite a few different styles you can play around with, from a rope-hung mirror to one with a classic leather strap. My preference is for the leather straps that encircle the mirror (and have the added decorative detail of a buckle); of course, these seem to be among the pricier options online. But is it just me, or is this trend ripe with DIY potential…?

Here are a bunch of options I’ve rounded up, inclusive of several budget buys!: 

round mirrors with straps



A: Wayfair, $598.99   ·   B: Overstock, $81.74  ·  C: Kirkland’s, $29.99  ·  D: Anthropologie, $188 (also like this smaller one)  ·  E: Wayfair, $84.99  ·  F: Wayfair, $154.95  ·  G: Wayfair, $124.99


Images: First image traced back to My World Apart, but I believe it comes from content no longer on this blog  ·  Second image: Danielle Moss ·  Third image: Victoria McGinley, via my Instagram


  1. 6.25.15
    Alexandra said:

    I adore the beachy one!

    Warm Regards,

  2. 6.25.15
    Cathleen said:

    I like that top one, but kind of expensive. DIY is a good idea.

    • 6.25.15

      Agreed. I found others that were even MORE expensive — it seems like the kind of thing that doesn’t need to break the bank, since the super expensive ones didn’t look that different from more affordable versions! But I did have to include this one because that cognac color was pretty unique! Let me know if you end up DIYing this! :)

  3. 6.25.15

    The gold one! Love!

  4. 6.25.15

    Of course I like the top one best! I always fall for the priciest option. ALWAYS!

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