9 Favorite Phone Covers for Spring and Summer

phone covers for spring and summer

I recently had a friend comment on the fact that I was still rocking a plaid iPhone cover from the winter time. Truthfully, life has been a little nuts in the last few months that shopping for tech accessories was pretty much last on my list of priorities. But yeah, even I can admit that there comes a point in the season when a red buffalo check pattern does little to celebrate sunny days and warmer temps. Off came the case!

And yet, a naked iPhone not only makes me nervous (my clumsiness!), but there is certainly something to be said for those little flashes of delight one gets when they see a pretty phone cover they really love, several times, on the daily. So the search for phone covers for spring and summer is on!

Just as recently, I’ve been spotting Sonix covers everywhere, which is where many of these pretties are from. Actually, I’ve been seeing Sonix designs for at least a year now, but only just put it together that this company is the one producing all these covers I’m coveting! Bahama makes me want it to be summer, stat; Autumn Stripe is a classic pick that’ll take you into, well, autumn; and this cover just makes me want brunch and rosé.

Many of my fave covers are only being made for iPhone 6, of course, but I’m trying to wait it out a few more months before I upgrade. After which time the next iPhone will come out two months later, and the vicious cycle will continue.

Do you switch out your phone covers on the regular? Which of these is your favorite? Any other cool resource for tech accessories I should know about?


Rosé All Day  |  Dahlia  |  Clic Wooden  |  Gold Lace  |  Gold Mirror  |  Criss Cross  |  Autumn Stripe  |  Bahama  |  Tropical Stripe  |  Shop All Sonix Covers


  1. 4.13.15

    I got a Sonix case back when I got the iPhone 5C and I never, ever switched it out until I got my 6 a few months ago! I just purchased a new one from Rifle Paper Co. but I recently saw the Rose all day case and I’ve been trying to hold back from the impulse buy! As for the others you rounded up….damn you. ;)

  2. 4.13.15

    Yeah, don’t walk around without a cover…I learned that the hard way recently when I dropped my brand new iPhone 6 (which I agonized over spending so much $ on), and shattered the screen – which I’ve never done before! The thing is SUPER slippery! Luckily I got it replaced and found a Case Mate cover that I love. These are really cute too!

  3. 4.13.15
    jillian said:

    beautiful picks! i love all the pink and gold. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. 4.13.15
    Shelby said:

    I love all of these picks! Especially the criss cross one!


  5. 4.14.15
    Alexandra said:

    Beautiful covers! I’d use all of them but I love clic wooden and dahlia the most xo

    Warm Regards,

  6. 4.14.15
    Ella said:

    I’m still stuck with a brick of a 4s… womp womp. My upgrade’s in August and I want to get one the Quicksand cases – they’re like snowglobes! So cool! Kate Spade always has cute options too :)

  7. 4.14.15
    Ame said:

    I almost always just buy a Speck Candyshell. I like the Flip the best but it’s still not out for the iPhone6. I am more worried about the protection than the look.

    I admire your patience with upgrades. I get the new one every year. I can’t stand not having the new one.

  8. 4.16.15
    Sonya said:

    LOVE the Rosé All Day one…just ordered it. I just got an iPhone 6 about a month ago and a mint green case and a new leather bag at the same time and the bag color, a cognac brown, rubbed off on my case and it just looks dirty now. All of these Sonix cases are super cute!

  9. 4.16.15

    The palm print! Swoon!

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